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OUR FUTURE YOUR FUTURE. A Vision for RRVJA EXPANSION Building A Brand-New School On A Newly Acquired Site. SNYOPSIS OF OPTION 1. Projected to be a 100-year legacy Would house up to 500 students Requires $6 million fundraising Is a 10-year long-range plan. Lack of ample storage space

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  1. OUR FUTUREYOUR FUTURE A Vision for RRVJA EXPANSION Building A Brand-New School On A Newly Acquired Site

  2. SNYOPSIS OF OPTION 1 • Projected to be a 100-year legacy • Would house up to 500 students • Requires $6 million fundraising • Is a 10-year long-range plan

  3. Lack of ample storage space Small administration space Lack of a private/quiet counseling area Lacking a comfortable staff room Air circulation in building is questionable Additional classroom to house a growing Band Program Lack additional classroom space to ensure a dynamic Fine Arts Program Lack enough space to allow differentiation between Elementary and High Schools Lack space to facilitate a successful grade 11/12 program Space for comfortable parking – Safety Issue Remediation of the parking lot drainage issue LIMITATIONS

  4. WHAT IS REALLY NEEDED? • A facility that will enhance the Mission of our school.

  5. SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT • Auditorium style Chapel Room: For staff, students and parents to meet for Assemblies, Vespers, Weeks of Prayer, Parent Prayer Groups. • Special Functions: Pathfinders, Induction, Youth Meetings, Evangelistic Series.

  6. ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT • Separate Music/Band Room • Distinct pre-school Center • Separate Arts Center • Woodworking Technology Center

  7. Learning Spaces • Minimum 1000 Sq. Feet • Surround sound Amplification to enhance learning for students • Ample storage closets for resources, and textbooks • Equipped with Smart Boards for Technology Integration • Overhead projectors • Integrated multi-media system • Whiteboards • Presentation walls • Wireless Internet • Natural Exhibits and Demonstration Centers

  8. Resource Center • Minimum 800 Sq. Feet • Equipped with tables chairs, videos, books, curriculum materials, parent lending/reading materials. • Quiet testing space • Storage for manipulates • Meeting area for Educational Clinicians to work with students.

  9. Library/Media Center • 1500 Sq. Ft. Library area to enable minimum of 8,000 reference, periodicals and non-fictional titles • “Open Design” • Four multi-use areas: Performance Corner, Activity Corner; Reading Corner, Library Corner • Information rich in both print and electronic forms

  10. 800-1000 Sqf. Computer Networking Gas location Workspace for group dynamics Science Lab

  11. ABC Food Store

  12. PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT • Minimum 5000 Sq Ft Gymnasium • Wood gym floor • Allowing for 2-3 courts • Male and Female change areas • Equipment Storage • High ceilings • A well-equipped full Kitchen for functions

  13. Fitness Center

  14. SOCIAL/ EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT • 800 Sq. Ft. Student lounge/Recreational Area • 1000 Sq. Ft ‘Comfy” Staff planning area with kitchenette

  15. School Garden Space

  16. Outdoor Space

  17. Guidance Center

  18. Site Features • 5 acres minimum land space • South East or North East areas of Winnipeg • Bus accessibility • Not more than 5 Km outside city limits • Parking spaces for over 80 vehicles • Outdoor play areas • Large student drop-off areas for parent use • Separate drop-off area for bus use • Acreage to allow future schools and outdoor areas at the site

  19. Building Features • 35,000 Sqf building all on one level or • One (K-8) 20, 000 sqf building and one one (9-12) 15,000 Sqf building • Grand hall at main entrance • Low maintenance floor coverings throughout building • Natural and Sky Lighting • Central air-conditioning • Geo-thermal HVAC system with energy efficient features and easy access for maintenance • Wireless communication throughout building

  20. Long Range Planning Team

  21. COST Land Purchase $400,000 ($60,000 to $80, 000 per Acre) Building Purchase At $150.00 per sqf. X 35,000 sqf. = 5 250,000 Site prep and development (at 10%) 525,000 Design Fees and Testing (add 5%) 262,500 Contingencies (add 10%) 525,000 Furnishings etc. 500,000 TOTAL 7 462,500 Less Sale Price of 56 Grey Street (1 000, 000) Total Cost of New Building *$6, 462, 500

  22. Increased academic, spiritual, physical and emotional student outcomes. A facility customized to match our needs and goals Direct benefits from a “new school novelty” Benefit from demographics of the new area – growth Energy Savings from more efficient electricity & gas fixtures Center of pride in our community for cooperation/callobartion Limited availability of properties within city limits High Land acquisition cost Might be forced to look outside city limits Increased need for bussing Longer time frame - 10 years Planning Fundraising PROS CONS

  23. RESOURCES • RRVJA Staff • HMFH Architects. 1998. Top 10 Design Ideas for School for the 21st Century. • School Designer. COM • NCDPI, school Planning. Cost and feasibility of renovation or replacing and old school building • MMI Commercial Real Estate’s Industrial holdings near Winnipeg • Jason Johansson from As Fearr Management Services Ltd, Winnipeg • Andy Maharaj, Century 21 Bachman & Associates, Winnipeg • Oregon Board of Education. Suggested steps for planning and building a a new school building. • Church surveys 2006 • Church Fact-finding survey – West Park and Henderson Hwy. Churches • RRVJA Parent Surveys

  24. Key Questions • What is the cost of a new school vs. upgrading vs. purchasing? • What is the feasibility of upgrading? • What is the feasibility of purchasing an existing school? • Will the new facility be financially viable? • What are the present student demographics? • What is the expected student demographic for the next 5, 10, 15 years? • Have we accurately gauged constituency support for our building expansion decisions? • Do we need more information gathering? • Is our needs assessment accurate?

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