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propaganda in nazi germany n.
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Propaganda in Nazi Germany PowerPoint Presentation
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Propaganda in Nazi Germany

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Propaganda in Nazi Germany
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Propaganda in Nazi Germany

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  1. Propaganda in Nazi Germany

  2. The Ministry of Enlightenment and Propaganda • This ministry was set up as soon as the Nazis came to power • It was led by Joseph Goebells • Hitler and the Nazis image was carefully controlled to maintain their popularity

  3. Radio • The Nazis controlled all radio stations • Cheap radios were produced more Germans owned radios in the 1930s than Americans • Loudspeakers were placed in the streets, in factories, and cafes

  4. Films • All film plots had to be approved by Goebbels • All films had to show Nazis in a good way and their enemies in a bad way. • Propaganda films were shown before the feature film. • People began to go to the cinema later.

  5. Posters / Photographs • Hitler’s image was carefully manufactured to show him as a brave leader , hard worker and kind man who liked children and animals. • Although Hitler wore glasses he was never shown wearing them. • The Nazis used a range of posters to convey their image

  6. Newspapers • Goebells told the newspapers what they could print “ in the next issue of your paper there will be a main article about a decision made by Hitler. No matter what his decision is, you will write that it is the only correct one for Germany.” • News papers which did not follow these rules were closed down • The Nazis had their own newspaper the Volkischer Beobachter • Newspaper sales went down.

  7. Books, Art, Music • Writers were forced to write books and plays that praised Hitler and the Nazis. • Books written by Jews communists or anti Nazi journalists were banned. In Berlin in 1933 students burned 20,000 books in a public bonfire. • It has been said where one begins by burning books one ends up by burning people • Jazz music was banned because it was associated with black Americans

  8. Rallies • Spectacular parades called mass rallies were held every year to celebrate Hitler’s greatness. • Special arenas were built that could hold half a million people. • Bands, choirs, firework displays and air shows were all designed to show how impressive the Nazis were.