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  3. Film plot summary The film is about a teenage girl named Amy who becomes possessed by an evil sprit of a teenage girl called Rose. Amy is a art student misfit and often gets bullied by her peers. One day Amy finds a pencil under an art cupboard and is compelled to take it home even though it is just a seemingly ordinary pencil. This action has awakened the spirit of a past art student not unlike Amy. She was accidentally murdered by school bullies in a PE lesson when a javelin was plunged through her heart. Now 80 years on she possesses the body of Amy to get revenge on the current bullies of the school that bully Amy her self and the other misfit students. As students inexplicably meet their ends through horrible accidents, Maria suspects something's not right with her best friend Amy. Rose won’t stop her murderous rampage and so it is up to Maria to set things right. And with courage, friendship and help from a voodoo book, Maria manages to cage Rose in a painting and free Amy, but the question is, how long can it hold her?

  4. For my teaser trailer, I have created a number of character profiles. • Though there will not be many characters in my teaser trailer, each of my characters play an important role. • I need to look at different aspects such as the characters personality, costume, accent, role Etc

  5. Main character- Amy • Age- 18 • Amy is shy, quiet and kind • She is different and less conventional than others • She is in no way “cool” and is looked on as weird. • She does not care so much on looks and so wears baggy hoddie’s and t-shirts and wears her hair up in pig tails. • She is an A level art student • She only has one friend “Maria” and often gets picked on by more popular students • She becomes the host for the evil spirit MARIANNE KILLEN

  6. Amy Cult possessed/ Rose Flincher • This is the character Amy when she is possessed by the evil spirit of Rose • Rose is a spirit of a teenage girl who was accidentally murdered by her class bully's over 80 years ago. Now she wants revenge on those who bully today's set of misfits and she is using Amy's body to do it. • She was also an art student and so she murders her victims by doodling their deaths and it magically happens in real life. • Most of the time she will have her eyes closed as she only opens them when she kills. • Her face is pale with scars and blood. • She has scars over her eyes and mouth • Her cloths are also ripped and covered in blood from the night of her murder. • Her hair is ruffled and messy.

  7. Amy possessed/ Rose continued • She has an important symbol of a heart with an arrow through it. • It is also significant as this is often associated with the concept of love and doodling. • As she was killed when a spear went through her heart. • And so all her victims have a heart with a arrow through it somewhere on their body such as on their hand or face. • She also carries a blood covered pencil in her hair which she uses to draw her victim deaths • Most of the time she is expressionless and only shows emotion when she kills

  8. Maria Stone- Amy's best friend • Age-18 • Maria is a normal teenage girl who is best friends with Amy. • She relates well with Amy and is also an art student. • She is kind and considerate. • She dresses just like Amy, in such items as jeans and a t-shirt. • She can tell that something is wrong with Amy and eventually frees her from the evil spirit.

  9. Mrs Brink- principle • Mrs brink is a minor character. • Age- 50 • She is the head master of the school. • She wears the usual formal uniform and glasses. • She ends up getting murdered by rose as when Rose was murdered, she just covered up the whole incident and none of her murders where found guilty. Mary Killen

  10. Bullies – Sally & Mona • Age – 18 • Sally and Mona are only minor character in my film as they are the Amy's bullies and are eventually killed by Rose. • They are the most popular among the school. • They wear fashionable clothing and like most bullies, they feel they are a cut above the rest. • They will play a small part in my trailer, shown as murdered victims. April Flynn Beth Donnelly