Princess or a warrior
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Princess or a warrior?. By: Lily Deng. thesis.

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Princess or a warrior

Princess or a warrior?

By: Lily Deng


  • In the original 18th century stories of Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel published by the Grimm Brothers, the princesses were portrayed as weak and helpless individuals while in the 21st century adaptations Ella Enchanted, Snow White and the Huntsmen and Tangled represented ambitious and independent women that seek to have a better life without a prince rescuing them from their misery.

Traditional gender roles of women
Traditional gender roles of women

  • Job was to maintain the house and take care of children

  • Purpose was to give birth and make babies

  • Property of men and was not allowed to own their own properties

  • Known as domestic and emotional

  • Unable to do hard labor

  • Was the weaker sex

Present day gender roles of women
Present day gender roles of women

  • Allowed to own property

  • No longer a possession of men

  • Right to vote

  • Allowed to have the same jobs as men


  • Grimm’s version of Cinderella was published in 1812

  • Had a miserable life, working as a slave for her stepmother and stepsisters.

  • Did not stand up for herself

  • Took care of household duties

  • In the end saved by a prince in order to have a better and wealthier life

Ella enchanted
Ella Enchanted

  • Movie released in 2004

  • Adaptation of Cinderella

  • Ella was cursed with a spell ever since she was born to be obedient to whatever she was told to do. Her stepsisters and stepmother makes her does house chores and she can’t refuse.

  • Ella wanted to go change her future and went to find the witch that casted the spell on her

  • Throughout her journey, she fights ogres etc

  • Very ambitious and brave and isnt afraid to speak her mind

Snow white
Snow White

  • Her duties were to maintain the house while the seven little dwarfs went to work and mine

  • Innocent and young – ate a poisonous apple and died

  • Needed a prince to save her life by giving her a kiss

  • “Lived happily ever after”

Snow white and the huntsmen
Snow white and the huntsmen

  • Extremely independent because she was living on her own

  • Fighting back the evil queen and was not afraid

  • Goes into battle wearing armor along side with the men