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Drew and David

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Drew and David . A Loving, Happy Couple Seeking to Adopt. Vacationing in Bora Bora and Morea. Introduction Drew and David.

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Drew and David

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drew and david

Drew and David

A Loving, Happy Couple Seeking to Adopt

Vacationing in Bora Bora and Morea

introduction drew and david
IntroductionDrew and David

Hello and greetings from California. We are Drew and David – a loving couple who are seeking to adopt an infant as part of our wonderful family. We are open to all races and ethnicities.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our profile. We certainly realize that this is one of the most important decisions you could make. You can rest assured that we understand this and that we will be patient and understanding. We feel extremely grateful to have the opportunity to write you and potentially meet you in the future. We are very much ready to become parents and we cannot describe the excitement we are experiencing at the prospect of having baby in our lives. Drew will be adopting as a single parent and then David will be legally adopting after birth and around the same time as their wedding. We both want our infant and family to be a part of our magical day.

Within this document you will find our Birthmother letter and more detailed information about us. We are confident that after reading this and meeting us – you will understand the extreme amount of love and nurturing your child will receive from us, our vast network of friends, and our close and loving family.

Engagement Picture from Tulum, Mexico

our birthmother letter
Our Birthmother Letter

Dear Birthmother

Thank you very much for viewing my page and I look forward to getting the chance to meet you in person or by phone. We are a loving couple that is seeking to adopt an infant to one year old to welcome into our loving home. We are Andrew (Drew) and David (Dj) from California and we have been together for three years. Drew will be adopting as a single parent and David will be legally adopting via marriage after the baby is born. We have decided that want our child to be at our wedding with all of our friends and family to share the joyous day. We are a very loving and happy couple that both live in Northern California. Drew has a brand new spacious home in a safe and secure area near the Las Positas vineyards. Drew is in the process of converting his third bedroom into a nursery for the new baby son or daughter. The community in which Drew lives offers a safe neighborhood, friendly families, a playground, walking trails, a pet area, and a fenced in swimming pool.

We both come from large loving families that are 100% supportive of our decision to adopt and expand our family. We both come from very stable families and have instilled core values such as faith, family, commitment, and strong morals and ethics. Drew has one very close sister who has two beautiful and amazing daughters, Audrey and Erin, with whom we have strong relationships. DJ has five sisters who together have 14 sons and daughters. We are proud to have great relationships with all five sisters and their children. Most recently, we were also blessed with a beautiful baby nephew who is now 14 months old. Also in our family is the most loving cat, Dutch, who is 13 years old and a very big part of our lives. Together we have very wide networks of friends and family who all are confident that the two of us will make the very best parents. Our strong moral fibers, our commitment toward each-other, our openness to love, our openness to diversity, and our solid financial background have made us confident that we are ready to bring a wonderful child into our lives. The child's grandparents will also be a big part of the baby's life. Drew has Grammy and Poppy - two of the most amazing grandparents ever. David has Grandma and Grandpa that are patiently waiting for a new member of the family.

As parents, we are committed to providing a happy and loving home to our child. We believe in providing a child with exposure to diversity, family, friends, and a top-notch education. We will devote our lives to ensuring that our child is happy, healthy, safe, fulfilled, educated and an overall good person. We dream of the day that we bring our child home for the very first day. Both of our families will be here to support us, bond with our child, and provide additional love. David will be moving in with Drew at the time of their traditional marriage and will then legally be an adoptive father.

In our spare time - we enjoy the outdoors, hiking, fishing, sports, fitness, continued education, exercise, reading, exploring the bay area, dining out, spirituality, movies, and much more. Both of us have traveled the world to experience different cultures and intend on continuing this with our child. The two of us are both non-drinkers and non-smokers. We believe this to be important as a positive influence for ourselves and our child. We both enjoy community service including the humane society, GLBT youth programs, GLBT community centers, and we also sponsor an orphanage in Thailand called El Shadai (in Chiang Rai). Drew is the Director of Marketing for Foster Farms Poultry Company. David is finishing his BA to become an alcohol and drug counselor and also working in sales.

