What are the Top 20 Best Selling Products on Retail Pharma Have Common in Personal Care - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

what are the top 20 best selling products on retail pharma have common in personal care n.
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What are the Top 20 Best Selling Products on Retail Pharma Have Common in Personal Care PowerPoint Presentation
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What are the Top 20 Best Selling Products on Retail Pharma Have Common in Personal Care

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What are the Top 20 Best Selling Products on Retail Pharma Have Common in Personal Care
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What are the Top 20 Best Selling Products on Retail Pharma Have Common in Personal Care

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  1. What are the Top 20 Best Selling Products on Retail Pharma Have Common in Personal Care https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  2. As a seller of private label and Branded products on Retail Pharma, you should familiarize yourself with competing products and it’s important to consider the categories that shoppers are frequently searching through to buy their products. • Keeping tabs on this data will boost your sales in the short-term, especially in off-peak seasons. It will also allow you to become more aggressive with your marketing efforts. • Buy Beauty Products Online from Retailpharmaindia.com. Choose from Retail Pharma latest collection of Personal Care Products. Shop for men & women personal care products from top brands like Himalya, Nivea, Dove, Find widest range of brands in Personal Care products with Attractive Prices. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  3. 1. Skinatura WHITE GLOW FACIAL SCRUB & MIX FRUIT MASSAGE CREAM (Pack Of 2) • Set Contents: 1 white glow facial scrub,1 mix fruit massage cream • Includes Beauty Accessories • For Women, Men • Organic Product https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  4. 2.NutroActive Ultra Pure Epsom Salt 350gm • Pure Quality, Pure Unscented – NutroActive Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) is USP grade and GMO free (Genetically Modified Organisms). It contains all essential and vital nutrients and minerals like magnesium and sulfates that plays a various roles in the body and has wonderful de- stressing and relaxing benefits. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  5. 3. Ovin Scalp Vitalizer Shampoo For Anti Dandruff (Pack Of 2) 90.5 Gm • Excellent cleanser, moisturizer & scalp toner • Effective to combat dandruff & hair loss. • Excellent cleansing properties to remove dirt, soiled sebum & residue. • Gives hair a glowing texture & increase the blood flow strengthening hair cuticles. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  6. 4. Benefit Toothpaste For Kids Chewing Gum Flavour (70gms X 1) • We dream of a world where our kids don't know the meaning of tooth decay. As Australian dentists, we created a preventative kids toothpaste with proven, evidence-backed ingredients to benefit a young, growing smile. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  7. 5. Fuschia Fuller's Earth Face Mask Multani Mitti 100gm • Our very own Fuller’s earth alias Multani Mitti (also known as Chikni Mitti) is now available to you in direct application paste form as Fuschia Fuller’s Earth Face Mask. It helps in reducing suntan and pigmentation, controls excess oil production, cures acne and scars and works excellent against skin allergies. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  8. 6. INLIFE Neem Aloe Vera Moisturising Lotion Paraben Free - 200 Ml • Neem Aloe Vera Face Moisturizing Lotion by INLIFE is brand new natural formula which is created with intense research which is suitable for all types of skin. It is the perfect hydrating lotion, for rejuvenating dry, cracked, and rough skin that require special attention. The herbal formula contains the Neem extracts which have a special anti-bacterial elements to protect the cracked skin from germs and bacteria; while, Aloe Vera helps to make the skin https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  9. 7. Ovin Gentle Neem Herbal Face Wash 70 Ml • Herbal Neem Essential Oil contains rich antiseptic & healing properties. • Smoothens wrinkles and fine lines. • An uplifting refreshing aroma, useful in clearing acne. • Repair the moisture barrier of the skin, thus helping to restore smoothness and suppleness. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  10. 8.Daarimooch Beard Growth Combo Trial Pack • Our Beard & Mustache growth Combo has been specifically designed to help you unlock the growth potential of your facial hair. It does so by deep cleaning your hair follicle, improving nutrient circulation & deep nourishing them with best possible ingredients for growth. