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Finance Careers

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Finance Careers. James Refalo Chair, Finance & Law For CSULA FMA. Corporate Finance Analyst. Investment & Operating Decisions Project Analysis Do we buy new equipment or lease? Do we build a factory, bridge, or oil derrick? Do we add an apartment building to our portfolio?

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finance careers

Finance Careers

James Refalo

Chair, Finance & Law


corporate finance analyst
Corporate Finance Analyst
  • Investment & Operating Decisions
  • Project Analysis
    • Do we buy new equipment or lease?
    • Do we build a factory, bridge, or oil derrick?
    • Do we add an apartment building to our portfolio?
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Determine Capital Structure
corporate financial analyst
Corporate Financial Analyst
  • Hours: vary greatly depending on firm and corporate culture. 8-6, 8-8.
  • May have some long days
  • Probably wear a suit
  • Compensation is less than Wall Street
  • Goal is to make CEO in 20 years.
corporate finance analyst1
Corporate Finance Analyst
  • Fin 403, 437, and 431
  • Must have leadership and management skills to advance (generally cannot be a dictator)
  • Political and Communication Skills at higher levels
  • E.g. Think Alan Mulally, Jack Welch
  • Ability to get big picture and execute
commercial banker
Commercial Banker
  • Businesses
    • Making and Selling Loans
    • Mortgages (Mortgage Loan Officer/Broker)
    • Bank Management
    • Trusts
    • Some fields are more commission based and have greater high end.
commercial banker1
Commercial Banker
  • Commission based business
    • Loan Officer, Workout Officer, Mortgage Loan and Mortgage Broker
  • Salary Based
    • Bank Manager Path
    • Trust Officer/Asset Manager Path
commercial banker2
Commercial Banker
  • Basic Quantitative Skills
    • Numerical Skills/Good with numbers
    • Ability to read/interpret financial statements
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Some Sales Skills
  • Some Interpersonal Skills
  • Fin 437, 403, 335 for loan/management paths
  • Fin 439, 493 for Mortgage Officers
financial advisor broker
Financial Advisor/Broker
  • Job is to sell financial products/generate trades
  • There are pure FA positions that are fee based
    • Can involve all aspects of financial planning
    • Estate planning and determining investment strategies/goals
  • Effectively these are commission based positions—you are running your own business
financial advisor broker1
Financial Advisor/Broker
  • Good social skills
  • Sales skills
  • Be comfortable working with individuals on their problems
  • Be knowledgeable about the products you are selling and understand portfolio construction
  • Fin 332, 437, 450. Fin 335 will help you understand your clients needs.
financial advisor broker2
Financial Advisor/Broker
  • Hours can be longer when starting, building a book of business
  • Years later, becomes a cash-cow if maintained
  • You will start work with the markets 6AM west coast time, and finish with them 2-3PM
  • Probably some research on your own
  • Compensation depends on you, can be very lucrative.
investment banker
Investment Banker
  • Business of assisting firms in raising capital
  • Assist in Creation/Issuance of Stocks/Bonds
  • Areas
    • Equity and Fixed Income
    • Leveraged Finance and Private Placements
    • Structured Products
    • Mergers and Acquisitions/Financial Restructuring
    • Municipal Finance
investment banker1
Investment Banker
  • Each group acts as a business unit
  • Often relies on Managing Director Reputation
  • You will be part of a team, and enter at the rank of analyst
  • Your job will include financial analysis, issue structuring, financial research, copying, creating slides for a presentation, anything they give you
investment banker2
Investment Banker
  • Hours are long. 9AM to 11 or 12PM, 7 days
  • May have all-nighters
  • Major banks pay very well, currently 100 to 150K. But remember, they own you.
  • Sky is the limit as you progress, but at the higher levels, you will need to be able to sell and retain clients.
  • Hours also depend on bank culture.
investment banker3
Investment Banker
  • Skills
  • Very tough field to break into
  • Be very good with spreadsheets, financial statement analysis, and financial modeling
  • Thorough understanding of Fin 437. On the equity side Fin 403 and 401 are quite valuable.
  • Fin 440 for structured products
  • Fin 450 for fixed income
investment banker4
Investment Banker
  • Personal Traits
  • This can be a combative field, must have a strong constitution
    • Strong intellect
    • Good sales skills will be needed to survive
    • Managerial skills and people skills are desirable, but, but don’t be surprised if your boss doesn’t have them. There are many big egos in this field.
sell side analyst
Sell Side Analyst
  • Sell Side Analysts are tasked the following and analyzing a market or specific securities, and providing position recommendations–buy/sell
  • High pressure field. You will have to write reports and deal with clients.
  • Advise clients during the day, research during the night.
  • Generate reports/recommendations in hours.
sell side analyst1
Sell Side Analyst
  • Very long hours, often 12-14 hours per day, often working weekends.
  • Very lucrative, but work under constant time pressure—responding immediately to events
  • Must be adept at interpreting financial statements and firm/market events.
  • Constant awareness of markets/industry
  • Must know Fin 437, 403, 431, Cold.
sell side analyst quant
Sell Side Analyst (Quant)
  • Fixed Income, Derivative, and FX analysts tend to be more quantitative
  • Often trained in Math, Physics, or Engineering
  • Familiar with the quantitative models that describe these securities
  • Fin 440, 450, and 437 are ideal courses
  • Should also have background in Money and Banking, and Macroeconomics
buy side analyst
Buy Side Analyst
  • Money Management firms, e.g. Mutual Funds and Pension Funds (buyers of securities)
  • Must be able to sell recommendations to portfolio managers
  • Unlike Sell Side, recommendations not made public (held proprietary by firms)
  • Not as high pressure as Sell Side, hours vary 45 to 70 hours per week (extreme weeks).
buy side analyst1
Buy Side Analyst
  • Starting point is usually an MBA
  • Strong Analytical and Personal Skills—Analyze financial statements and Qualitative Info
  • Often meet with CEO/CFO/COO’s of potential recommendations (5-6 times per month)
  • Requires some travel/on-site visits 1-2 times per month
  • Fin 437, 403, and 431 for Equities
buy side analyst quant
Buy Side Analyst (Quant)
  • Fixed Income and Quantitative Fields
  • Quants also develop portfolio strategies
  • Many are Ph.D.’s in Econ/Finance
  • Need strong math skills, understanding of economics, Fin 440, 450, and 332
  • Good area for Math/Physics/Engineering, but need masters + background in econ/finance
  • Background in Statistics/Econometrics