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Finance Careers Information presented is from Careers in Finance Corporate Finance Commercial Banking Financial Planning Insurance Investment Banking Money Management Real Estate Corporate Finance

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Finance careers l.jpg

Finance Careers

Information presented is from

Careers in finance l.jpg
Careers in Finance

  • Corporate Finance

  • Commercial Banking

  • Financial Planning

  • Insurance

  • Investment Banking

  • Money Management

  • Real Estate

Corporate finance l.jpg
Corporate Finance

  • Work for a company to help it find money to run the business

  • Grow the business

  • Make acquisitions

  • Plan for firm’s financial future

  • Manage any cash on hand.

Corporate finance careers l.jpg
Corporate Finance Careers

  • Financial Analyst

  • Credit Manager

  • Cash Manager

  • Treasurer

  • Benefits Officer

  • Controller

  • Investor Relations Officers

Corporate finance salaries l.jpg
Corporate Finance Salaries

  • Job Title Salary

  • Rookie Financial Analyst - Smaller Firm $23k-27K

  • Rookie Financial Analyst - Large Firm $26-31K

  • Seasoned Financial Analyst - Smaller Firm$33-39K

  • Seasoned Financial Analyst - Large Firm $38-47K

  • Credit Manager $30-63K

  • Tax Manager $57-105K

  • Assistant/Divisional Treasurer $40-78K

  • Chief Financial Officer Big firm 232-295K Small firm 80-120K

Commercial banking l.jpg
Commercial Banking

  • Provides banking services to individuals, small businesses and large organizations.

  • More people are employed in the commercial banking sector than any other part of the financial services industry.

Commercial banking7 l.jpg
Commercial Banking

  • Opportunities to learn about business, interact with people, and build up a clientele.

  • In commercial banking, starting at the branch level, you might start out as a teller to a wide variety of other services such as leasing, credit card banking, international finance and trade credit.

Commercial banking8 l.jpg
Commercial Banking

  • Credit Analyst

  • Loan Officer

  • Branch Manager

  • Trust Officer

  • Mortgage Banker

Commercial banking9 l.jpg
Commercial Banking

Job Level Salary Degree/Exp

  • Trainee/cr analyst $27,000 Bachelor’s

  • Jr Loan Officer $38,000 BA + 3 Years

  • Loan Officer $60,000 BA + 5-7 years

  • Sr Corp Loan Off $65,000 BA +10 years

  • Dept Mngr $100,000 BA +10 yrs more

Investment bankers l.jpg
Investment Bankers

Help companies & governments issue securities

Help investors purchase securities, manage financial assets, trade securities.

Provide financial advice

Investment banking l.jpg
Investment Banking

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Project Finance

  • Trading Securities

  • Derivatives

Investment banking skills l.jpg

  • Key Skill Area Requirement

  • People skills: High

  • Sales skills: Medium

  • Communication skills: High

  • Analytical skills: High

  • Ability to synthesize: High

  • Creative ability: High

  • Initiative: Medium

  • Work hours: 50-120/week

Investment banking facts l.jpg
Investment Banking Facts

  • Hard Work Expected and Respected

  • Analyst Jobs Are the Best Entry Point

  • Math Skills Can Help

  • Communication and Completion Abilities Key

  • Teamwork Crucial

  • Scientists and Lawyers Wanted

  • Contacts are Everything

  • Accounting Skills Valuable

Investment banking facts14 l.jpg
Investment Banking Facts

  • The investment banking business is notoriously competitive.

  • Investment banking is seeing massive consolidation.

  • Investment banking is one of the most global businesses on earth.

  • Pick the first firm you work for carefully.

  • A good time to send your resume to an investment bank is in November and December.

  • Don't forget to check back

Financial planners l.jpg
Financial Planners

  • Help individuals plan their financial futures.

    • How are you going to cover your retirement needs?

    • What do you have to do today to put your children through college?

  • Requires excellent interpersonal skills.

  • A good financial planner understands investments, taxes, estate planning issues and knows how to listen. Increasingly, it pays to obtain the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.

Financial planning l.jpg
Financial Planning

  • The median salary for financial planners was $55,100 in a recent survey.

  • The salary distribution in this business is highly skewed.

  • 90th percentile salary in financial planning was in excess of $150,000

Financial planning facts trends l.jpg
Financial Planning Facts/Trends

  • Financial planning is hot and high growth is expected.

  • CFP Can Help as a Financial Planner

  • High Net Worth Individuals are a Key Target

  • Get Involved in local chapters of financial planner organizations

Financial planning skills l.jpg
Financial Planning Skills

  • Key Skill Area Requirement

  • People skills: High

  • Sales skills: Medium

  • Communication skills: High

  • Analytical skills: Medium

  • Ability to synthesize: High

  • Creative ability: Medium

  • Initiative: Medium

  • Work hours: 25-65/week

Insurance l.jpg

  • Determining who to insure, what risks are acceptable, and how much to charge for insurance.

Insurance jobs l.jpg
Insurance Jobs

  • Actuary

  • Agent and Broker

  • Claims Adjuster

  • Service Representatives

  • Loss Control Specialist

  • Risk Manager

  • Underwriter

Insurance21 l.jpg

  • Career Typical Salary

  • Actuary $28,300-65,500 Agent/Broker $14,900-58,700

  • Claims Adjuster $24,500-42,000 Underwriter $25,000-61,000

Money management l.jpg
Money Management

  • Money managers hold stocks and bonds for institutional clients and are on the buy side of Wall Street.

  • Analyze market trends.

  • Some money managers use the latest sophisticated quantitative techniques while others do very well using simple intuition.

Money management jobs l.jpg
Money Management Jobs

  • Portfolio Manager

  • Portfolio Management Marketing

  • Investment Advisory

  • Mutual Fund Analyst

  • Hedge Fund Trader

Money management skills l.jpg
Money Management Skills

Key Skill Area Requirement

People skills :Medium

Sales skills :Medium

Communication skills :Medium

Analytical skills :High

Ability to synthesize :High

Creative ability :Medium

Initiative :Medium

Work hours :55-75/week

Money management facts l.jpg
Money Management Facts

Work on the other side of the fence from the investment banks. (the Buy side)

Broad Understanding of Business Crucial.

Must be Able to Take Risk

You have to Hang in There.

Have a Strategy to Break Into Business

More Humane than Investment Banking

Money management salaries l.jpg
Money Management Salaries

  • Starting analyst positions for undergraduates at leading mutual funds, pension funds, and bank trust departments have salaries in the neighborhood of $30,000 to $50,000.

  • Equity portfolio managers $60,000-150,000

Real estate l.jpg
Real Estate

  • Residential Real Estate Agent/Broker

  • Commercial Real Estate Sales

  • Real Estate Appraisal

  • Property Management

  • Real Estate Advisory

  • Real Estate Entrepreneur

  • Development and Construction

Real estate jobs l.jpg
Real Estate Jobs

  • None require a degree; however, all require that you be licensed and that you have continuing education each year.

Real estate salaries l.jpg
Real Estate Salaries

  • Vary depending on type of job.

  • Typical real estate agent in a small firm can make about $60,000 gross if he/she works about 35 hours per week.

  • Since most are sales types of jobs, upside potential is unlimited.