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Anatomical Body Regions

Anatomical Body Regions. ANTERIOR Body Landmarks. Abdominal. Front (anterior) body trunk from the ribs to the hips. Antecubital. Anterior surface of the elbow. Axillary. Armpit. Brachial. Upper arm (shoulder to elbow). Buccal. Cheek . Carpal. Wrist. Cervical. Neck region. Deltoid.

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Anatomical Body Regions

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  1. AnatomicalBody Regions

  2. ANTERIORBody Landmarks

  3. Abdominal • Front (anterior) body trunk from the ribs to the hips

  4. Antecubital • Anterior surface of the elbow

  5. Axillary • Armpit

  6. Brachial • Upper arm (shoulder to elbow)

  7. Buccal • Cheek

  8. Carpal • Wrist

  9. Cervical • Neck region

  10. Deltoid • Lateral area of the shoulder (caused by underlying deltoid muscle)

  11. Digital • Fingers and toes (also called phalangeal)

  12. Femoral • Thigh

  13. Inguinal • Area where thigh meets body trunk (groin region - think underwear line)

  14. Mammary • Breast region of the chest (pectoral)

  15. Manus • Hand

  16. Nasal • Nose

  17. Oral • Mouth

  18. Orbital • Eye

  19. Patellar • Anterior knee region (kneecap)

  20. Pelvic • Hips and lower abdomen (between abdominal and inguinal regions)

  21. Peroneal • Lateral side of (lower) leg

  22. Pubic • Genital region

  23. Sternal • Breastbone region

  24. Tarsal • Ankle

  25. Thoracic • Chest

  26. Umbilical • Navel/belly button region

  27. POSTERIORBody Landmarks

  28. Cephalic • Head

  29. Gluteal • Buttocks

  30. Lumbar • Lower back between the ribs and hips

  31. Occipital • Posterior surface of the head (to the base of the skull)

  32. Popliteal • Posterior knee area

  33. Scapular • Shoulder blade region

  34. Sural • Calf (posterior surface of lower leg)

  35. Vertebral • Spine/backbone area

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