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Wheatley Group Schools Engagement Programme PowerPoint Presentation
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Wheatley Group Schools Engagement Programme

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Wheatley Group Schools Engagement Programme - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wheatley Group Schools Engagement Programme
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  1. Wheatley Group Schools Engagement Programme Getting Young people into Housing Maureen Dowden Jordan Weir

  2. Wheatley Group

  3. Better Lives • 1,700 employees across the group and a Glasgow Living Wage Employer • Helping people into employment • 2069 individuals through our Community Benefit clauses since 2005 (with contractors) • 243 Community Janitors • 131 our own Modern Apprenticeship programme since 2009 • Over the next three years • Creation of a further 1000 jobs, training places or apprenticeships • 400 bursaries for our tenants and families to access higher education • Extension of Schools programme

  4. The Young Lives programme helped more than 8800 young people take part in activity sessions.

  5. Schools Engagement Programme • Our Community Governance Strategy makes a commitment to diversify our engagement routes and strengthen our links with those whose views are seldom heard • We identified young people as being under represented and a key strand of our Strategy aims to empower young people to influence and shape our services. • Our Schools programme also supports our Better Lives Strategy by providing a range of personal development opportunities, from accredited training programmes, to enhanced employability opportunities.

  6. Schools Engagement Programme • We began by making links with St Roch’s Secondary School to explore how we could contact and engage with young people • We piloted a number of engagement activities in partnership with the pupils and staff at St. Roch’s who proved to be forward thinking and willing to take up the challenge • Some of these activities aimed at enhancing employability opportunities follow……..

  7. Schools Engagement Programme - Employability • A key priority is helping young people into work: • We attended a number of careers events at several secondary schools across the city to raise awareness of school work placement and Modern Apprentice opportunities with GHA. • Delivered a series of workshops on employment opportunities across the Wheatley Group • Developed a partnership agreement to provide work placements for Standard 4 pupils, including pupils with hearing impairment who had previously attended a school for pupils with special needs • Delivered an employability training programme via our Academy to 4th and 5th year pupils which took them through all stages of the recruitment process, from completion of an application form, to undergoing an interview at GHA premises.

  8. St Roch’s Secondary School Pilot Programme • St Roch’s is a secondary school which serves North Glasgow and reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity of the city.

  9. Influence What we do and How we do it Engaging with Pupils • We met with St Roch’s Pupil council to identify their issues and priorities • Formed a Sounding Board to discuss the most effective ways of engaging with young people • Held three workshops with 4th, 5th and 6th Year Modern Studies pupils on local democracy and citizenship • Participate in St Roch’s Business Partnership to identify joint working activities • Held focus groups on our digital inclusion strategy • Met with pupils on our “Big Red Truck”

  10. New Learning Opportunities • From our initial engagement through the Pupil Council and Modern Studies workshops, we identified an opportunity to deliver an accredited housing qualification to pupils through the Chartered Institute of Housing’s (CIH) Active Learning for Residents route: • CIH Level 2 Award in Community Action in Housing • Previously delivered to our tenants and customers • GHA worked in partnership with CIH to develop a sponsorship model for delivery in schools • Award accredited on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework at Level 5 • The first RSL in the UK to deliver this nationally accredited award in schools

  11. Changing our Communities • Modern Studies pupils in 3rd, 4th and 5th carried out a survey for a local democracy activity in Modern Studies course and identified physical areas for improvement. • Pupils met local committee and presented their findings • Agreed to work in partnership with local housing office on environmental improvements • School now scheduled in GHA Activities session to timetable • GHA Activities Group has identified priorities for joint environmental projects including developing sports facilities and play parks

  12. New Learning Opportunities • Outcomes: • 23 pupils gained the full award – CIH Level 2 Community Action in Housing • 2 pupils gained 2 out of 3 units • 1 pupil successfully applied to do a Modern Apprenticeship in Administration • Going Forward: • Minimum of two Modern Apprentice places ring fenced for pupils completing this award • Currently sponsoring 32 pupils on this award at two secondary schools in Glasgow 14

  13. New Learning and Employment Opportunities • Outcomes: • 23 pupils gained the national qualification CIH Level 2 Community Action in Housing • Pupils have built relationships in communities and demonstrated leadership qualities • 2 more programmes being delivered to 42 pupils from two secondary schools • Places on our Modern Apprenticeship programme now ring fenced for pupils who attain the qualification • Opportunities for pupils through our Wheatley Pledge