Facility design week 1 introduction to facility planning
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Facility Design-Week 1 Introduction to Facility Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Facility Design-Week 1 Introduction to Facility Planning. Anastasia L. Maukar. Definition of Factory. Factory/Plant:. MACHINES/ EQUIPMENTS. RESOURCES. MAN. PRODUCTION SYSTEM. MATERIAL. ENERGY. INFORMATION. MONEY. FINISHED GOODS. Factory/plant. Facilities Planning.

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Facility design week 1 introduction to facility planning
Facility Design-Week 1Introduction to Facility Planning

Anastasia L. Maukar

Definition of factory
Definition of Factory


Factory plant












Facilities planning
Facilities Planning

  • Facilities planning determines how an activity’s tangible fixed assets best support achieving the activity's objectives

Facilities planning1
Facilities Planning

  • Examples:

    a. In manufacturing, the objective is to support production.

    b. In an airport, the objective is to support the passenger airplane interface.

    c. In a hospital, the objective is to provide medical care to patients.

Facility planning hierarchy

Facility Planning

Structural Design

Facility Location

Facility Design

Layout Design

Handling System Design

Facility Planning-Hierarchy

Facility planning
Facility Planning

Location : is the placement of a facility with respect to customers, suppliers, and other facilities with which it interfaces.

Structure : consists of the building and services (e.g., gas, water, power, heat, light, air, sewage).

Layout :consists of all equipment, machinery, and furnishings within the structure.

Handling System :consists of the mechanism by which all interactions required by the layout are satisfied (e.g., materials, personnel, information, and equipment handling systems).

Facility planning objectives
Facility Planning Objectives

1. Support the organization's mission through improved material handling, materials control, and good housekeeping.

2. Effectively utilize people, equipment, space, and energy.

3. Minimize capital investment.

4. Be flexible and promote ease of maintenance.

5. Provide for employee safety and job satisfaction.

Issues in facilities design
Issues in Facilities Design

  • Minimize investment in new equipment

  • Maximize production throughput rate

  • Utilize space most efficiently

  • Provide for the safety and comfort of employees

  • Maintain a flexible arrangement

  • Minimize materials handling cost

  • Facilitate the manufacturing process

  • Facilitate the organizational structure

Facility plant layout
Facility Plant Layout

  • Facility layout: Arrangement of machines, storage areas, and/or work areas usually within the confines of a physical structure, such as a retail store, an office, a warehouse, or a manufacturing facility.

    • for the location of all machines, utilities, employee workstations, customer service areas, material storage areas, aisles, restrooms, lunchrooms, internal walls, offices, and computer rooms

    • for the flow patterns of materials and people around, into, and within buildings

Why is facilities layout important
Why is facilities layout important?

20-75% of product cost attributed to materials handling (Sule, 1991 and Tompkins et al. 2003)

Layout of facilities affects materials handling costs

Facilities includes machines, departments, workstations, locker rooms, service areas, etc.

“You can make as many mistakes as you want in layout planning, and they’ll all any for themselves if they avoid mistakes in the physical installation”

Types of layout problems
Types of layout problems

Layout of a service system

Layout of a manufacturing facility

Warehouse layout

Nontraditional layout









Logistics and Distribution


Distribution Centers

Service layout problem
Service Layout Problem

  • Minimize transportation among personnel

  • Communication and privacy

  • Conform building codes

  • Safety & securityfor the personnel

Retail service layout


Retail/Service Layout

  • Designmaximizesproductexposuretocustomers

  • Decision variables

    • Storeflowpattern

    • Allocation of (shelf) spacetoproducts

  • Types

    • Griddesign

    • Free-flowdesign

Operations review for office layouts suskind 1989
Operations review for office layouts (Suskind, 1989)

Is the company outgrowing its space?

Is available space too expensive?

Is building in the proper location?

How will a new layout affect the organization and service?

Are office operations too centralized or decentralized?

Does the office structure support the strategic plan?

Is the new layout in tune with the company’s image

Does customer physically participate in service delivery?

Office structures
Office structures

Closed structure

Semiclosed structure

Open structure

Semiopen structure

Semiclosed structure
Semiclosed structure




Manufacturing layout
Manufacturing layout

Minimize transportation cost of raw materials, sub-assemblies, work-in-process inventory, tools, parts, finished products, etc.

Facilitate traffic flow

Improve employee morale

Minimize or eliminate risk of injury and property damage

Ease of supervision and face-to-face communication

Warehouse layout

Warehouse isafacility for storing merchandise, commoditiesorotheritems


1. Receiving

2. Storing

3. Orderpicking

4. Shipping

Warehouse layout

  • Where to locate receiving and shipping functions?

  • Should the two functions be combined at one location or separated?

Warehouse layout problem
Warehouse Layout Problem

  • Goal: utilize space effectively to minimize storage and material handling cost(MHC).

Warehouse layout problem1
Warehouse Layout Problem

  • Factor: shape and size of aisle, warehouse height, location and orientation of docking area, types of rack, storage & retrieval automation

  • .

Warehouse layout problem2
Warehouse Layout Problem

  • Shape and size of aisle factor

    • MH equipment/ device

    • Types of rack

Nontraditional layout
Nontraditional layout

Keyboard layout

IC board layout

Computer disk storage layout

Airport gate layout

Non traditional layout problem
Non Traditional Layout Problem

  • Ex: Control panel LP in the design of a computer backboard.