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Saltriver Equine Reprocentre Centre

Saltriver is proud to offer a Fully functional Advanced Reproduction Centre in Western Australia. Complete with temperature controlled Laboratory and treatment, insemination area.

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Saltriver Equine Reprocentre Centre

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  1. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  2. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au Reproduction Services

  3. . www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au At Saltriver we work on quality not quantity. Stallions are accepted through a selective screening process based on pedigree, performance and breed ability and disposition

  4. Standing a stallion, you know that when it comes to breeding with him nothing is more important than his health, safety and well being. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  5. At Saltriver we understand this and each stallion receives individual attention daily from our dedicated experienced staff. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  6. To stallions in residence. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au On site breeding www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  7. To offsite stallions receiving shipped semen from non resident stallions. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au On site breeding www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  8. Available for resident and visiting stallions. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au Cooling and shipping semen www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  9. Saltriver are able to ship cooled semen anywhere in Australia. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au Cooling and shipping semen www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  10. Direct courier service to Perth airport to ensure prompt delivery and receivable. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au Cooling and shipping semen www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  11. Frozen Semen Frozen semen inseminations can be managed at Saltriver until appropriate follicle sizing then mares must be transported to Olive Grove Equine Centre Bulls brook for Frozen semen insemination management. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  12. Embryo Transfer Saltriver offers the services of Embryo Transfer www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  13. We can manage your mare from insemination to transfer - or you can manage your own breeding with your vet and send your mare to us for the flush and transfer procedure using our Saltriver Recipient mare provider service. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  14. Foaling services Here we work on quality not numbers - we offer a clean environment by limiting the amount of foals we deliver each year ensuring exceptional specialized attention to your mare during Parturition and 24 hour intensive care when required for your foal. Saltriver offers a foaling service. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  15. Veterinary / Hospital Barn Saltriver provides a hospital barn box, where we can care safely care for and treat post partum mares and neo nates. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  16. Mare Care Saltriver offers a full mare management program from managing your mare for conception to delivering a live foal.  www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  17. Mare owners will have the peace of mind of knowing that unsurpassed care will be given to both mare and foal.  www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  18. Saltriver provides large pastured paddocks and individual foal safe yards, specializing in individualized care. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au

  19. With qualified AI technicians we can offer the services of AI and being only 50 minutes from perth airport can ensure prompt Insemination of your mare. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au Artificial Insemination - chilled

  20. The stud has its own personal courier that will collect and deliver semen when ever required. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au Artificial Insemination - chilled

  21. Saltriver runs a herd of 50 + recipient mares for embryo transfer. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au Recipient Mare Provider Service 

  22. For on farm implants or we can receive cooled shipped embryos for transfers . www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au Recipient Mare Provider Service 

  23. www.saltrivereprocentre.com.au For more information: Contact us Kellie Stewart: 0429 047 265 Heath Stewart: 0429 063 297 Email: saltriverwa@westnet.com.au 263 Refractory Rd Bakers Hill Western Australia Australia

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