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oheusmv ,frc. The Talmud in Megillah 17B & 18A expalins the order that was established for the blessings in Shmone Esrei. Originally, this order was arranged by Ezra and vkusdv ,xbf habt . Over the years this order was forgotten and was reinstated by Shimon Hapakuli. (Ritva)

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oheusmv frc
oheusmv ,frc
  • The Talmud in Megillah 17B & 18A expalins the order that was established for the blessings in Shmone Esrei. Originally, this order was arranged by Ezra and vkusdv ,xbf habt. Over the years this order was forgotten and was reinstated by Shimon Hapakuli. (Ritva)
  • kthknd icr hbpk ,ufrc vrag vbuna rhsxv hkuepv iugna :ibcr ub, /vbchc rsxv kg
  • The Rabbis taught: Shimon Hapakuli arranged the 18 blessings in order before Rabban Gamliel in Yavne.
  • He sold cotton ipd rnm hkuep rfun - hkuepv: h”ar
  • ?oheusmv ,frc ie,k gsuha ost ah oukf :ohnfjk d”r ovk rnt
  • R’ Gamliel said to the Rabbis: Is there anyone who knows how to make a blessing to curse the oheusm?
  • Sinners who believed only in the written law. - oheusmThey would often inform on the Rabbis and cause them problems. On Rosh Chodesh they would confuse everyone by lighting fires on the mountaintops on the wrong day. In so doing, Rosh Chodesh was established on the wrong day, and the festivals were celebrated on the wrong day.
  • Shmuel Hakatan got up and - vbe,u iyev ktuna sng established it.
tahc huv tk tcy
tahc huv tk tcy
  • /uvukgv tku ,uga akau oh,a vc ;heavu vjfa ,rjt vbak
  • The next year he forgot it and he tried to remember it for 2 to 3 hours and they didn’t remove him (from being chazan).
  • Shmuel was serving as the Chazan. When he came to ohbhnv ,frc, he could not remember the blessing.
  • Why wasn’t he removed? - ?uvukgv tk htnt
  • u,ut ihkgn iht - ikf ,ufrcv kfc vgy :cr rnt vsuvh cr rntvu

!tuv ihn tna ibhahhj u,ut ihkgn - ohbhnv ,frcc

  • R’ Yehuda said in the name of Rav: If he made a mistake in any of the blessings he is not removed, if he made a mistake in the blessing of the ohbhn he is removed since we suspect that he is a ihn ?
  • Question: According to R’ Yehuda if the chazan makes a mistake in ohbhnv ,frc he must be removed.If Shmuel Hakatan made a mistake, why wasn’t he removed?
  • /vbe, uvhts iyev ktuna hbta
  • Shmuel Hakatan is different since he made the blessing. Therefor we do not suspect him of being a heusm.
  • Let’s suspect that he became a heusm?-vhc rsv tnks aujhbu
  • We have learned that someone - /tahc huv tk tcy :hrhnd good cannot become bad.
uregn gar uregn ehsm
uregn gar uregn ehsm
  • !kug vagu u,esmn ehsm cuacu (j"h ktezjh) ch,fvu ?tku
  • And not? It is written “When a righteous man turns away from his righteousness and does evil” ?
  • This verse proves that a good person can become bad!
  • /tk - urehgn ehsm kct urehgn gar tuvv
  • That (verse) is talking about someone who was originally wicked, but someone who was righteous from the start cannot become wicked.
  • kusd ivf ibjuh hrva l,un ouh sg lnmgc ihnt, kt :ib, tvu ?tku

