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My Teaser Trailer PowerPoint Presentation
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My Teaser Trailer

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My Teaser Trailer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Teaser Trailer
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  1. My Teaser Trailer Character Profiles

  2. Introduction • Before I begin to film my teaser trailer I have decided to create profiles for the various characters that will feature in my trailer. Throughout this slideshow I will indicate the individual who will play the character and also include an image of how I imagine the character to look onscreen.

  3. Villain • The villain is one of the major characters in my teaser trailer as it is this character that initiates the action by capturing a teenage girl. Due to the filming deadline and the actors/actresses schedule, it was very difficult to find an individual to play the villain in the various scenes. Therefore I have decided to cast different individuals to play the villain throughout the different shots. However a mask will be covering the face of the villain and therefore will be difficult to tell. The villain is dressed all in black with a masked face and hood. The only time we hear this villain is by voiceover on the phone.

  4. Sarah- Main Female Sarah is a typical teenage girl. She has a beautiful appearance which helps to draw those around her in. Sarah is the main female who is captured by the villain. Megan Moore

  5. Parents of missing teenager The parents will only feature for a short time during the clip to stress how the disappearance of their child bring a dramatic and sad atmosphere over the movie. Margaret and Patrick Moore

  6. Police Officer A female police officer will also feature for a short time during the teaser trailer to indicate that their will be a search for the missing teenager and also to connote the crimes the villain as previously committed. Danielle Moore

  7. News Reporter The news reporter will feature for a short time in the teaser trailer reporting on the disappearance of the female. This will be the character who connotes to the viewers that the possible kidnapper could be a serial killer. The reporters voice will also be used as a voice over. Hannah Smith