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Equine ID. Week 1. Equine Name Origin: ___________________ Lifespan: ___________________ Color: ___________________ Major Uses: ___________________ Height: ___________________ Fact(s): ___________________. Crystal Retschle. American Quarter Horse. 11 foundation breeds

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equine id

Equine ID

Week 1

Equine Name
  • Origin: ___________________
  • Lifespan: ___________________
  • Color: ___________________
  • Major Uses: ___________________
  • Height: ___________________
  • Fact(s): ___________________
Crystal Retschle

American Quarter Horse

11 foundation breeds

Mix of Arabian, Spanish and English Breeds

5 million registered quarter horses

Known for their round hindquarters

AQHA is the largest registry

14.3-15.2 HH

(Sometimes taller)

Dr Sunny Pep





(my horse)

Red Roan

Blue Roan




Crystal Retschle

Life span can reach 35 years old

Berry Sweet Whizard

Drill team





Crystal Retschle



By: Cerrington Lee-Mantilla

general information
General Information
  • Name: English Thoroughbred (Thoroughbred)
  • Life-span: approximately 30 years
  • Origin: England
  • Height & Weight: about 17 hands ; about 1,100
  • Color: Bay, Black Brown, Buckskin, Chesnut, Cremello, Gray, Palomino, Perlino, White
  • Major uses: Race horse
general information1
General Information
  • Famous or notable examples: Secretariat
  • 2 Fun Facts:
    • They are courageous, alert, and spirited animals.
    • 1 way of identifying one is their long sloping shoulders.
american paint

American Paint

Jessica Martinez

general information2
General Information
  • Name of breed: American Paint
  • Average Life Span: 20-30
  • Where was it developed: The paint horse were brought from Europe
  • Average Height: 15-16 Hands
  • Average Weight: 1100-1200 pounds
general information cont
General Information Cont.
  • Typical Colors/ Markings: White spots combined with a different color such as bay, chestnut, black, brown, sorrel, etc.
  • Major Uses: Riding (Western and English), racing, show jumping, trail riding, especially used as a ranch horse.
  • Famous/ notable Examples: The foundation American Paint Horse was created because of the Indians
interesting facts pictures
Interesting Facts & Pictures
  • Some Paint horses are carriers of a lethal white gene, and foals afflicted with this condition are born normal, but sicken and die.
  •  American Paint Horse Association was founded in 1962
appaloosa horse facts
Appaloosa Horse Facts
  • Lifespan: 20-25 years
  • Bred in the Inland northwest of America by the Nez Perce Indians
  • Average height: 16 hands
  • Average weight: 1,250 pounds
  • Dalmatian-like spots dominated

over the hips but sometimes

covers the whole body

appaloosa horse facts1
Appaloosa Horse Facts
  • Used for pleasure, racing,

and working

  • Several competitions

just for Appaloosas (World

Championship Appaloosa Youth Show,

Appaloosa Horse Club)

  • Once almost extinct, the American Appaloosa is now one of the most numerous horses in the world!
  • The coat can be leopard, snowflake, blanket, marble or frost.
ar a bian horses

Arabian Horses

By: Angel Christian

arabian horse facts
Arabian horse facts
  • Light horse
  • Can live up to 30 years
  • Crossbred; almost Identical to Central Asian horses
  • Origin is Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, and Turkey
  • Max height is 15.1 hands
  • Max weight is 1000 lb.
arabian horse facts1
Arabian horse Facts
  • Can be bay, black, chestnut, grey, and roan.
  • Commonly used for endurance riding, general, jumping, racing, and work
arabian horse facts2
Arabian horse Facts
  • The horse in the movie "The Black Stallion" was an Arabian stallion named Cass Ole
  • They can see, hear and smell better than humans
  • It is one of the oldest horse breeds, dating back approximately 5,000 years