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Contraceptive Market to 2016 PowerPoint Presentation
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Contraceptive Market to 2016

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Contraceptive Market to 2016 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High Growth Rate and Increasing Awareness Has Made Contraceptive Market Attractive

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Contraceptive Market to 2016

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Contraceptive Market to 2016 Demand for Long Acting Birth Control Pills Encourages Growth in Hormonal Contraceptives Market


High Growth Rate and Increasing Awareness Has Made Contraceptive Market Attractive

The global hormonal contraceptive market is a fast growing market, with oral contraceptives considered to be the most common method of avoiding unplanned pregnancies by women. In 2009, the global contraceptives market was $11.2 billion and is forecast to grow to $14.5 billion by 2016, which represents a growth rate of 4% between 2009 and 2016. According to the report by the Guttmacher Institute, the number of women who are in need of public funded contraceptives, increased by one million between 2001 and 2004, and increasing at an ever faster rate. An increase in the number of women requiring public funded contraception shows an increasing awareness among women of contraceptive methods. This increasing awareness will accelerate growth in the contraceptive market in the coming years. As a result, the market will continue to be fast growing, thereby attracting the attentions of the major pharmaceutical companies.

Strong Pipeline and the Entry of New Players Will Intensify the Competition

The contraceptives market has a strong pipeline base supporting growth in the market, and thereby attracting many pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. Major pharmaceutical companies such as Teva, Watson, Bayer and Merck have active contraceptive pipelines. One of the major activities in


the market at present is the development of generic versions of off patent drugs. The entry of these generic versions will boost the oral contraceptive market and thereby bring about further rises in the hormonal contraceptives market in the coming years. Also, the launch of blockbuster drug Beyaz in 2010, by Bayer, will help offset the decline in revenues due to patent expiries. The rapid entry of new players is set to intensify competition in this market. Also, the presence of a highly active pipeline is an indicator of strong market competition in the future.

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The Contraceptives Market is Concentrated, with the Top Three Companies Having Significant Market Shares

The global contraceptives market is dominated by three major pharmaceutical companies that account for a significant percent of the market. The top company is Bayer, followed by Johnson & Johnson and then Warner Chilcott. Although three top companies dominate the market, there are also a number of small pharmaceutical companies in the market, making it a strong market in terms of competition.


However, the development of blockbuster drugs has made these three companies the dominant players in the market. Bayer markets Yaz and Yasmin, and has total revenues of $1.2 billion; Johnson & Johnson, though their subsidiary Ortho Mc-Neil, markets Ortho tri cyclen; and Warner Chilcott, has Loestrin 24 Fe and has total revenues of $247.6m in the oral contraceptive market.

Strategic Consolidations Have Led To the Entry of New Players into the Contraceptives Market

In the past seven years, many pharmaceutical companies have improved their product portfolios in the contraceptives market. This is mainly due to a number of prominent deals in the market, aimed at introducing new products with better efficacy and safety profiles to the market. The acquisition of Schering AG by Bayer, Andrx by Watson, and Mirecette contraceptives by Barr Pharmaceuticals, are the major acquisitions that have taken place in the contraceptives market recently.

These strategic consolidations will help acquirer and licensee companies to diversify their product portfolios by entering the contraceptives market, which will in turn make the contraceptives market more vibrant. These consolidations will also help companies generate revenues, thereby increasing total revenues of the global contraceptives market.


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