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Strategy and Experience of Network Operator on Smart Grid PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategy and Experience of Network Operator on Smart Grid

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Strategy and Experience of Network Operator on Smart Grid - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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u. Strategy and Experience of Network Operator on Smart Grid. Hyungsoo Kim (Smart Green Department, KT). Toward Green ICT. Green ICT covers all activities on “Green of ICT” & “Green by ICT”. Green of ICT. Green by ICT. CO 2 reduction of infrastructure and corporate activities

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Strategy and Experience of Network Operator on Smart Grid

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    1. u Strategy and Experience of Network Operator on Smart Grid Hyungsoo Kim (Smart Green Department, KT)

    2. Toward Green ICT Green ICT covers all activities on “Green of ICT” & “Green by ICT” Green of ICT Green by ICT CO2 reduction of infrastructure and corporate activities in ICT industry CO2 reduction through convergence with ICT in other industries

    3. Corporate Strategy Agenda New Growth Providing IT solutions for green ICT Energy Efficiency Implementing Green ICT Social Responsibility KT will help save the planet by green ICT

    4. Transmission Distribution Sales Consumer & Service Generation Distributed Generation / Transmission / Distribution E/S D/G E/S D/G E/V E/S D/G Smart Grid – TO BE : Future, ideally Main Changes Information Flow B A Distributed Generation Micro GridA Mgt. Center Integrated Management Center Gen.Mgt. Tra. Mgt. Dis. Mgt. Sales Mgt. Flexible power operation and management interconnected with Micro Grid Micro GridB Mgt. Center Integrated Power-flow Management based on two-way information flows B Power Flow Network Automation & Analytics Micro Grid B C D Customer C D A Sales A Self-healing and flexible power provision based on Smarter Power Grid A E E/V Distributed Generation Distribution C Smart Metering Independent Macro/Micro Grid connected to Main Grid Two-way power flows Transmission D Customer A D E C A Bulk Generation Electricity Storage Sales B Consumer Driven Usage D A Customer B C Micro Grid A D Real-time monitoring & report Value Flow Electric Vehicles E D KPX Real-time Pricing Report

    5. Network Convergence • Network Convergence • Legacy Power Grid + IP-based NGN* • Generation / Transmission / Distribution / Customer • LAN / WAN / Access network / CPN** * NGN : QoS guaranteed and highly secured IP-based wired/wireless Network ** CPN : Customer Premise Network Existing Power Grid IP-based NGN (telecom network)

    6. Service Convergence • Service Convergence • Legacy Service+ ICT service capability Real-time delivery Broadband connectivity Secured integration Bulk data management . . . Centralized Generation Experience-based OAM One-way Power Flow Remote monitoring Flat-rate pricing . . . Distributed Generation Real-time data-based Multi-way Power Flow AMI + Broadband Internet Real-time pricing . . .

    7. Terminal Convergence • Terminal Convergence • Converged Services deliver through Communications Terminals • Demand Response, Energy Monitoring, Notification, OA&M, etc. IP Video Phone Mobile/Smart Phone PC (IP)TV

    8. Field Trial in Jeju Island - 1 Infrastructure Implementation Year 2 (~2011.5) Year 1 (~2010.5) Implementation of Energy-ICT converged technologies and An energy efficiency service Energy Monitoring Service (200 Houses/Buildings) Energy Efficiency Service (+800 Houses/Buildings) Integrated Operation Year 4 (~2013.5) Year 3 (~2012.5) Operation of advanced services and expanded area Real-time Pricing, DR, Power Trading, etc. (+Buildings/Industrial Plants) Business Model Implementation (Smart Grid City)

    9. Power Comm. Field trial in Jeju Island - 2 Main Grid Smart Home Smart Home Smart Meter Solar PCS WCDMA/WiBro Energy Storage Smart Box (G/W) Smart Appliance EV Charger Smart Tag 3G Operating Center Smart Building/Factory Smart Building/Factory Power Market Smart Meter Solar IP Premium MDMS App. HEMS FTTH Wind PCS DRMS REMS Billing E/S Asset Mg. CEM EMS BEMS/ FEMS Smart Power Hub Building/ Factory EV charger ※ REMS(Renewable Energy Management System) ※ DRMS(Demand Response Management System) ※ CEM(Carbon Emission Management System)

    10. K-MEG (Korea-Micro Energy Grid)

    11. Field trial and Business (Domestic) K-MEG • Industrial plants complex : Guro, Gunjang, Sihwa • Office, School, Residential : COEX, Bucheon, Seoul National Univ. Korea Univ. Guro Industrial Complex Bucheon COEX Gunjang Industrial Complex Sihwa Industrial Complex Seoul Univ.

    12. Field trial and Business (Overseas) K-MEG • USA, Finland, Russia, Australia, India, Indonesia Alto (Finland) New York, Chicago (USA) VTT (Finland) India Indonesia Australia

    13. Energy-ICT convergence - New Growth Engine • Smart Energy should be achieved by the convergence with ICT • Convergence with other industries will lead to new business opportunities Electricity Energy Telecommunications Information Technology (Power Sector + Telecommunications) Automobiles Renewable Electronics Construction