Gifted and talented education
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Gifted and Talented Education. Dublin Unified School District G.A.T.E Parent Meeting October 18, 2012. GATE LIAISONS. Dublin High School Lenni Velez Wells Middle School Stephanie Anderson Fallon School Kelly Zummo Secondary GATE Coordinator: Mike Ruegg Kolb Elementary Kelly Russo

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Gifted and talented education

Gifted and Talented Education

Dublin Unified School District

G.A.T.E Parent Meeting

October 18, 2012

Gate liaisons

Dublin High School

Lenni Velez

Wells Middle School

Stephanie Anderson

Fallon School

Kelly Zummo

Secondary GATE Coordinator: Mike Ruegg

Kolb Elementary

Kelly Russo

Dougherty Elementary Dublin Elementary

Lina Barakat Lori Agenjo

Frederiksen Elementary Green Elementary School

Jennifer Lum Carley Kennedy

Murray Elementary

Sandra Henriott

District GATE Coordinator: Tess Johnson, 925-828-2551. ext 8035

What is giftedness
What Is Giftedness?

National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)A gifted person is someone who shows, or has the potential for showing, an exceptional level of performance in one or more areas of expression.

How did your child get here
How Did Your Child Get Here?

  • CogAT test is open to all students (Spring, 3rd-12 grades)

  • Intellectual CogAT scores falling between the 98-100 percentile

  • Academic: Students in grades 2-12 participate in California Standards Testing

  • Combined CogAt and CST scores, 1800 plus

Total number of students identified 2011 2012 school year
Total Number of Students Identified 2011-2012 School Year

  • Elementary, 3rd-5th 253 (1587)

  • Middle School 269 (1312)

  • High School 245 (1467)

    Total: 767 (4366)

Elementary within the school day offerings
Elementary Within The School Day Offerings

  • Identified student in grades 3-5 are clustered in classes or by subject in flexible groupings with teachers who have been trained in the tenets of GATE education (focus of curriculum is depth and complexity)

  • K,1,2 students, although not identified, are provided flexible grouping options

  • Opportunities are provided in performing arts, science, leadership, sports

Middle school offerings
Middle School Offerings

  • GATE students are clustered into special core classes: English/History, Math (must take a test)

  • GATE students have access to high school math classes that include Geometry and Algebra II

  • Social/emotional needs supported by designated counselor

High school offerings
High School Offerings

  • English 1 Advance for 9th grade students

  • 24 Advanced Placement and Honors courses offered in English, Foreign Language, Math, Social Sciences, Sciences, and ROP Environmental Science

  • Extra Curricular activities: leadership, interest clubs, athletics, visual and performing arts, national competition, performing arts

  • Career Pathways: Engineering Academy, Culinary Classes, Broadcasting, etc.

What does a true gifted program look like
What Does A True Gifted Program Look Like?

How can we extend and enrich the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?

“Blooms Taxonomy”

Mike Ruegg

“Depth and Complexity”

Lori Agenjo

“Differential Instruction”

Lina Barakat

What is gifted education
What Is Gifted Education?

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Differentiation example from maroo of the winter caves
Differentiation – exampleFrom: Maroo of the Winter Caves

Analyze the relationship of roles between gender?

Describe what Maroo faced and what impact these conditions had on Maroo. Then, explain how these conditions could affect the every day lives of Maroo’s tribe.

Create a customs chart and compare between Maroo’s culture and our culture.

Maroo and her tribe arrived at the beach for the first

time. What does she see? Write about a time you

went to somewhere for the first time – include details.

Maroo and Otak find the injured puppy and felt great excitement at the thought of keeping it. How would you have felt if you were Maroo or Otak?

What is an extended family?

Was there a time you were afraid in a nature setting?

Interdisciplinary themes
Interdisciplinary Themes

  • Change

  • Adaptation

  • Relationships

  • Patterns

  • Structures

  • Systems

  • Influences

  • Cycles

  • Conflict

2012 2013 gate challenges
2012-2013 GATE Challenges

First Challenge:

In all our K-12 we have monthly events around the attribute of the month for Integrity In Action. There now exist a nonprofit organization, Integrity In Action. The organizations Mission Statement is:

Our mission is to ensure that all citizens, organizations and businesses in the city of Dublin are aware and involved in a city wide character program, Integrity In Action, which will be a model for all citizens to follow.

Our challenge to you is to write up a plan on how would you promote the monthly qualities of Integrity in Action in the city of Dublin, there by encouraging exemplary citizenship.

Differentiating our instruction
Differentiating Our Instruction

Four Components of a GATE Program

  • Acceleration/Pacing: Moving students faster through the curriculum and not expecting them to do what they already know how to do.

  • Depth: Having students become true experts in a given areas; giving them an opportunity to find out about certain subjects in great detail.

  • Complexity: Exploring the connections and relationships between things, comparing and contrasting.

  • Novelty: Allowing students to exhibit their creativity in the creation of original projects that challenge their thinking in new and unusual ways.

Mayor s challenge 2012 2013
Mayor’s Challenge 2012-2013

First Challenge:

Our current policy states, “The Board of Education believes that all students have the right to be educated in a positive learning environment free from disruptions. On school grounds and at school activities, students shall be expected to exhibit appropriate conduct that does not infringe upon the rights of others or interfere with the school program”.

Keeping this policy in mind, the Dublin Unified School District has a zero tolerance to bullying. Your challenge, as a team of three to four students is to develop a week long anti-bullying campaign for all elementary students in the Dublin Unified School District. The number one team from each elementary site will present their campaigns to Mayor Sbranti, Superintendent Dr. Hanke, reps from the Dublin Integrity In Action organization at an Awards evening that will be held in February, 2013. Winners collective ideas will be used in a Dublin Unified School District week long anti-bullying awareness campaign that will be held in March. Detailed information will be handed out in early December.

2012 2013 gate challenge
2012-2013 GATE Challenge

Second Challenge:

For our gifted writers this is a challenge that you will love and enjoy.

Be creative and write a book on any subject of interest to you. We will have an authors event in the Dublin High School library scheduled in May, 2013. This is an event where you will be honored and your work will be made public for all to see and read.

Common core smarter balance
Common Core, Smarter Balance

  • Common Core Standards-Readiness for College and Career

  • Smarter Balance Claims

    Claim 1: Students can read closely and analytically to comprehend a range of increasingly complex literary and informational texts.

    Claim 2: Students can produce effective and well-grounded writing for a range or purposes and audiences.

    Claim 3: Students can employ effective speaking and listening skills for a range or purposes and audiences.

    Claim 4: Students can engage in research/inquiry to investigate topics, and to analyze, integrate and present information.

Parent involvement
Parent Involvement

Parent support the GATE program through

the following examples of extra curricular

activities that differ from school to school:

Destination Imagination

Stanford Program: Math, English


Odyssey of the Mind

Future Problem Solving

Science Bowl

Debate Club

Why gifted education
Why Gifted Education?

They are the unique force going forth into an unknown future.

They invent. They Imagine.

They heal. They explore.

They create. They inspire.

They push the human race forward. They possess creative and out of the box thinking pushing boundaries to infinite places. How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art? Or sit at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels? And while some see them as crazy, we see genius. Because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. We owe it to our kids to be the catalyst to open their minds beyond now!

Author Unknown


Gifted Education

Offering A World of Learning