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Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery PowerPoint Presentation
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Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery

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Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Nano-Enabled Market Represents Significant Opportunities and High Level of Unmet Needs

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Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery - TechnologicalImprovements and Novel Approaches to Fulfill High Potential


The Nano-Enabled Market Represents Significant Opportunities and High

Level of Unmet Needs

The nano-enabled drug delivery market has plenty of opportunities and a high level of unmet need.

Opportunities for creating a new drug delivery company are tremendous. Many small companies

have launched the technology to develop novel methods for exploiting nanotechnologies in drug

delivery. In the past, companies have been dedicated to the nano-enabled drug delivery that has

been popping up all over the world.

The creation of new companies will not only increase the investment and market growth, but also

increase the competition in the market place. In addition, the emergence of new companies will

provide licensing and merger and acquisition (M&A) opportunities for larger pharmaceutical


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The market is also characterized by high levels of unmet need. This is primarily because

development in this area is in its initial stages and has a significant number of unaddressed issues

such as nanotoxicity, biological behavior and distribution pattern of nanoparticles. These unmet

needs represent a significant opportunity for companies to explore.

In summary, high growth in the nano-enabled drug delivery markets will provide significant

opportunities for companies.


Increased Investment and Emerging Business Models Will Support the

Market Growth

The increasing investment in the nano-enabled drug delivery market has significantly driven the

market. Funding for nanotechnology programs increased during the administration of George Bush.

The nanotechnology funding is expected to increase significantly in the future. Among all the major

geographies, the European government is investing more in nanotechnology R&D. This suggests

that there will be increased governmental support for nanotechnology R&D. In addition, increase in

early stage venture capital will also affect the market positively.

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Careful Approach of Regulator towards Nanotechnology is Negatively

Affecting the Market

The toxicity increases due to increased surface area for the particle when the size is reduced. This

gives rise to concerns about the possible negative impact on public health and environment due to

increased use of nanotechnology enabled products. Nanotechnology is increasingly being

employed in industries such as medicine, cosmetics, food, semiconductor devices, energy and

telecommunications due to the advantages it provides over the conventional technology. As the

use of nanotechnology progresses, the risk of exposure to the population also rises. This has led a

cautious approach of regulators toward nanotechnology.


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