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  1. Real-Time Text Conversation Using SIP • Total conversation • Audio (VoIP) • Video (Video conferencing) • Real-time text conversation (Interactive text / ToIP) • = Real-time character by character streaming text • = closest to a voice conversation. • = RFC2793 (T.140 over RTP) draft-manyfolks-sipping-ToIP-01.txt

  2. Real-Time Text Conversation Using SIP • Interactive text is not for hearing and speech impaired users ONLY! • It is for everybody! You, me, the SIPPING chair etc. • Interactive text is NOT text telephony. Text telephony is made possible with Interactive text. • every user is hearing and speech impaired • where there is a lot of background noise. • Or where voice is inappropriate (train, bus, restaurant, cinema, opera, funeral). • text communication is popular (SMS, IM, IRC) • more text calls placed then voice (SMS) • Real-time text conversation is for everyday use. draft-manyfolks-sipping-ToIP-01.txt

  3. Real-Time Text Conversation Using SIP • SIP already allows Interactive text calls • SDP describes T.140/RTP text transport on port 11000 • m=text 11000 RTP/AVP 98a=rtpmap:98 t140/1000 • Things that need to be done in SIPPING and XCON WG now • Include ToIP as a part of the SIP call flows and services • For users who are only capable of using ToIP • As convenience where the users like to use ToIP only or in addition to audio • Point-to-Point calls • Multipoint conferencing calls draft-manyfolks-sipping-ToIP-01.txt

  4. Real-Time Text Conversation Using SIP • - Use ToIP as a part of multimedia conferencing scenarios • For users who are only capable of using ToIP • As convenience where the users like to use ToIP only or in addition to audio/video • e.g., a user is a part of two conferences at the same time where one conference is being attended using ToIP whereas the other one by audio • Or the conference is in English, while the user’s native language is Spanish. Subtitle/ translation support. draft-manyfolks-sipping-ToIP-01.txt

  5. Real-Time Text Conversation Using SIP • Introduction of ToIP framework • On IP/SIP side, end to end possible. • Text gateways needed for IP-PSTN and IP-mobile (non UMTS, using TCP or CTM) • Text Gateways already DO exist! (mobile as well PSTN) • Commercial roll-out Q2-Q3 2004 draft-manyfolks-sipping-ToIP-01.txt

  6. CTM Mobile V.21 Textphone Baudot Textphone 3G Phone CTM V.21 CTM Gateway T.140 over IP Int. Phone/PDA PC Client Baudot V.18 Gateway T.140 over IP Blackberry PSTN ToIP ToIP T.140 over IP Gateway TCP ToIP TCP ToIP Internet Phone or PDA GPRS Mobile UMTS Mobile SIP Phone GPRS smart phone

  7. Text Relay Operator Billing Database RNID Mobile Interactivetexting platform UserDatabase SIP PSTN Gateway Textphone PSTN Interactive TextGateway SIP Proxy SIP Phone J2MEClient Passive TCPproxy Public Internet J2MEClient Mobile Network Interactive text client

  8. Real-Time Text Conversation Using SIP • Text gateways invisible on the IP side? • Gateway emulates the end-terminal. • emulating capabilities (transmission speed of text, multiple streams etc). • Or clearly visible? • With special indicator to indicate a text gateway in call • Different SIP behavior? • additional SIP messages? • special labeling of streams? • Text gateway discovery? • Additions in SIP depend on how text gateways will be implemented. draft-manyfolks-sipping-ToIP-01.txt

  9. Real-Time Text Conversation Using SIP • Any Interactive text call using the text gateway must work like a direct IP-IP call. • Access to services • Call handling, REFER, forwarding, call wait etc • Emergency calls using interactive text • same framework as from a SIP phone (emergency center) • works same for PSTN originated call • and also for a Mobile originated call draft-manyfolks-sipping-ToIP-01.txt

  10. Real-Time Text Conversation Using SIP • Please: • Treat interactive texting at same value as voice and video when designing SIP devices and services.After all it is Total Conversation. • Include the use of text gateways for the connectivity with SIP phones/services. • potential problems • special requirements • implementations • etc • E-mail: Arnoud van Wijk @ draft-manyfolks-sipping-ToIP-01.txt