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Environmental Development

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Environmental Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Environmental Development. By: Al-Anood Al-Darwish. What's Happening?. Our Environment is pure and rich is now devastated . How far will we have to go ?

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environmental development

Environmental Development

By: Al-Anood Al-Darwish


What's Happening?

Our Environment is pure and rich is now devastated.

How far will we have to go?

The Arctic Perennial sea ice has been decreasing at a rate of 9% per decade. Only 6 meters rise in sea level would submerge all South Florida.

Are we willing to do nothing?


We live in a beautiful world from the mountains to the wild life. But I assure you troubles occurred and will keep occurring if we don’t do anything to stop it. The trouble in our environment is brought by us.

air pollution
Air Pollution

Air pollution is the establishment of chemicals that causes damage to living organisms and mostly to the natural environment, built environment, into the atmosphere. The reason air pollutions happen is because of the chimneys in factories and even sometimes from a car pipe or a tail pipe.

water pollution
Water Pollution

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies. Water pollution arise when pollutants are released directly and indirectly into water bodies without reasonable treatment to remove harmful compounds.

habitat destruction
Habitat Destruction

Habitat Destruction is the course in which natural habitats are furnished functionally and are inadequate to support the species present. Usually living organisms would destroy the habitats in many ways for example harvesting, mining, logging and other reasons.


A landfill is like a rubbish or dump. It is a place for disposal of waste materials. A landfill also may refer to ground that has been filled in with soil and rocks instead of materials that are wasted these materials can be used for building houses. If the houses are stabilized these areas may serve shaking liquefaction of the ground in large earthquake.


Poaching is illegal taking of wild plants or animals. Some people would kill the wild animals and use their skin to make bags and shoes.

what will happen in qatar
What will happen in Qatar?

In the 2022 the population will increase there will be more things happening. There will be more harvesting and destroying. Some people will recycle some won’t. There will be so many ruins.

to help the environment
To help the Environment:
  • Clean Energy
  • More Solar Panels
  • Plant Right
  • Recycle more often
  • Drive Bicycles
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