As prospective adoptive parents - we can assure you that we will provide the most loving, safe, and happy home possible. We are committed to each-other and our child. We will go to all lengths to protect our child and ensure he or she is happy, healthy, safe, and in a loving environment. We will support our child in happy times, sad times, and sick times.......for the remainder of our lives. Lastly - we recognize that giving a child up for adoption is a very difficult and emotional decision for a mother or family. Please know that we understand this and will be patient, compassionate, and very attentive to your needs. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We hope and pray that you will choose us to be the perfect Daddies for your infant.


Drew and David

drew by david
Drew – by David

Drew is so excited at the prospect of making our loving home complete with an infant.   While he will be a new father – Drew has vast experience with babies and children.   His sister has two daughters with whom he has extremely close relationships with. His family considers him to be that very rare ‘special Uncle’ that devotes a large amount of time bonding with his nieces.   When he is with them they do not leave his side.   Drew has taken them to Disney World, water parks, theme parks and many other special places.   He watches movies with them, plays ‘make believe’ and even has Harry Potter dress up days.    In addition, Drew has a close relationship with his nephew with whom we visit multiple times per year.

Drew grew up in small town in Ohio which is a multicultural steel town and a melting pot of races.   Being raised there, he learned the importance of learning about other cultures and diversity.    He graduated cum laude from college in 1998 from Bowling Green State University where he studied environmental science and business.   Since then, he has been promoted 10 times and has worked his way up to a Director of Marketing for a large food company.   He has also relocated many times and lived in various cities throughout the United States.   He is now permanently settled in Livermore, CA and does not intend to move again.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and nieces, reading, running, hiking, fishing, nature, travel, cooking and community service.   He also financially sponsors a hill-tribe orphanage in Chiang Rai, Thailand by not only providing money - but also visiting with food, medicine, and clothing.

Drew and I have been together for three years in a very loving, healthy and committed relationship.  We are soul-mates.   He has made the decision that adoption is the number one priority in his life.    While he realizes the process is long and sometimes emotional – he is committed to being the best father possible.   He will love the child unconditionally, nurture them, ensure their safety and dedicate his life to their bright future.   His parents are extremely excited at the prospect of having a third grandchild to love.   His sister and nieces are thrilled to have a new member of the family.   

Drew is the most caring and compassionate person I have ever had the honor to know and love.   He always thinks of others first.  He is the first person to raise his hand to help someone in need.   He is a giver and not a taker.  He lives by the golden rule and that is evident in his daily actions.   I have never met anyone who cares so much for his family, his friends, and his nieces.   He will make the best father possible and I am proud that his is my partner to share this journey with.   Drew learned from his hard-working and loving parents who have been together for 45 years.   They instilled in him faithfulness, love, compassion, caring and kindness.   They are perfect role-models for parenting.

Drew will be adopting as a single parent and I will be legally adopting soon after our traditional marriage.   We have a very loving, large and supportive family and we want them and our infant to be a part of our most memorable day.    Once married, I will be moving in with Drew and we will become Daddies together.    If you take the opportunity to get to know both of us - you will quickly learn that we will be the perfect parents for your infant.    

Andrew with his nieces at a rodeo

Andrew with his niece for Harry Potter Night

Andrew with his nieces at Disney

Andrew at El Shadai orphanage in Thailand that he supports

david by drew
David – by Drew

Just like Drew, David cannot even begin to describe how excited he is at the potential to expand his family and become a father.  It is the most important priority in his life right now and he will dedicate whatever takes to accomplish this.   David was blessed with good genes – so yes he does have a ‘baby-face’ but he is not as young as he appears.   David is a very mature person who has very clear vision for his future and his life as a loving father.  David has said that he cannot even imagine how difficult of a decision you are contemplating right now.   He will commit to being patient, understanding, compassionate and open to any questions you may have for him.  David is a very honest and sincere person and you can trust that his word is the 100% truth.  Being a loving father is something that David literally dreams about every night.   He dreams of rocking him or her to sleep, holding them, playing with him or her and being there when they need him.   David dreams of me teaching him sports, fishing, playing catch in the yard, or just playing on our playground.  He dreams of himself teaching the child art, music, poetry, dance, cooking, and other fun activities.   

