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Elementary Education certification talk

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Elementary Education certification talk. Nov 8th, 6:30 p.m. 101 Armory. COTE introduction Oversee all things related to certification Past – Things like CBC and Bloodborne Pathogen training Here tonight to talk about process of actually getting certified.

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elementary education certification talk

Elementary Education certification talk

Nov 8th, 6:30 p.m.

101 Armory


COTE introduction

      • Oversee all things related to certification
        • Past – Things like CBC and Bloodborne Pathogen training
      • Here tonight to talk about process of actually getting certified.
  • Obtain certification as soon as you can!!!!-Regardless of other plans (grad school, Peace Corp, etc).
    • Only protected against program changes for 1 year
    • Not protected at all against ISBE changes (Ex: C or better)
    • Other state certification will likely hinge on Illinois certification first
apply for certification
Apply for certification
  • 2 Phase process:
    • Applying with the Council on Teacher Education (on your student portal)
    • Claiming your certificate on the Educator Certification System (ECS)

Applying for certification with COTE:

  • Log onto your student portal(www.cote.illinois.edu)
  • Example: ed-blutarsky (Bluto)
  • Click on “Certification Application”
  • Will ask if your are registered for or previously done student teaching.
    • If you answer no, You should not proceed.
    • Click on “Click here to fill out your application request.”
  • Email address-Recommend you use your most reliable-regular email account.

Phone number

  • Degree period
  • Major
  • Certificate
  • Endorsements
    • May choose as many as you wish to be considered for (but please use some common sense)
    • You will all be endorsed in Elementary Education (K-9)(self-contained)
    • Whole list of middle grade endorsements available (all require middle grade courses)


    • Allows you to convey information that application would not otherwise allow.
      • Example: “I am taking a course at Parkland (SPAN 207) to complete the requirements for the Spanish endorsement ” or I’m taking the target language proficiency test in Spanish for the Bilingual endorsment.”

Signature (must “sign” stating you understand)

  • Must submit
    • Once you sign, you can’t go back. Contact us for changes/corrections

The next day, you should receive an email which says the COTE has received your application.

  • Can submit application even if you haven’t yet passed all tests (just need to be registered for student teaching).
  • I will complete an audit based on DARS report or grad audit completed earlier.
    • Problems? Will either contact you or records officer. If contacted, it’s important you respond.

Nothing missing? Will put application in pending file until end of spring or summer term

  • Endorsements? Will send Endorsement email. Contact us if something is inaccurate or missing.
  • End of final semester processing.
    • EFE hours (at least 80). (Should check Student portal for accuracy)
    • Student Teaching Time Report
      • Be accurate and fairly descriptive. This is only record we will have of your Student teaching (directions on student portal).

Safety Training

  • Approved portfolio
  • Departmental Recommendation
    • Should come automatically from Jay Mann if you meet all responsibilities
  • Tests
    • Content test: Elementary/Middle Grades (110)
      • Before student teaching (state law)
    • Assessment of Professional Teaching: K-9 (102)
      • Before certification
  • Grades
  • Degree (must appear on transcripts!!!)
    • Spring graduates – June, 2013
    • Summer grads – September 2013 – Obviously may pose problems for fall employment.
claiming your certificate with isbe
Claiming your certificate with ISBE
  • We will contact you at email address you provided.
  • We will provide a link to the Educator Certification System (ECS) (www.isbe.net/ecs)

Click on this link.

    • If you haven’t already done so, create a “private certification account”
    • Click on “You have an entitlement certificate waiting for your application.”
    • Click on “Apply online”
    • Follow steps.
      • Be prepared to pay by credit card
      • Be sure to register your certificate with a district.
      • Paper copy of certificate will arrive in mail
      • Any school district with your name and SSN can verify certification

Test information (continued)

  • Be sure you request test scores be sent to Illinois
  • Be sure your SSN is accurate (errors may delay certification). Can check your tests on Student portal.
  • Keep test scores forever (or longer)- May need them for out for grad school or Out-of-State certification.

Renewing your certificate. Important! The window off opportunity for renewing is getting smaller-don’t let your certificate lapse.

    • Can renew online through ECS
  • Effective June 1, 2013 “Certificate” is going to change to a “Professional Educator License”
  • “Types” (example: type 03, 04, 10) will go away
  • “Initial” “Standard” and “National Board Certified” are also “going away”
  • Endorsements will still appear on the license
  • The Assessment of Professional Teaching is going to be offered as a non grade specific test
    • Can still use or take (K-12) version (102)
    • New version is will be a computer-based only.

License “validity”will change from 4 fiscal years to 5 fiscal years.

    • Be sure to renew your license or it will become “lapsed.”
highly qualified
“Highly Qualified”

A federal No Child Left Behind definition

Highly Qualified in: The core academic subjects in grades K-8: Science, Arts, Reading, English/language arts, History, Civics and Government, Economics, Geography, and Mathematics). 


How are you Highly Qualified?

    • By passing the ICTS content test in Elementary/Middle Grades (110)
  • Must still be endorsed if you plan to teach in a departmentalized setting.
  • Goal should be to be both “highly qualified” and endorsed.
  • More on Highly Qualified on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the COTE website (www.cote.illinois.edu)
certification in other states
Certification in other states
  • Likely will require Licensure in Illinois first
  • Other states may have program verification form.
    • Send form to COTE to fill out.
  • “U.S. Teacher Certification Offices” under “Links” in www.cote.illinois.edu
    • If you ask us how to get certified in another state, we’ll likely only refer you to this link for information on contacting the respective states.
  • Certification Map (also under “Links”)
    • Talks about out-of-state certification
    • Addresses “reciprocity”


    • Location: 505 E. Green Street, Suite 202
      • Upstairs from PNC Bank and Coldstone Creamery
  • Website: www.cote.illinois.edu
  • Email
  • (jbuck@illinois.edu or bmclvngr@illinois.edu
    • Pick one of us.
    • Include UIN
    • Urgent timely matters? Don’t use email.
    • No appointments scheduled by email. Call office.
cote website www cote illinois edu
COTE websitewww.cote.illinois.edu

Requirements & Procedures

  • Certification Timeline


  • Educator Certification System (ECS)
  • Illinois Certification Testing System (ICTS)
  • Other Certification Tests (for certification in other states)
  • Take Us To School – Resources for student teachers
  • U.S. Teacher Certification Offices
  • Illinois Education Job Bank

Student Portal