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e-Con Sales & Product Configurator PowerPoint Presentation
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e-Con Sales & Product Configurator

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e-Con Sales & Product Configurator

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  1. e-ConSales & Product Configurator Ease and flexibility from quote through production

  2. About To-Increase • Non-Reselling (pure-play) ISV • 60+ employees • Prior team experience with Baan, Epicor, Sage, and other competitor solutions • Strong business experience in retail and manufacturing • Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV skills go back to 1998 • Developing solutions since 1999 • Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV • To-Increase also developed e-Con, a sales and product configurator that works with a wide-range of business management solutions • Only ISV to previously have two Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions Contracts with the Industry Solutions program • Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (IEM) & Retail Chain Manager (RCM) • To-Increase is among the first ISVs to be selected as a Microsoft Dynamics Development Partner • Most solutions also part of the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics program

  3. About To-Increase • Awards • 2010 Microsoft Dynamics Outstanding ISV of the Year, Inner Circle, and President’s Club • 2009 Microsoft Dynamics Outstanding ISV of the Year, Inner Circle, and President’s Club • 2008 President's Club and Inner Circle Member • 2007 Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions ISV of the Year • 200+ partners world wide • Our products are delivered worldwide through a network of highly trained partners • Representation in the Netherlands, North America, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and India

  4. Challenge: Meeting Seller Needs • “I feel like I’m missing opportunities, since it takes too long to get to market.” • “My customers are unique and require custom solutions. ” • “Of course we are happy when we close a deal.... But it takes forever before we have everything set up in ERP.” • “The sales team is losing time on calculations, proposals, and pricing—that delays customer response. ” • “I want high-quality, uniform sales documents and I want better control of my sales process.”

  5. Challenge: Meeting Back-Office and Design Needs • All our company knowledge is inside people heads—we need a base of information we can access easily. • All our numbers should be accurate, all the time. One miscalculated line item cost can derail an entire quote or project! • We spend too much time re-entering data when we should be focusing on product development. • We have to do all our calculation and research manually, so it takes too long to get a proposal to a customer. • If we’re to really work as a team, sales, design, and engineering need ONE version of the truth.

  6. Introducing e-Con Meet the solution of choice for companies offering complex products and services.

  7. About e-Con e-Con is a browser-based sales and product configurator that allows companies to configure products, services, quotations, and prices with ease and flexibility.

  8. #1 Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics

  9. e-Con at a Glance Strong partner channel present in Europe, North America, and Australia 90% of the install base uses Microsoft Dynamicsas front-office or back-office application More than 160installations Developed in 1999

  10. e-Con Benefits Simplify complexity. Fuel precision. Deliver a user-friendly solution people want to use. • Connect teams across the enterprise. Give expertise a long-term shelf life. Close morebusiness and respond quickly to customer needs.

  11. e-Con Benefits Simplifycomplexity. • Guided selling helps make it easy to create highly-specific proposals, using configuration models that support hundreds of variables and business rules. Deliver documents in the format your client prefers―Office Word, Office Excel, or HTML.

  12. e-Con Benefits Fuel precision. Eliminate errors and manual data re-entry. e-Con automates communication of product and pricing information across your business, ensuring accurate proposals, quotes, sales orders, and production orders.

  13. e-Con Benefits Deliver a user-friendly solution people want to use. • Quickly navigate and search product and pricing portfolios with an intuitive interface. e-Con also offers step-by-step guidance for building configurations and quotes.

  14. e-Con Benefits Connect teams across the enterprise. Eliminate barriers to collaboration. By integrating back-office (ERP, PLM) and front-office (CRM, Web, Mobile) processes, e-Con streamlines interdepartmental processes and enables sales, marketing, engineering, and production departments to exchange information effectively.

  15. e-Con Benefits Give expertise a long-term shelf life. Easily build a consistent knowledge base. For example, with just a few days of training, employees without an IT background can learn how to build, deploy, and maintain configuration models that can serve as ongoing resources.

  16. e-Con Benefits Close morebusiness and respond quickly to customer needs. Connected processes and information. Mobile and offline capabilities. The result? People can focus on creating more competitive quotes, responding quickly to changing customer needs, and winning sales.

  17. Flexible Deployment Extended ERP or CRM Launch e-Con anywhere within Microsoft Dynamics: A quotation, order, purchase order, service order, project, item card, and more.

  18. Flexible Deployment Mobile field deployment Use the e-Con smart client in the field! Smart replication ensures rapid and secure synchronization of Microsoft Dynamics data and e-Con configuration models.

  19. Flexible Deployment Self-service via the web The e-Con portal delivers 24/7 access to your channel and makes it fast and easy for people to build quotes and prices.

