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Practice Management Systems

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Practice Management Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Practice Management Systems
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  1. PracticeManagementSystems Lauren Downing JacqueGonsalves Nedra Ewing Amanda Fisher

  2. SYSTEMS NextGen Dentrix G5 GE Centricity Raintree

  3. NextGen Healthcare Information Systems

  4. NextGen is very powerful and offers a large variety of options.  The offices are able to schedule appointments, check-in, check-out, update patient demographics charts, post payments, complete billing, and run numerous reports for various purposes.

  5. Helps practices connect, care, and thrive so they can better serve patients in today's complex and change healthcare environment. NextGen solutions connect providers with patients, hospitals, and each other. They help physicians work simpler, smarter, and faster so they can provide quality care to more patients. They also, help practices large and small succeed financially in today’s environment of healthcare reform and new regulationsby: Improve patient engagement and satisfaction Enhance care quality and coordination Solve connectivity and financial challenges Manage population health Ease the path to quality incentive programs Prepare for accountable care based payment Nextgen Objective

  6. NextGen HealthCare System The IT staff is able to customize the practice management system therefore when recommendations are made, if applicable, they are completed. 

  7. Patient Information/OfficeManagement System NextGen Connects all the offices under one system that is accessible

  8. From the Eyes of a User of the System Report creation aspects makes NextGen the desirable practice management program . Many think NextGen is very efficientand simple to use. Nextgenmay be a little difficult to learn but once you have completed the process, they become repetitive.  Looking up patients is efficient due to different search options.

  9. Benefits are Numerous and Include: • Reduced coding errors • Increased clinical knowledge • Enhanced opportunity to keep up with all of the changes in EHR technology • Ability to code innovative medical procedures • Improved tracking for public health data sharing • Fewer claim denials and more timely reimbursements • Improved financial and administrative performance • Improved tracking • Enhanced ability to meet HIPAA electronic transaction/code set requirements

  10. Dentrix G5 Practice Management System

  11. What is Dentrix G5? A premier dental software program that allows offices to manage all aspects of care, including treatment history, records, and efficient integration of all kinds of data.

  12. Dentrix G5 is a cloud-based practice management solution.

  13. What Do Practices Think About Dentrix Allows us to spend more time focusing on clients not on administrations. Fast and easy to make changes and updates.

  14. Go Mobile and Stay Secure Dentrix Mobile makes sure you’re never more than a tap away from the crucial information that powers your practice—by making it safe and easy to access patient information, interact with your practice, and get things done no matter where you go or what kind of device you use. So with their mobile solution Dentrix can be used on smartphones, tablets, iPad, and other devices.

  15. Dentrix is one of the best and most extensive dental practice management solutions available. This application offers tools to assist you in all areas of your practice, and utilizes technology through integrated services and mobile solutions to help you and your patients get the most from this software. Why Choose Dentrix G5

  16. Has a SQL database which makes sure that when you post a transaction it is tracked through all files on the server. No longer have to run database rebuilds to resolve balance issues or corrupt data. Advantages

  17. Dentrix G5 Includes the Following New Features: • ePrescribe – Dentrix users can now use the ePrescribe web service to create electronic prescriptions and send them to a patient’s pharmacy. • Dentrix Update Manager – Receiving updates to your Dentrix products and add-on features has been streamlined. • ADA-CDT Dental Codes – Update new codes. • Billing Provider Info – In the Office Manager’s Practice Defaults dialog box, several options were added under Override Billing Provider Info for eClaims. • Webcam DirectShow support – Support for Webcam DirectShow has been added to support USB image acquisition devices such as cameras.


  19. HOW CENTRICITY FUNCTION Meets all needs that is required for CMS updates The reporting function works well for doing benchmarks on payments, charges and adjustments based on insurance company, demographic or other criteria. The customization allows you to meet specific and unique needs of the practice, where other platforms force you to stay within their box.

  20. Centricity EMR Provides the Right Balance Evidence-based guidelines with the flexibility to customize your workflow to deliver a higher quality of care helps organizations of all sizes manage their time more effectively by optimizing patient visits, increasing the accuracy and completeness of documentation, and benchmarking decisions against proven outcomes.

  21. OPEN CONNECTIVITY Connects to systems inside and outside the clinic walls to capture vital information as part of the patient record Works with other centricity practice management solutions or GE’s eHealth It also offers connectivity to other clinical and business performance systems

  22. One of the Most Adopted EMR Solutions Available: • Over 17 million patient records in their database • The number of users continue to grow because the technology work. • It is fast to implement and easy to use. • Helps customers focus on improved care outcomes instead of papers trails or IT problems.

  23. A Stable Committed Partner Going digital with GE, you are partneringwith a well established, capable, and financially stable company. Throughout the past century, GE Healthcare has led many medical breakthroughs, including the recent creation of the first all-digital hospital. With GE, you have a trusted partner you can rely on for the long term to help you put information at the center of care — improving the healthcare you practice today, and preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

  24. Raintree Systems, Inc.

  25. Raintree Systems, Inc. Practice Management Features: • Dashboard • Patient • Verification of Benefits • Authorizations • Scheduling • Service Tickets • Billing • Collections • Reports • Document Management • Faxing • Scanning Electronic Medical Record Features: • Chart • Clinical Templates • Prescriptions • Provider Signatures • Tasks

  26. The Dashboard The Dashboard is the multifunctional main access point with an overview of clinic/work flow, tasks, billing review, and scheduling.

  27. The Schedule

  28. Patient Demographic

  29. Reports and Document Management Reports • Customizable • Easy to use • Can be user-defined • Advanced error detection and notification • Comprehensive security controls • Data benchmarking for clinical indicators • Customizable input screens • An intuitive web-based interface Document Management is made easy with the document routing screen -- this is where images, scanned documents, or faxes are routed to different users.

  30. The Billing Features Include: Personalized paper, electronic and fax billing and form submission options Electronic billing and remittance Comprehensive security controls Automatic diagnosis code check and claim submission verification Rules-based alerts and triggers ANSI-coded claim submissions reports Intuitive web-based interface ‘Quick Keys’ Verification of Benefits allows a user to verify insurance eligibility through the Utilities menu. Authorizations can be specified for each individual patient through the Insurance screen, where limits can be set on the visit numbers, among other things.

  31. Electronic Medical Record • Patient clinical information • Access point allowing patient medical information management containing treatment history for individual patients • Consists of three components • EMR templates • EMR records • Narratives

  32. PROS:FlexibleCustomizable featuresFast, easy, & secure accessModerate system requirementsEasy to input, access, & reportEliminates duplicationSpeech-to-text CONS: Requires tech-savvy users for successful use Requires more hands on training

  33. System of choice Raintree

  34. Lauren Downing:Slides 3-9 preparation and note section detail 4-9, Picked PowerPoint layout theme, proofread all slides and made correction where needed.Jacque Gonsalves: slides 10-18 preparation and note section detail for each, Combined all PPT slides from group members, proofread all slides and made correction where needed.Nedra Ewing: slides 19-24 preparation and note section detail for each, proofread all slides and made correction where needed.Amanda Fisher: Slides 25-33 preparation and note section detail for each, proofread all slides and made correction where needed.