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Advanced Wiki Break-out Session 21 st Century Learners Symposium PowerPoint Presentation
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Advanced Wiki Break-out Session 21 st Century Learners Symposium

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Advanced Wiki Break-out Session 21 st Century Learners Symposium - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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October 25, 2007. Advanced Wiki Break-out Session 21 st Century Learners Symposium. Wiki Format, Structure, Content, Tricks & Tips. Jennifer L. Barnett Fayetteville High School. Advanced Wiki Session Topics. Wiki Format Wiki Structure Wiki Contents Wiki Tricks & Tips.

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October 25, 2007

Advanced Wiki Break-out Session 21st Century Learners Symposium

Wiki Format, Structure, Content, Tricks & Tips

Jennifer L. BarnettFayetteville High School


Advanced Wiki Session Topics

Wiki Format

Wiki Structure

Wiki Contents

Wiki Tricks & Tips


Consider the Structure of your Class Wiki

A hierarchical structure might work best with a “content” heavy wiki.

Place these items on your Navigation Bar and on your home page


Consider the Structure of your Class Wiki

The Vertical List structure might work best for a wiki used as an online bulletin board.


What specific pieces of information might I include in my class wiki?

  • Course Information
  • Expectations
  • Teacher Information  or Bio
  • Calendars
  • Handouts
  • Power Points
  • Pictures
  • Embedded media from other useful web sites/tools
  • Extended class discussions
  • Article reviews/critiques
  • Opinion polls and surveys
  • Class Notes Review
  • Materials
  • Links - Web sources used in class, Webquests, research sites, Extra credit readings, other teachers and school pages

A Quick Look at the ABPC Wiki

Open this wiki, ask to join.

Look in the navigation bar. Go to Advanced Wiki.

Note this session’s information on this page.

Go to the discussion tab at the top of the page.

Write a comment describing a wiki you’ve created or to which you belong. Be sure to leave the name of it or link it so others may visit.

Feel free to start your own discussion thread any time. We will use this to help one another grow in our use of this collaborative tool.


Wiki Tricks

Embedding Media

Most wikis, such as Wikispaces, support adding embedded pictures, video, applications and other media through the use of the [[media]] tag. Using this tool, you can embed video clips, sounds and music, chat clients, and any other content designed to be shared from HTML pages. The easiest way to use this is to use the "Embed Media" tool from the visual editor or the text editor. In the popup window that appears, paste the HTML code given to you by the content provider.


Wiki Tips

  • Make your wiki your home page to help keep it updated.
  • To remember to put important handouts or documents on your wiki, try this. After you print your document, don’t make copies it until you upload it. You can place it where you want it later.
  • A Great Top 10 Tips from Wetpaint Central
    • Give your home page a great name.
    • Keep your home page text short.
    • Put 4 to 5 links on your home page to other pages on your site.
    • Tell people what they can do on your site.
    • Add lots of photos and videos.
    • Add links and descriptions of your photos.
    • Avoid blank pages.
    • Use headers and subheads.
    • Use keyword tags on every page.
    • Keep your site’s navigation menu simple – no more than 10 or 12 main pages.

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