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nmn hu > kr >u ivÃparne , krgrI khu > wiKt ba5ne; ArjmahrI ] rma > 2ro, ivpit mihrI 7I hir hro ...É Avr Aixro mahre n4I, svR ja`ne xu > khu > s4I; k#` ka5ma> Aap0o 2`I, suqd xam5a muKtan m`I ...Ê. Naman Hu Karu Vishva Paal Ne, Kargari Kahu Bhakti Baal Ne,

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Presentation Transcript

nmnhu> kr>u ivÃparne,

krgrIkhu> wiKt ba5ne;

ArjmahrI ]rma> 2ro,

ivpitmihrI 7I hirhro...É

AvrAixromahre n4I,

svRja`nexu> khu> s4I;

k#` ka5ma> Aap0o 2`I,

suqd xam5a muKtanm`I...Ê

NamanHuKaruVishvaPaal Ne,

KargariKahuBhakti Baal Ne,

Araj Ma HariOor Ma Dharo,

Vipati Ma Hari Shree HariHaro...


SarveJarn Ne ShuKahuKatthhi,

KatthaanKaal Ma AapChhoDhanni,

SukhadaShyaamalaMuktana Mani..


Amar Na PatiAashTaahari,


PranatPaalChhoSarve Na Prabhu,

Din DayaalChhoVishva Na Vibhu...

VimalMurtiOor Ma Vaso,

NajarThiPrabhu Door Na Thasho,

AdhikTraas Ne TodiNaakh Jo,

Narayandaas Ne PaasRakhjo...

Amrna pit Aax tahrI,

risk raqjo laj mahrI;

p/`t pa50o svRna p/wu,

idndyal 0o ivÃna ivwu...Ë

ivm5 mUrit ]rma> vso,

njr4I p/wu dur na 4xo;

Ai2k ºaasne toDI naqjo,

Naray~adasne pase raqjo...4


v>>du shjan>d rs ½p...

By Premanand Swami

v du shjan d rs p
v>>du shjan>d rs ½p...

I bow down to Sahajanand, the giver of happiness /bliss for always and forever.

All bondages are broken when you bhujMaharaj, and you can easily attain moksha.

v>>du shjan>d rs½p,

Anupm sarne re lol;

Jene wjta 0u3e f>d,

Kre wv parne re lol;

Vandu Sahajanand Rasroop,

Anupam Saarne Re Lol;

Jene Bhajta Chhute Fand,

Kare Bhav Paarne Re Lol;

Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Sydney


I have no doubt that true happiness eminates from the ever present Maharaj, who is the home of happiness Himself.

All the devs of all the worlds pray to Maharaj, having left all of their desires.

smru p/g3 ½p suq2am,

Anupm namne re lol;

Jene wv b/Àaidk dev,

Waje t+ kamne re lol:

Samru Pragat Roop Sukh Dhaam,

Anupam Naam Ne Re Lol;

Jene Bhav Brahmadik Dev,

Bhaje Taji Kaam-Ne Re Lol;

Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Sydney


He who bares the weight of the universe, and above whom there is nothing and no one.

Both Sheshji with his thousands of mouths and the vedas could not describe the greatness of Maharaj.

Je hir A9rb/À Aa2ar,

Paar ko[ nv lhe re lol;

Jene xe8 shÆ muq gay,

ingm neit khe re lol;

Je Hari Askhar-Brahm Aadhar,

Paar Koi Nav Lahe Re Lol;

Jene Shesh Sahastra Mukh Gay,

Nigam Neti Kahe Re Lol;

Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Sydney


I bow down at your feet and try to describe the beauty of You Maharaj.

Maharaj all that I ask is that your entire murti resides within my heart.

Va~a\Rvu> su>dr ½p Anup,

Jugl cr~ae nmI re lol;

nqxIq p/emsqIna na4,

rho ]rma rmI re lol;

Varnavu Sunder Roop Anupam,

Jugal Charne Nami Re Lol;

Nakhshikh Premsakhi-Na Nath,

Raho Urma Rami Re Lol;

Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Sydney