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Christine stewart

MY BOOK!I did it!I did it! Come and lookAt what I’ve done!I read a book! When someone wrote itLong agoFor me to read,How did he knowThat this was the bookI’d take from the shelfAnd lie on the floorAnd read by myself?I really read it!Just like that!Word by word, From first to last!I’m sleeping withThis book in bed,This first FIRST bookI’ve ever read!~ David L. Harrison ~(from Somebody Catch My Homework)

Christine Stewart

Christine stewart

I am the youngest of 6 children. Everyone in my family is an avid reader, so my house was full of books. However, I don’t remember how I learned to read or who read to me.

Christine stewart

I was a tomboy, so I was outside whenever the opportunity presented itself. Because I was too busy climbing trees, I didn’t have too much time for reading. I do remember these are some of the books we had.

My all time favorite book as a young child was millions of cats by wanda g g
My all time favorite book as a young child was Millions of Cats by Wanda Gág

Cats here, cats there,

Cats and kittens everywhere,

Hundreds of cats,

Thousands of cats,

Millions and billions and trillions of cats.

Christine stewart
My first memory of reading in elementary school was in 4 Cats by Wanda Gágth grade. The class read Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.

Christine stewart
To this day I enjoy reading mysteries. I started with some well known detectives: Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys.

Ian Fleming’s James Bond were a favorite of my Dad’s.

Christine stewart

My elementary school, Hawthorne, had a library. I remember in the 6th grade I had to have permission to read some of Judy Blume’s books, such as Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret and Then Again, Maybe I won’t. I think I read all of her books that year.

“Eat it or wear it!”

During 6 th grade i also discovered magazines my favorite was tiger beat
During 6 in the 6th grade, I also discovered magazines. My favorite was Tiger beat.