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Personal Care Products

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Personal Care Products. Module Outcomes. Have an awareness of consumer science and its importance in society Be able to read labels and identify main ingredients in shampoos, sunscreens and creams Make a basic cream and have a basic understanding of emulsions

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Personal Care Products

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module outcomes
Module Outcomes
  • Have an awareness of consumer science and its importance in society
  • Be able to read labels and identify main ingredients in shampoos, sunscreens and creams
  • Make a basic cream and have a basic understanding of emulsions
  • Gain understanding of sunscreens how they work and the relationship between particle size and bulk properties
  • Understand that emerging technologies such as nanotech used in products needs to be approached by a well informed consumer.
did you know
Did You Know?

The use of cosmetics is not a modern phenomenon.

  • Ancient Greeks and Romans used…
  • Nanocrystals of lead sulfide to permanently colour grey hair black
  • Kohl (soot) to darken their eyelids
  • Poisonous lead carbonate to achieve a pale complexion.

Image: Courtesy:

did you know4
Did You Know?

You can buy a face cream for $930?

A face cream containing 24-carat gold promises anti-aging technology (advanced phytosterone) by reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots.

The particles in the cream reflect and scatter light and consequently help alter the appearance of the skin's surface.

Enhances the reflective properties of skin itself, making it luminous from the instant of application.

That’s $31 for 1 ml!

DEMAND for luxury skincare is soaring in Australia, as women snap up creams and serums that cost hundreds of dollars for tubs that contain 100 millilitres or less.

Image: Courtesy:

overwhelmed by choice of products
Overwhelmed By Choice Of Products?

You can buy a face cream for $930?

A new food or beauty product is launched every three and a half minutes.

– How many is that per day or week?!

Experts predict that future products will make us smarter and younger.

Image:Courtesy Ralphbijker @ Flickr

how do you choose a shampoo
How Do You Choose A Shampoo?

Shampoo prices range from $1.50 to $100.00

  • What makes a good shampoo?
  • Are expensive shampoos better?
  • Can you think of the claims made by the shampoo you use?
  • Is it necessary to use a conditioner?

Image: Courtesy: Clean Wal-Mart @ Flickr

did you know7
Did You Know?
  • 20% of the cost of producing cosmetics goes into the product?
  • 80% is marketing, such as packaging and advertising.

Images: Courtesy of Jenna Malone Bridge8, Akira Ohgaki @ Flickr

activity 1 reading labels
Activity 1 Reading Labels

How do we make informed decisions about personal care products?

What information would you want to know before you would consider paying $960 or $10 for a cream?

reading labels
Reading Labels
  • Why do products need labels?
  • Which products have labels?
  • Which products don’t?
  • Can you think of any reasons for this?

Images L to R: Courtesy: Alexandra Smart

experiment 1 making a cream
Experiment 1 Making A Cream

What’s in a product?

Reading labels has given an insight into what products contain. Now lets make our own product!

Image: Courtesy Jenna Malone

now that we
Now That We…
  • Know how to read labels
  • Have made a product
  • Better understand how to make product choices

What about nanoparticles in cosmetics?

  • Is it safe or more effective?
or is it just a marketing strategy
Or Is It Just A Marketing Strategy?
  • How does the consumer know it’s nano?
  • When are nano products better?
  • When do products use ‘nano’ in their labeling and marketing?
how do we make informed decisions
How Do We Make Informed Decisions?

A new shampoo uses 'NANO' directly as its brand.

The shampoo, claims to contain titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles, which could penetrate more effectively into the hair and, thanks to its photocatalytic oxidation characteristics, oxidize the harmful residues after hair perming.

Would you buy this shampoo?

Image: Courtesy\

how do we make informed decisions14
How Do We Make Informed Decisions?

DiorSnow Pure UV Base SPF 50“Makeup base and brightening skincare in one, withNano UV filters for ultra-protection against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays.”Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Moisture Mist

“Ultra-light nano-emulsion hydrating particles prolong fragrance.”

Would you buy these creams?

Image: Courtesy: petitjie @ Flickr

how do we make informed decisions15
How Do We Make Informed Decisions?

Blue Lizard Baby – Chemical free formula, SPF 30

“Formulated in Australia using the newest Nanotechnological ingredients to meet the world’s toughest sunscreen standards…Australia’s and yours!”

Would you buy this sunscreen for your baby brother?

Image: Courtesy: Graham and Shelia @ Flickr

an example of nano in products
An Example Of Nano In Products


  • One nano product readily available is sunscreen
  • Does the nanotechnology make it a better product?

Image: Courtesy: Alexandra Smart


Are there issues with nanotechnology in personal care products?

  • Are there safety issues with nanoparticles in products?
  • Should products that use nano include this on the label?
activity 2 research questions
Activity 2Research Questions

The following banners appeared in the crowd at the L’Oreal 2010 Melbourne Fashion Week:

  • L’Oreal: fashioning a new health disaster
  • Go Nano-Free L’Oreal,because we’re worth it

Perform Activity 2 on safety issues

activity 3 research questions
Activity 3Research Questions

How does sunscreen work?

Image: Courtesy: IvanWang @ Flickr

experiment 2 investigating nano sunscreens
Experiment 2Investigating Nano Sunscreens

How does nano in sunscreens work?

Image: Courtesy: xlordashx @ Flickr

  • What is a cosmetic?
  • What is the difference between cosmetic and therapeutic?
  • What general ingredients do cosmetics contain?
  • What is an active ingredient?
  • What is the active ingredient in a shampoo?
  • What is the active ingredient in a conditioner?
  • What are the main ingredients in a basic cream?
  • What is the active ingredients in a sunscreen?
  • What role can nanotechnology play in sunscreens?