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Vice Presidents. The Role of a Vice President. Vice Presidents Workshop. Vice Presidents. Assist the president Lead the other officers and assist them in their duties. Be the “executor” Ensure that attendance is taken at meetings Ensure that a newsletter is produced

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The role of a vice president
The Role of aVice President

Vice Presidents Workshop

Vice Presidents

  • Assist the president

  • Lead the other officers and assist them in their duties. Be the “executor”

    • Ensure that attendance is taken at meetings

    • Ensure that a newsletter is produced

    • Ensure that dues are paid

  • Attend all meetings

  • Help plan events and fundraisers

  • Serve as a messenger to the members

  • General Duties

  • Vice Presidents

  • Communicate!

  • Vice Presidents

  • MEMBERS use of an email group or Facebook page (careful!)

    • Greet the members at the door. Acknowledge everyone. If there is any trouble, be sure to address it. Be a messenger to the members about what they missed at meetings, etc.


    • Help the president assign tasks to other officers, including yourself. Remember that you are there to help and assist.


    • Advisors have the experience you need. Keep them informed and be willing to listen to their advice.


    • Your Lt. Governor has valuable information about district events and opportunities and is there to SERVE YOU!


    • Have questions or just need someone to talk to? Contact an executive officer; they are there to support you.

  • Vice Presidents

  • Ensure that tasks are being delegated to officers and members

    • Task Coordinators & Event Coordinators

  • Ensure that tasks are completed

    • MRF, dues, etc.

  • Propose agenda items during board meetings

  • Ensure that fair elections take place and that results are reported

  • SERVE the members!

  • Take Action!

  • Vice Presidents

  • Represent the club at Kiwanis meetings members

  • Represent the club at Division Council Meetings (DCMs)

  • Attend service projects, fundraisers, and club/division events

  • Attend District events such as Fall Rally, District Convention, International Convention

  • Attend!

  • Vice Presidents

  • Host Meetings!

  • Vice Presidents

  • Assist and Ask!

  • Vice Presidents

  • Set Goals!

  • Vice Presidents

  • Get to know the members in the club! goals!

  • Be available for any questions, and help guide them on their Key Club journey

  • Be thankful for their service and attendance

  • Ask for ideas, input and suggestions that you can relay to other officers.

  • Help keep them informed: let them know what happened at meetings, give personal stories about events, etc.

  • Members!

  • Vice Presidents

Tips and resources
Tips and Resources goals!

Vice Presidents

  • Tips

  • Vice Presidents

  • On the ask for tasks from other officersCyberKey

    • Presidents and Vice Presidents Manual

    • Duties of the Club Vice President

    • And much more

  • Key Club International


  • Presidents & Vice Presidents Google Reflector

  • Advisors, Lt. Governors, and Executive Officers

  • Vice Presidents

  • Additional Resources