  20. What Makes e-Con Unique Easy studio environmentfor setting up and maintaining configuration models Databaseindependent,tap from Microsoft Dynamics or any other database Flexible deployment:Extend ERP or CRM, Mobile & Web • Based on web technology to ensure easier deployment Declarative rules engine for optimal flexibility and accuracy Powerful and flexible integrationwith Microsoft Dynamics

  21. e-Con: The intelligent bridge between Dynamics CRM & ERP Start e-Con from Dynamics CRM Configure Quote Save Quote in CRM Reopen / Revise Quote Submit quote to order

  22. e-Con Strengthens Your Ecosystem Setup for Configuration Models Pricing Configuration Product Configuration Contracts and Services Guided Selling R&D Marketing Sales Manufacturing Customer Service Flexibility Faster time-to-market Consistent deployment of knowledge Up-to-date pricing Fewer pricing errors Higher margins Efficient support for distribution channels Accurate quotes Improved productivity Lower cost of sales Reduced sales training Fewer production errors Optimized inventory levels Efficient production preparation Improved management of customer-specific contracts Centralized access to customer support Reduced data entry

  23. e-Con Scenarios Sales Quotations Proposals Sales Orders Sales Kits Personal Letters Bill of Materials and Routings, including Tools and Instructions • Purchase Orders Products Projects, including multilevel project structures Contracts Service Orders Service Calls Master Data: Item Masters, Product Specifications, Customer Data

  24. Industries Using e-Con Coolingequipment Industrial projects Consumerproducts Printing Windows and doors Automotive Industrial products Medical systems Metal fabrication Fashion Wood and furniture Building Machinery

  25. Customer Implementations Consumer Products Industrial Products Windows & Doors Metal & Construction Wood & Furniture Medical Systems Cooling Equipment Industrial Projects Machinery

  26. Customer Success “We were searching for a solution that could help us create and manage orders easily–and our employees need the ability to configure accurate quotations, even if they don’t have full knowledge of our product assortment. e-Con guides the user to choose the right options, even when they’re dealing with many variables, so quotes are always correct. With-e-Con, we’ve been able to reduce order processing time by more than half, from 48 hours per order to less than 24 hours. And within 10 minutes after receiving an order, we can start with the production process.” Arco Bijsterveld, International Finance & IT Manager, Larson Juhl “e-Con gives us complete control over the quotation and production preparation process–and it’s very user-friendly. Our teams can work more productively; even new employees can create quotes easily. We can make precise, accurate calculations and quotes, and move quickly through production preparation. Above all, we can quickly translate productionchanges to the configuration model, so we don’t experience work slowdowns.” MichielHageman, IT Manager, PM International BV

  27. Customer Success “Our lean way of working means that we need to have product configurationspre-defined and centrally available for all departments involved in the sales-to-production process. e-Con helps us stay lean and give customers what they want: flexible configurations that can be customizedquickly and easily.” Bart Daman, Coordinator Engineering, PON Power “We’ve been using e-Con for six years, and it can’t be beat. As a retail supplier, our business is fast paced and season cycles are very short. We often carry up to 20,000 articles, not including the various sizes! With e-Con, we can manage complex item assortments with speed and accuracy.” Henk Jan Lammers, Logistics Manager, Micro Fashion

  28. Customer Success “e-Con has simplified the product configuration for our sales force, relieving them from administrative tasks. This has enabled them to place more focus on the customer, bringing our product options to a large customer base with less marketing effort.” Martijn Broer, Program Manager, Gunnebo AB “With help from the e-Con tool, we can get quotes, orders, and bills of material into the system in less time so that jobs get to the production floor faster.” Wade Tkachuk, Operations Manager, Venmar CES “Ninety-five percent of our orders are customer specific. Since we can configure these quotes for flags with e-Con, we make a quote in less than a minute.“ Wouter Faber Director, Faber Promotions

  29. Discussion Q & A

  30. Appendix

  31. How It Works: Extending ERP Product managers /engineers Back-Office Sales / Sales Engineer e-Con configuration models Start e-Con Answer questions Print and/or Save Set up Models Studio

  32. How It Works: Mobile Field Deployment Laptop Product managers /engineers Server Sales Reps e-Con configuration models Start e-Con Answer questions Print and/or Save Set up Models Studio Smart Client Smart Set Configurations SQL Server Express Dynamics Data &Smart Set

  33. How It Works: Web Product managers /engineers Server Web Server Partners / Dealers FIREWALL e-Con configuration models Set up Models Start e-Con Answer questions Print and/or Save Studio MSMQ SQL Server

  34. e-Con Functions & Features • Drag and drop • Syntax coloring • Wizards • Point and click • Declarative business rules engine • Object-oriented modeling • Rich user interface, including: • Tab, tree-navigation, coloring, styling, various visualization • User friendly e-Con Studio, including: • Model Live Cycle Management, including: • Check-in/Check-out • Advanced model versioning • Compare tools • Where used

  35. e-Con Functions & Features • Matching capabilities (ability to find identical configurations) • Multi-language capabilities • Document generation in HTML, Office Word, Office Excel and PDF • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, and CRM • Integration with applications via XML, MSMQ, Web services • Ability to use data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, Office Access, Office Excel • Usage of predefined configuration templates • Decision matrixes • Web portal for accessing e-Con over the web • Offline client that includes replication for Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, and SQL Server

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  37. For more information about e-Con Sales and Product Configurator,please contact us at: www.to-increase.com/econsolutions