When everyone thinks about Florida , they instantly think of white sandy beaches.   That is not the real Florida.   David grew up in Central Florida in a small town.   His modest home sat on a river bank and his land also included a swamp.   To say he was very accustomed to alligators is an understatement.   He and his sister Brittney would spend almost all of their time as kids on the river, swimming in the river, or fishing on their small boat.   This is where his love for nature started….David was always outside playing, building forts, and fishing.   David has two of the most loving and wonderful parents.

David's family is one of the closest that I have ever seen.   His family celebrations were (and are) large, fun and usually end with a bonfire on the banks of the river.   His family was not rich so they usually took local vacations such as Orlando or Fort Myers Beach.    Growing up in a small town was rough for him as he ‘came out’ at a very young age.   It was so difficult for him that David made his own decision to go to military school  and graduated with honors.  Today he is finishing school at Diablo Valley to become a certified drug and alcohol counselor and also works in sales.   However, being a daddy will be his top priority.   David is open to all races and ethnicities.  

You can know for a fact that your baby will be in a loving, safe, and warm home.   David will be a great father who will dedicate his life to this child.   Being a father is his dream, our dream together and the day we come home with our son for the first time will be the happiest day of David's life. 

David is a kind, gentle, warm-hearted and loving soul.   He is the most generous and loving person I have ever known.   His family is his most important value in his life.   Human rights and people being kind to one-another is yet another value that he cherishes.  David is one-of-a-kind and someone that you will surely want as a part of your child's life.  He is a special man and one with a heart the size of a car.

While Drew will be adopting the infant as a single parent at first - David will become an adoptive father after our traditional marriage.   We both want our child to be there to join our celebration with our friends and family on our special day.   David will be moving in with me at the time of our marriage and legally adopting our new son or daughter.   He will make the world's best Daddy - full of love and happiness.   Please take the opportunity to meet David and I and we are sure you will be confident that we are the right match for you.

David with his sister at a baby shower

Drewand David with

David’s Nephew

David at Big Sur Beach in California

David in Moorea, French Polynsia

drew s home and community
Drew’sHome and Community

I live in a brand new 2000 square foot townhome in the vineyards of Livermore. We have 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. The nursery is built and ready to go. The neighborhood is very safe, away from busy streets, and has gorgeous views of rolling hills and vineyards. We also have a playground, dog park, trails and a fenced in pool. Livermore also has a top-notch school systems –both public and private.

Outside of our house

Private park and playground in our community

Private pool and spa in our community

The new nursery

family and friends
Family and Friends

We both come from large and loving families who support our adoption 100%. In addition we have many friends who support our decision to adopt and vow that we will both be great fathers. Of course – we could never talk about family without including our 13 year old cat Dutch

David with his sister and nephew

Dutch – our very spoiled cat

David and his parents in Florida

Drew, his sister and close friends

Drewand his family at Christmas

Drewand extended family at Grandma’s

90th Birthday

Drew, David and David’s Mother

our travel
Our Travel

Both us value travel not only for rest and relaxation but more importantly to experience different cultures and religions of the world. We think this helps us to be more understanding and educated parents. When our childis old enough – we will plan on taking him or her with us for the same purpose. We look forward to it…..

At El Shadai orphanage in Thailand

Together in the mangroves of Florida

Together in Bora Bora

Playing with monkeys in Tulum, MX

Together in Moorea

With our friends in Tahiti

Catching a hammerhead

Shark in Floria

thank you drew and david
Thank YouDrew and David

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read our profile. As you can see, we are a very loving and committed couple with a vast network of supportive friends and family. We are very serious about learning everything we need to learn to be amazing parents. We are participating in parenting classes, a thorough home-study, and are attending several adoption seminars. We have built a nursery in Drew’s home and taking all safety precautions necessary to ensure a safe environment for our baby.

We understand that this is a very important decision in your life. Should you choose us you can rest assured that your infant will be in the very best hands. We are committed to being the very best parents and providing a loving and nurturing home. We will dedicate our lives to ensuring the happiness, safety, and bright future for our baby.

Thank you again for reading our profile and please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you. We hope and pray that you give us the opportunity to speak with you.