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Splat! Pow! BOOM!!

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Splat! Pow! BOOM!!. Using Science Lessons to Reinforce Guidance Concepts. Why Science??. It is fun for presenter and for students It gives students a “hook” to remember concepts It provides a concrete metaphor for difficult concepts It integrates guidance and curriculum.

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splat pow boom

Splat! Pow! BOOM!!

Using Science Lessons to Reinforce Guidance Concepts

why science
Why Science??
  • It is fun for presenter and for students
  • It gives students a “hook” to remember concepts
  • It provides a concrete metaphor for difficult concepts
  • It integrates guidance and curriculum
cracking under pressure
Cracking Under Pressure
  • Goal: Students will recognize that when they are under too much pressure, they may have difficulty being successful. Either relaxing the pressure or learning skills to cope with the pressure will help them to “go with the flow”
  • Uses corn starch to illustrate responses to pressure
angry explosion
Angry Explosion
  • Goal: The students will recognize how ignoring the signs of anger and internalizing angry feelings can lead to a buildup of anger that might cause problems for them.
  • Uses baking soda and vinegar to illustrate explosion
  • Goal: Students will be able to see that when they associate with people they tend to become more like them, and understand that this can be either positive or negative.
  • Uses newspaper and soap to reproduce information
chill out
Chill Out
  • Goal: Students will be able to describe a variety ot ways to resolve a conflict (or reduce stress, defuse anger)
  • Uses ice and ice cream ingredients to illustrate “chilling out”
bounce back
Bounce Back
  • Goal: Students will be able to describe positive self-talk and to delineate strategies for utilizing self-talk to help them regroup after they have had set-backs
  • Uses laundry starch and glue to make “bounce back putty”
stretching out
Stretching Out
  • Goal: Students will be able to describe the characteristics of a good goal, tell how setting goals help people “stretch themselves”, and set one short term (1 week) goal.
  • Uses white glue and borax to make “goal goop”
hot hot hot
  • Goal: Students will be able to describe what anger is, understand that getting angry is a choice they make, and be able to describe strategies for calming down when they are feeling angry.
  • Uses paper cup, water and flame to demonstrate how coping strategies can help manage anger
mission impossible
Mission Impossible
  • Goal: Students will carry out a fun activity to demonstrate that something they though was impossible is really possible.
  • Uses a 3 x 5 index card and scissors to illustrate the “impossible”
inside outside
  • Goal: Students will understand that outside appearances and what is inside often to not match-that judging from outside appearances might cause them to make faulty assumptions.
  • Uses coffee filter, water, and black water based markers to illustrate that things are different on the inside.
perception misconception
  • Goal: Students will understand that how they perceive something depends upon their interpretation and that 2 people who hear or see the same thing may interpret it differently and feel differently about it.
  • Uses bowls, ice and water and overlays to illustrate perception.
sticks and stones
Sticks and Stones
  • Goal: Students will see a graphic demonstration that illustrates that words, even when they do not seem to matter, often have a lasting effect.
  • Uses “invisible ink”, hard boiled eggs, vinegar, and markers to illustrate concepts.
don t put me down
Don’t Put Me Down
  • Goal: Students will be able to define what a “put down” is and describe how put-downs, however jokingly delivered, are hurtful to others
  • Uses candles, vinegar and baking soda to illustrate how put-downs can extinguish someone’s “light”.
cool control
Cool Control
  • Students will recognize the feelings that signal that they are becoming angry and understand the need for anger management.
  • Uses ice, thread, and salt to demonstrate “cool control”
feeding friendzy
Feeding Friendzy!!
  • Goal: Students will understand how relationships are maintained through mutual respect and how gossip can spoil a relationship.
  • Uses sugar, flour, yeast, and water to illustrate “spoilage”.
attracting friends
Attracting Friends
  • Goal: Students will recognize the traits and behaviors that make people want to be friends
  • Uses balloons, silk cloth or fur and empty soda cans (and a DRY day!)
additional experiments
Additional Experiments
  • Dancing raisins
  • Red cabbage Indicators
  • Bubble support
  • Burning balloon
  • Mentos in soda
  • Floating pepper
  • Spreading color
  • Spreading odor