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FALCON FUND RUN 2012. What is ASB?. ASB is a special part of every secondary school. It is the non-academic part which includes sports, activities, clubs, and cultural events.

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What is asb
What is ASB?

  • ASB is a special part of every secondary school. It is the non-academic part which includes sports, activities, clubs, and cultural events.

  • Glover, like most schools, must raise money to help support the variety of activities sponsored by our Associated Student Body.

Why do we need to collect money
Why do we need to collect money?

  • Everything takes money to operate.

  • The membership we pay to join ASB helps, but doesn’t cover the cost of all the extra great things we do here at Glover.

  • We all need to help because we all benefit.

What does asb help pay for
What does ASB help pay for?

  • Drill Team, Choir & Band Expenses

  • Sports Events Expenses

  • Yearbook Expenses

  • Drama Club

  • Dances

  • Prizes for the Wheel

What do people say about supporting schools
What do people say about supporting schools?

  • Nearly everyone wants to help kids and schools.

  • Even though they want to help, they may not want to buy magazines, chocolate or gift wrap.

  • The Falcon Fund Run is a solution!

How does it work
How does it work?

  • You will be asking family, friends, and neighbors, you know very well, for donations.

  • Do not go door-to-door.

  • Ask for a set amount like $5, $10 or $20 (or more) to run laps to help Glover Middle School.

  • Collect the money when you ask for it.

  • Checks, please.

  • Give them a receipt. (see next slide).

  • Try to collect money from at least 5 people.

What do i say
What do I say?

Even though you know the people you are asking, use your best manners and say,

At my school, we are having a Fund Run to support our ASB activities.

Our students will be running laps to earn money for our school.

I’m hoping you will make a donation.

Any amount will be great: $5, $10, $20 or even more.

You can make checks out to Glover Middle School.

I will fill out the ticket and here is your receipt.

  • Whether they contribute or not – give a big Glover smile and say, “Thank you!”

What do packets look like
What do packets look like?

Falcon Fund Run

On October 5, our school will take part in the

Glover’s Falcon Fund Run.

This activity raises funds to support Glover’s ASB.

Student Name_________________ Teacher_________

Each packet has a cover like this one.

There are five tickets in each packet.

Your name and your advisory teacher’s name are on the cover.

All of your tickets are numbered.

How do we accept a donation
How do we accept a donation?

Thank you for

Sponsoring Glover

Middle School

Your pledge $____

Student Name______

Falcon Fund Run

Student’s Name______________

Sponsor’s Name______________


No. 02481

No. 02481

You fill out a ticket as you take their check.

The sponsor is the person who is donating.

Include your name, sponsor’s name, and amount donated on the left side for Glover’s records.

Complete the small part on the right, tear it off and give it to the sponsor as their receipt.

When you are done collecting, bring your envelope, tickets, and ticket stubs to the business office BEFORE school and you are done!

How much should i collect
How much should I collect?

  • Each student should get a minimum of $10.00 in donations.

  • More donations will result in more money for Glover.

  • If every student brought in at least $10.00 we would collect over $6,000.00.

  • Everyone needs to help – not just a few!

Will it be fun
Will it be fun?

  • Absolutely.

  • In taking this approach to fundraising, our goal is to have fun, and make a statement for student wellness.

  • All students will have an hour to run, jog, or walk on Friday, October 5, in order to “earn” the pledges or donations they collected.

Do i need permission
Do I need permission?

  • Yes.

  • Complete the permission slip at the bottom of the letter from your advisory teacher.

  • Have a parent/guardian sign it and return it to the box in the library for Mrs. Brock.

When can i collect pledges
When can I collect pledges?

  • You will begin collecting pledges right away.

  • Some people may prefer that you ask them after the first of October when they get paid.

  • When you are done collecting all your pledges and tickets, seal the envelope with your name on it and bring it to the business office.

  • All pledges and tickets should come in by Oct. 5.

When will we run
When will we run?

  • If the weather is good, we will run on Friday, October 5, in the afternoon from 2:05 – 3:05 p.m.

Who will count my laps
Who will count my laps?

  • Your advisory teacher will be on the field and you will check in with him/her each time you pass them. That will be a full lap.

  • The advisory teacher will tally your laps.

Do i run with my advisory class
Do I run with my advisory class?

  • You may run with your other grade-level friends but each of you must check in with your advisory teacher each time you pass him/her.

Are there prizes for collecting pledges
Are there prizes forcollecting pledges?

We know you aren’t doing this for prizes but yes, there are prizes and everyone can win!

Are there prizes for collecting pledges1
Are there prizes forcollecting pledges?

  • When you return your packet, and you have collected at least $10 in donations, you will receive a pack of gum!

Are there prizes for collecting pledges2
Are there prizes forcollecting pledges?

For each $10.00 pledge you bring in, your name will go into a raffle for gift cards from iTunes, Wal-Mart, and McDonald’s.

Bring in $200 and your names goes in 20 times.

We fill out the raffle tickets for you and get them in the drawing.

Are there prizes for collecting pledges3
Are there prizes forcollecting pledges?

The students who collect the most donations invite their favorite teacher to a pizza party in October.

The students have the undivided attention of their admired teacher!

Who collects more in pledges 7 th or 8 th graders
Who collects more in pledges: 7th or 8th graders?

We’ll find out.

The grade collecting the most in pledges will earn bragging rights for the whole year.

Last year, the 7th graders collected more.

That means they beat the 8th graders.

This year…we’ll see!

What do i do next
What do I do next?

  • Get your permission slip signed and bring it to school tomorrow.

  • Bring it to the collection box in the library.

  • Start asking everyone you know for a donation.

  • By October 5, return everything to the business office – even your unused tickets!

Now be ready for a great year at glover we wouldn t be what we are without you thanks for helping
Now – be ready for a great year at Glover. We wouldn’t be what we are without you!Thanks for helping.