resume parser an innovative hr software l.
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Human Resource Management Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Human Resource Management Software

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Human Resource Management Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Get Human resource management Software, Recruitment database software, resume extraction software to ease the H.R department off its burden.

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Human Resource Management Software

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human resource
Human Resource
  • Human Resource is the most important section of any company.
  • A resourceful HR system means better success ratio of the company.
  • Providing the employees with their basic necessities to grow and perform better within the company are among the functions.
human resource task
Human Resource Task

Human resource management is a vast

field which comprises many features and

has to execute number of tasks

  • Recruitment of employees
  • Performance appraisals
  • Employee motivation
how hr can be made effective
How Hr can be made effective
  • The technology has come up with automated recruitment process to reduce the burden from the HR managers.
  • Hrsoftware designed resume parser to ease the H.R department off its burden
hrsoftware resume parser
Hrsoftware – Resume Parser
  • Resume Parser - Resume Tracking software which is a boon for the recruiting companies.
  • It automates the recruitment process making it more accurate and providing with the employees who would change the facet of the company.
hrsoftware products
Hrsoftware - Products
  • Desktop / Stealth - Desktop/ Stealth helps the industries to save the time, money and resources which are being spend on resume analyzing and store them under their respective categories
  • Web API - This helps the Users and Administrator to upload, save and manage lot of resumes which are coming to them on huge basis.
benefits of hr software
Benefits of hr software
  • It makes proper utilization of bandwidth and internet.
  • It is HR friendly, HR’s can keep the system working whole night and next day they will get 25,000 parsed resumes.
  • It categorizes a resume based on skills, qualification and work experience of a candidate.
  • More accurate in Parsing and Analyzing of a Resume.
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