!heusm vagb ;uxcku vba ohbna vkusd vbuvfc ana

  • And not? We learn in a Mishna: ‘Do not believe in yourself until the day you die, for Yochanan Kohen Gadol served as the High Priest for 80 years and in the end became a heusm? (a ehsmcan become a gar)
  • Abaye said: Yanai is Yochanan. -ibjuh tuv htbh tuv hhct rnt
  • urehgn ehsm ibjuhu urehgn gar htbh sujk ibjuhu sujk htbh rnt tcr
  • Rava said: Yanai and Yochanan are separate. Yanai was originally wicked and Yochanan was originally righteous
  • Yanai and Yochanan are names of Hashmonean kings. Yanai massacred any Rabbi who questioned him about being Kohen Gadol.
Abaye: Yanai & Yochanan are the same person. Since he was a urehgn garthat is why he became a heusmeven though he was Kohen Gadol for 80 years.
  • Rava: Yanai & Yochanan are two different people. Yanai was a garand Yochanan was always a ehsm.
  • hnb urehgn ehsm :tcr lk rnt !thae tcrk tkt hhctk tjhbv

?uvuext tk htnt hfv ht /vhc rsv tnks

  • This is well according to Abaye but according to Rava it is difficult? Rava says: Even someone who was originally a ehsmmay also become a gar. If so why wasn’t he removed? I.e. It’s possible that Shmuel Hakatan became a gar?
  • tnh,htu cr rnt vsuvh cr rnts /vc khj,ts iyev ktuna hbta

/vrnud vc khj,v kct vc khj,v tka tkt uba tk :huk ic gauvh hcr

  • Shmuel Hakatan is different since he started it (the blessing).AsR’ Yehuda said in the name of Rav, and some say it was R’ Yehoshua ben Levi: They did not teach it (that the chazan is removed) except when he did not start it, but if he started it he may finish (the Shmone Esrei)
  • Conclusion
  • Abaye: A ehsm cannot become a gar.The reason Shmuel Hakatan was not removed is because he could not possibly have become a gar.
  • Rava: A ehsm can become a gar. The reason that Shmuel Hakatan was not removed is because he already started the blessing.

???/// kg ohbhaknku

?hn sdbf t,cas gca hbv :trndv ,kta
  • Question: These 7 (blessings in Shmone Esrei) of Shabbat to what do they correspond to?
  • /ohnv kg sus rnta ,ukue vgca sdbf :kuta ic t,pkj r”t :.urh,
  • Answer: R’ Chalafta ben Shaul says: They correspond to the 7 “voices” that David said (T’hillim 29) on the waters.
  • In Psalm 29 the word “Kol” (voice) appears 7 times. The Torah was given on the Shabbat with thunder & loud voices. (Tosfot Harosh)
  • ?hn sdbf vbav atrs ga, hbv :trndv ,kta
  • Question: These 9 (blessings in Shmone Esrei) of Rosh Hashana to what do they correspond to?
  • vbj vrnta ,urfzt vga, sdbf :ihbdhyre ins ejmh hcr rnt :.urh,

/vbju kjr vra vsepb vbav atrc :rn rnts v,kp,c

  • Answer: R’ Yitzhak from Kartignin says: They correspond to the 9 times that Channa mentioned God’s name in her prayer. For the master said: On Rosh Hashana, Sarah, Rachel and Channa were remembered.
  • In the First Book of Shmuel 2:1-10, Channa gives thanks to God after she gave birth to Shmuel. She mentions God’s name in her prayer 9 times. According to the Midrash it was decreed on Rosh Hashana that Sarah, Rachel and Channa would have a child within the year.
t hbg s gcrtu ohrag
t,hbg,s gcrtu ohrag
  • ?hn sdbf t,hbg,s gcrtu ohrag hbv :trndv ,kta
  • Question: These 24 (blessings in Shmone Esrei) of Fast Days to what do they correspond to?
  • In times of drought the Rabbis decreed public fast days. 6 extra blessings were added to the Shmone Esrei.
  • vgac vnka rnta ,ubbr gcrtu ohrag sdbf :uckj hcr rnt :.urh,

/ohasev hase ,hck iurt xhbfva

  • Answer: R’ Chelbo said: They correspond to the 24 expressions of song that Shlomo said when he placed the Ark into the Holy of Holies.
  • !uvbhrnb hnb tnuh kf hfv ht
  • If so lets say 24(,ufrc) every day ?
  • /uvk hrnt hnjrs tnuhc hnb ibt hnjrs tnuhc - vnka uvbhrnt ,nht
  • When did Shlomo say it? On a day of mercy, we too say them on a day of mercy.
  • uhv tku vzc vz ohrga uecsa ohnjr aeck lrmuva :hnjrs tnuhc – h”ar

