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The Discover Sailing Program Club Implementation Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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The Discover Sailing Program Club Implementation Guide

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The Discover Sailing Program Club Implementation Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Discover Sailing Program Club Implementation Guide. TITLE. DATE. The Discover Sailing Program Club Implementation Guide Chapter 1 (b) Planning and Prioritising. TITLE. March 2013 . DATE. Implementation Plan 2013 .

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the discover sailing program club implementation guide chapter 1 b planning and prioritising
The Discover Sailing ProgramClub Implementation GuideChapter 1 (b)Planning and Prioritising


  • March 2013


implementation plan 2013
Implementation Plan 2013
  • You should now be hearing sound – if not check your audio and ensure you are in slideshow (fullscreen) mode
  • This is Ross Kilborn, Sport Development Director at Yachting Australia
  • This presentation is the second of 11 in the Discover Sailing Club Implementation Guide 2013
outline objectives for this session
Outline & Objectives for this session
  • To clearly define ‘Participation’
  • To determine if participation is a priority for your club
  • If it’s a priority
    • Set some goals for participation
    • Revisit the gemba Report
    • Consider adopting the Australia wide Discover Sailing program (or parts of it )
  • To provide information about planning to implement Discover Sailing Program at your club
what is participation
What is ‘Participation’?
  • Participation is about getting more new people into sailing and progressing them in the early stages of their involvement in the sport
  • The Discover Sailing Program aims to provide a more effective way of introducing people to sailing by responding to drivers of and barriers to participation
  • Much of the content about the introduction of new people, especially the gemba recommendations, and the pathway applies to the retention of members
is participation a priority for our club
Is Participation a priority for our club?
  • Increasing participation requires a substantial commitment from clubs
  • Clubs need to consider other competing priorities, such events, club racing, and facilities development
  • Allocation of resources (boats, volunteer time, Committee time) is essential if participation is to be a priority for clubs
  • On Yachting Australia website you will find some online tools (Club Planning & Club Benchmarking ) to assist you in assessing the detailed priorities of your club
participation focus
Participation Focus
  • Increasing participation requires clubs to work with local communities to find the people who have an interest in sailing & raising the profile of the club
  • Promoting the club effectively through the Discover Sailing Program will require shifting focus to thinking about connecting with the broader public and delivering the introductory activity that will best attract them to the club
developing a plan
Developing a Plan
  • If a significant increase in participation is a priority for your club you will need a robust plan for delivering the Discover Sailing Program
  • Yachting Australia’s Implementation Guide will assist you with developing your plan
  • Your State Association is there to help you
  • There are some broad questions that you need to address at the outset to provide the basis for more detailed planning at later stages
what do you want to achieve
What do you want to achieve?
  • Set a goal for participation at your club
  • How many participants do you want to attract?
    • Year 1
    • Year 2
    • Year 3
  • The number of new participants you are targeting should reflect how many new members you want to have in the club each year
  • What about retention ?
    • How will you retain new participants ?
    • What about retaining existing members ?
some important points to remember
Some important points to remember
  • Appreciate you want to see membership results for the investment you are going to make in participation
  • The club will want to grow and evolve and can achieve this through significant membership increase
  • Take into accountant the changing size of membership that your club has seen over the last 10 year. Looking at trends will help you understand what your targets are
  • Does your club have a critical mass of membership that it needs to be able to continue
your target groups
Your target groups
  • Targeting different groups and activities within the Discover Sailing Program will allow you to more effectively increase participation
  • Your club will need to consider the resources it has and the demographics and interests of your local community
  • In Chapter 2 (‘The gemba Report’) we will be discussing demographic groups as market segments in more detail
  • In Chapter 8(the Sailing Pathway) we will be discussing the level of participation in more detail
demographic groups
Demographic groups
  • There are three broad demographic categories:
  • 1. Children

a. Juniors - primary school aged, We will be discussing juniors in-depth in Session 4 (‘Tackers’)

b. Youth - secondary school aged.

  • 2. Family groups
  • 3. Adults
  • a. adults in full-time employment,
  • b. adults not in full-time employment but of working age,
  • c. retired adults
who will be responsible for participation
Who will be responsible for participation?
  • Prioritising participation is going to require someone to lead the Discover Sailing Program at the club
  • This person does not need to be a Committee Member but will need the full support and endorsement of the Committee. It may be a sub Committee.
  • The person(s) will need to be motivated to get out into the local community to promote Discover Sailing at the club and have good organisation skills. Do you have a member with professional marketing or sales experience who might lead this ?
  • In Chapter 5 (‘Discover Sailing Hosts’) we will be providing information about the people needed to host the Discover Sailing program
  • The insights and tools of the Discover Sailing Program can be valauble.
  • In particular we recommend
    • The gemba Report
    • The Sailing Pathway (and its four versions for different target groups)
summary suggested actions for your committee
Summary – suggested actions for your Committee
  • Is participation a priority for your club?
  • Do you have the time and resources to commit to participation?
  • Can the Discover Sailing Program help ?
  • What are your targets for increasing participation and membership?
  • Which demographic groups are you targeting?
  • Who at the club is going to lead the Discover Sailing program?
  • Will you have a review of the Plan on your regular Committee Agenda ?