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  11. 9. Krishna's Aloe Vera Body Lotion Soothes And Moisturizes Skin 150 Gm • Krishna's Aloe Vera Body Lotion is an excellent moisturizer. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  12. 10. Jiva Rose Water Plain Pack Of 2 • A multipurpose toner containing the purest essence of rose petals. Rose is cooling in nature. It cools, freshens, deeply cleanses toxins from the pores and tones the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  13. 11. Fuschia Ageless Serum Rose Water & Dead Sea Minerals 30gm • Rose water decreases damage to the skin fibres and delays fine lines of ageing. It also soothes skin and evens out skin tone. Dead sea minerals rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc and various other elements that stimulate regeneration of skin cells, increase collagen & elastin synthesis and thus reduce wrinkling process. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  14. 12. VEDI PEPPERMINT LIQUID CASTILE SOAP 300ml • Peppermint is a natural antiseptic that keeps skin clean and healthy. Its fragrance refreshes the mind, makes it alert and improves mindfulness. Perfect for a morning bath. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  15. 13. Varikostop Cream 50 Gram For Varikos Veins & Pain Relief • Review about Varikostop cream Quite a lot of women (and some men too) are well acquainted with the feeling of heaviness and pain in legs. More often they go to the specialist only when the disease has progressed and there are already visible signs of varicosity. Varikostop - the special looking after means for legs with plant extracts and trokserutiny. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  16. 14.Fuschia Set Of 5 Natural Herbal Handmade Herbal Soaps HS3 500gm • Haldi Tulsi, Orange Peel, Lemon Grass Oil, Cinnamon, Coconut • Purely natural • Handmade glycerine Soaps • 100% Vegetarian (not for edible use) • 1 soap bar is Approx 100 gms https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  17. 15. Miss Diva Covergirl Giftset For Her • Elegant and edgy, our Covergirl gift set is perfect for the modern woman on the move. Our pre-set Miss Diva Covergirl Gift Set comes with our Covergirl Eau De Parfum and Covergirl Mist. A blend of tangy orange blossom and sweet vanilla, the Covergirl Gift Set creates the perfect balance between elegance and chic. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  18. 16. Zuci Mango, Orange & Strawberry Hand Sanitizer Pack Of 3 With Free Bag Tag • A blast of Vitamins and fresh fragrances along with 99.99% germ protection property makes Zuci’s Instant Hand Sanitizers a perfect hygiene companion while you are on the go. Sanitizes + Moisturizes. The convenient & trendy silicone sanitizer holders attaches to your backpack, purse and more so you can always keep your favorite sanitizer close and handy. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  19. 17. Pearlie White Fluorinze Alcohol Free Mouth Rinse 100ml • THIS Can a mouth rinse really make a difference? Yes, it can – if it's Fluorinze™ Alcohol Free Mouth Rinse. Gentle and safe for everyday use, it freshens up your breath, destroys plaque-causing bacteria, relieves tooth sensitivity and strengthens your tooth enamel and enhanced with added ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Thymol to help fight bacteria that causes bad breath, plaque and cavities. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  20. 18. Indus Valley Gel Hair Color Dark Blonde 6.0 • Indus valley Dark Blonde Gel Color is a new form of colouring your hairs with Natural Herbs with the Orange Fragrance the Natural Herbs protect hairs from main hair problems like spilt ends, Dryness, Dandruff, Hair fall and also protect from premature graying, nothing protect hair better than herbs. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  21. 19. Vedantika Herbal Bridal Ubtan 50gm • Traditional Ayurvedic formula with finest saffron from Kashmir and sandal wood powder from Mysore with other precious ingredients to brighten your skin. In India it is ritual to rub Ubtan before marriage for soft, smooth and glowing skin. Ingredients : Saffron - It is a wonderful anti ageing herb used in Ayurveda for centuries for the radiant glow in the skin. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

  22. 20. BRESTONE Cream • BRESTONE Cream contains a proprietary blend of herbs traditionally known for their ability to balance female hormones and promote fuller and firmer uplifted curves. This in turn will have a great effect in your over all body curvature. No matter what is the cup size, BRESTONE will help you get more firm and curvy appearance that will definitely make you look very attractive and appealing. https://www.retailpharmaindia.com| | sales@retailpharmaindia.com

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