(t y ;s) iye sgunc ibhrntsf ohasev hase ,hck iurt xhbfvk ihjhbn

  • Shlomo had to ask for mercy because the gates stuck together and they couldn’t place the Ark into the Holy of Holies, as is mentioned in Moed Katan 9a.
vrag vbuna ihgn
vrag vbuna ihgn
  • vrag vbna ihgn rnut gauvh hcr :vbanc cu,f
  • ?vrag vbna ihgn htn :trndv ,kta
  • G’mara’s Question: What does vrag vbna ihgn mean?
  • vfrcu vfrc kf ihgn :rnt cr
  • Rav says: We shorten each and every blessing. I.e. Each of the middle 13 blessings is shortened so that what is left are 13 short blessings.
  • lhfrs ,gsk ubhvkt ‘v ubbhcv :rnt ktunau
  • Shmuel says: God give us understanding to know your ways etc… I.e. According to Shmuel the 13 middle blessings are condensed into 1 blessing.
  • ,gsv ibuj = lhfrs ,gsk ubhvkt ‘v ubbhcv (1
  • vcua,c vmurv = l,trhk ubcck ,t kunu (2
  • jkxk vcrnv iubj = ubk jkx,u (3
  • ktrah ktud = ohkutd ,uhvk (4
  • ktrah ung hkuj tpur = ubhcutfnn ubejru (5
  • ohbav lrcn = lmrt ,utbc ubbasu (6
  • ktrah ung hjsb .cen = .ce, gcrtn ubh,umupbu (7
  • ypanu vesm cvut lkn = uypah l,gs kg ohgu,vu (8
  • ohsz ghbfnu ohchut rcua = lhsh ;hb, ohgarv kgu (9
  • ohehsmk jycnu igan = ohehsm ujnahu (10
  • ohkaurh vbuc = lkfhv iue,cu lrhg ihbcc (11
  • ire jhnmn = ljhan hah ick rb ,fhrgcu lscg susk ire ,jhnmcu (12 vguah
  • vkp, gnua = vkp, gnua ‘v v,t lurc vbg, v,t treb ory (13
  • ubbhcv hkmns itnt hhct vkg yhhk
  • Abaye condemned anyone who prayed ubbhcv.
  • hra lrsc kct t,nc hkhn hbv ehxns ohrpx ahu k"he hfvu :,upxu,

///ufu hxuh hcr hcd ih,khfnc gnansf

  • Tosafot:This is how we rule. Some books conclude that this (Abaye’s ruling) only applies in the city but while travelling it is permitted as we learn from R’ Yosef.
  • Abaye only condemned those who said ubbhcv under normal circumstances but in an emergency he agrees that ubbhcv may be said.
  • .uj ubbhcv ost kkp,n vkuf vbav kf :ktuna rnt injb cr rnt

,gsv ibujc vkscv rnuk lhrma hbpn ohcuy ohnh htmunnu ,ca htmunn

  • R’ Nachman said in the name of Shmuel: All year, one may recite ubbhcv except for Arvit at the conclusion of Shabbat and the conclusion of holidays, because one must say Havdala in the blessing of ,gsv ibuj.
  • tk hn !vnmg hbpc ,hghcr vfrc vrnhbu :ktuna rc vcr vk ;he,n
  • !vtsuvc :rnut t”r vnmg hbpc ,hghcr vfrc vrnut :rnut g”r ib,
  • Raba bar Shmuel asks: Say it (Havdala) as a 4’th blessing seperately ? Do we not learn in a Mishna: R’ Akiva says, say it (Havdala) as a 4’th blessing seperately. R’ Eliezer says, (say it) in vtsuv. (in the blessing of ohsun)
According to R’ Nachman we cannot say ubbhcv on ,ca htmun or cuy ouh htmun because we must add Havdala into the Shmone Esrei. Raba bar Shmuel suggests that we follow R’ Akiva’s opinion and add Havdala as a separate blessing.
  • ?shcgb hnb t,avs tcheg hcrf ibhscg hn vkuf vbav kf uyt
  • All year long do we follow R’ Akiva that now we should follow him!
  • ? tcheg hcrf ibhscg tk tngy htn vkuf vbav kf
  • All year long why don’t we follow R’Akiva?
  • /iue, tk hbn, iue, gca hnb tfv iue, tk hrxa, iue, hrx hbn,
  • 18 (blessings) were established and not 19, here also 7 were established and not 8.
  • ihc khscnv ubhvkt ‘v ubbhcv kkfn vkkfbu :tryuz rn vk ;he,n

