Legacy of the new deal
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Legacy of the New Deal. Benefits of the New Deal. 1 st 100 Days & 2 nd 100 days are all about social welfare programs Various agencies that focused on relief, recovery, and reform. Programs were the idea of Roosevelt’s “brain trust”

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Benefits of the new deal
Benefits of the New Deal

  • 1st 100 Days & 2nd 100 days are all about social welfare programs

    • Various agencies that focused on relief, recovery, and reform

Legacy of the new deal

  • Programs were the idea of Roosevelt’s “brain trust”

    • A group of informal advisors who gave him advice during his presidency

  • EX:

    • Works Progress Administration (WPA): Major Relief Program

    • Federal Housing Administration (FHA): a long range recovery program

    • Federal Deposit & Insurance Corp. (FDIC): a major Reform program

Results of the new deal
Results of the New Deal

  • The New Deal does not END the depression

    • That won’t happen until WWII but does provide some help with unemployment

Legacy of the new deal

  • The New Deal created high debt because of deficit spending

    • It actually caused Roosevelt to cut back on programs in 1937 because he was worried about debt

    • The recession of 1937 was caused in part by increased federal borrowing

    • Cutting back caused Roosevelt Recession: A slight bump in unemployment and slight decline in economy after period of growth

During the 1930s the national debt substantially increased


  • Lasting works of art and literature

    • WPA created new jobs for professionals such as Dorthea Lange who photographed migrant workers in an effort to win rights for them

    • Environmental Issues: TVA forced people to leave homes in terms of flood control

Legacy of the new deal

  • The New Deal restored hope that was lost during the Great Depression

  • Moderate reform without craziness proposed by some critics

    • Not as extreme as suggestions by Long, Townsend, or Coughlin

    • Massive government spending of the ND led to some short term economic improvement.

Legacy of the new deal

  • Huge change in voting patterns after the 1932 presidential election - - African American voters changed party affiliation from Republican to Democrat for first time since the Civil War.

FDR’s New Deal was most notable for providing moderate social reform without radical revolution