network assignment n stewart medt 7477 n.
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Network Assignment N. Stewart- MEDT 7477 PowerPoint Presentation
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Network Assignment N. Stewart- MEDT 7477

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Network Assignment N. Stewart- MEDT 7477 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Network Assignment N. Stewart- MEDT 7477.

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Network Assignment N. Stewart- MEDT 7477

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network assignment n stewart medt 7477
Network AssignmentN. Stewart- MEDT 7477

The school used for the networking mapping assignment is Madras Middle School. Madras Middle School is located in Coweta County and has an enrollment of over 1,000 students 6th-8th grade making it the largest middle school in the county. The school opened in 1999 and is 110,878 square feet with three grade halls, a gymnasium with band and chorus room, a cafeteria, a media center, and offices.

The main data center is located at the Central Office in Newnan. Madras Middle School is connected to the main data center at the central office, along with other schools in the county. Schools are assigned an Education Support Specialist who will come out and work on technology issues within the schools. These specialists are assigned to a few schools within the district making is difficult for them to fix all problems. Many of the larger technology issues are fixed by technology specialists who work for the school system or a team is brought in to work on issues.

Madras Middle School connects to the network through one main distribution frame located in the media center. This distribution frame extends to the three intermediate frames located on each grade level hall. These intermediate frames then extend to each classroom. The building is equipped with a wireless network which makes connecting with projectors and laptop much easier.


MMS Media Center

Cables are ran from the ceiling to all student computers. Two computers are located for LMS to use for circulation and other tasks.

Circulation and Offices

A control room is located behind the circulation desk which connects to all of the intermediate frames on the grade level hallways.

Student Computer Station

Student Computer Station



Shelving for books