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GIFTED and TALENTED. A middle school perspective…. A high school perspective…. AN ARRAY OF SERVICES. Areas of Giftedness. General aptitude - intellectual or academic giftedness ( GT classes) Creativity & visual or performing arts teacher referral only

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    1. GIFTED and TALENTED A middle school perspective…. A high school perspective…. AN ARRAY OF SERVICES

    2. Areas of Giftedness • General aptitude - intellectual or academic giftedness (GT classes) • Creativity & visual or performing arts teacher referral only • Leadership teacher referral only • Psychomotor abilities (athletics, dance) teacher referral only

    3. Elements of Depth …… Taught in all classes: • Language of the Discipline • Details • Trends • Rules • Big Ideas • Patterns • Ethics • Unanswered questions in discipline

    4. ….and Complexity • Different Points of View; multiple perspectives on issues • Across disciplines (integrated studies) • Over time; historic and projected into future GT classes spend majority of time on complexity

    5. MS & HS Classes Types of classes offered: - PreAP - Advanced Placement (AP) at the high school - Electives GT sections of both PreAP & AP - students are identified in specific areas of strength

    6. GT classes • Use same curriculum as PreAP & AP corresponding classes with modifications for complexity • Student transcripts will indicate enrollment in GT classes • GT classes are not weighted more heavily than corresponding Pre-AP or AP classes. ……….why take them?

    7. Why take GT classes? • Quicker pace (more time for discussion, extensions and enrichment) – curriculum is compacted • Repetition avoided (part of other class instruction) • opportunity to discuss in Socratic forum and debate critical issues in the discipline   

    8. Why take GT classes? Reading – challenging and complex Majority of instruction spent on complexity: Connections across disciplines Points of view Over time

    9. Why take GT classes? We want them to be challenged…… ………while supports are in place to help them develop resilience and persistence. Gifted students are at-risk. They WILL “hit the wall”.

    10. GT - MIDDLE SCHOOL Students in 5th grade GT Integrated Studies: GT English and GT Social Studies/History Students in 5th grade GT Math: GT Math and GT Science unless otherwise requested

    11. MIDDLE SCHOOL GT MathGrades 6 – 8; accelerated • 6th grade: 6th – 8th TEKS / Pre-Algebra • 7th grade: Algebra 1 (high school credit) • 8th grade: Geometry (high school credit) Classes are for students gifted in mathematics. 4 maths still needed in high school.

    12. GT – HIGH SCHOOL GT Math: • 9th – PreAP Algebra II • 10th – PreAPPreCalculus • 11th & 12th – AP Calculus AB or Calculus BC, AP Statistics • Dual Credit for more advanced maths

    13. GT – HIGH SCHOOL GT Math: for those not accelerated in middle school 9th grade option: Concurrent enrollment in Geometry & Algebra II

    14. GT – HIGH SCHOOL 9th grade – Leadership* 11th & 12th – Advanced Studies in Leadership *Top 10 students attend a seminar Posey Leadership Institute, Austin College (teacher nomination)

    15. Independent Studies Grades 7 – 12 Level One- Investigatory Level Two - IS/Mentor • defined investigation and a proposed end product • students evaluated on: • quality of product, • the process used, and • final presentation Texas Performance Standards Projects

    16. Senior Project Independent Study required for all: • Topics – student choice (with approval by SP committee) • Research paper (completed in English class) • Presentation before panel of judges

    17. Independent Studies Creatively gifted (teacher referral) served through Independent Studies in: Visual Arts Performing Arts Gifted in Technology – served through Independent Studies • Theatre Arts, Technical Theatre • Jazz Band, Honors Band, Symphonic Band • Studio Dance, Technical Dance

    18. ELECTIVES - Sampling • Technology – Gateway to Technology, (8th grade) pre-engineering, robotics highly recommended for mathematically gifted (girls!) Project Lead the Way • Computer Sciences

    19. High School ELECTIVES Academic Competition class: (new) Academic Decathlon, Mock Trial QuizBowl, UIL, etc. Wide range of electives in visual & performing arts, languages other than English (LOTE), sports, and career & technology (CATE)

    20. Contact Information Jan DeLisle, GT Coordinator c/o Lovejoy High School 2350 Estates Parkway Lucas, TX 75002 469-742-8700