!kujk ase

  • Mar Zutra asks: Lets include it (in the ubbhcv). Give us understanding God who seperates between holy and secular etc…
  • It’s a difficulty - !? thae
  • Rabbeinu Yonah: Every phrase in ubbhcv corresponds to one of the blessings in Shmone Esrei. Adding a phrase for Havdala would give the impression that we are following R’ Akiva and Havdala is a separate blessing.
rynu ky i
rynu ky i,
  • ,unhn .uj ubbhcv ost kkp,n vkuf vbav kf :hhct rc hchc cr rnt

/ohbav ,frcc vkta rnuk lhrma hbpn ohnadv

  • R’ Bivi bar Abaye said: All year, one may recite ubbhcvexcept for during the winter, because one must say rynu ky i, in the blessing of ohbav ,frc.
  • ///u ky i,u lmrt ,utbc ubbasu kkfn vkkfbu tryuz rn vk ;he,n
  • Mar Zutra asks: Lets include it (in the ubbhcv) ?
  • He will get confused - hsurytk h,t
  • !hsurytk h,t hnb ,gsv ibujc vkscv hfv ht
  • If so adding Havdala in the blessing of ,gsv ibuj will also cause him to be confused?
  • Question: When it was suggested to add Havdala into the ubbhcv the G’mara said thae! Now that we are suggesting to add rynu ky i, in the ubbhcv the G’mara answers hsurytk h,t . Why didn’t the G’mara say hsurytk h,t for vkscv ???
  • th,ts iuhf tfv shryn tk t,ukm ,kj,c /th,ts iuhf o,v :hrnt

/shryn t,ukm gmntc

  • They said: There (adding Havdala) comes at the beginning of the prayer he will not be confused. Here (rynu ky i, ) since it comes in the middle of the prayer he will become confused.
!vkp, gnuac vrnhbu :hat cr vk ;he,n
  • R’ Ashi asks: Lets say it (rynu ky i,) in the blessing of vkp, gnua ?
  • ohnad ,urucd rhfzv tku vgy :hxt cr rnt oujb, hcr rnts

hbpn u,ut ihrhzjn iht ohbav ,frcc vkta /u,ut ihrhzjn oh,nv ,hhj,c

hbpn u,ut ihrhzjn iht ,gsv ibujc vkscvu /vkp, gnuac vrnutk kufha

!xufv kg vrnutk kufha

  • R’ Tanchum said in the name of R’ Asi: If, accidentally, one did not say oadv shrunu jurv chan in the blessing of oh,nv vhjn he must go back (repeat the Shmone Esrei). (If he did not say) rynu ky i, in the blessing of ohbav lrcn he does not have to go back since he can say it in the blessing of vkp, gnua. (If he did not say) Havdala in the blessing of ,gsv ibuj he does not have to go back since he can say it later over a cup.
  • Tzlach: Adding something at the end of Shmone Esrei (at vkp, gnua) will not cause one to become confused.
  • R’ Ashi suggests that we add rynu ky i, at the end of ubbhcv just as the Breita suggests when one has forgotten to say it in ohbav lrcn .
  • A mistake is different - hbta vgy
  • One can only insert rynu ky i, in the blessing of vkp, gnua if it was omitted accidentally.

Oops! I forgot to say rynu ky i,