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Skelta is a product company founded in 2003, headquartered in Bangalore with its sales headquarters in Boston, USA. Skelta’s highly innovative flagship product BPM.NET ™ specializes in enterprise wide Business Process Management (BPM) and Advanced workflow solutions for small to large sized enterprises worldwide. It is the world’s first 100% embeddable BPM and advanced workflow framework built on .NET technology.

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Skelta Company Profile

© 2002 – 2009 Skelta Software.

Confidential: This is the exclusive property of Skelta Software, it may not be reproduced or given to third parties without their consent.

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  • Skelta Snapshot

  • Skelta Client Summary

  • Product Overview

Skelta snapshot l.jpg
Skelta Snapshot

Skelta Software is a privately held software company providing Business Process Management (BPMS) and Workflow Automation Software

Market Presence

Headquartered in Bangalore

US HQ in Boston

Global Partner Network

Products & Solutions

Skelta BPM

Connectors to MS Technologies

Packaged Applications (AP, ERM, etc)

Composite Application Framework

R & D and Professional Services

Core Product and Professional Services Teams

Large community of partners and users is starting to get developed

Strong relationship with Microsoft

Skelta snapshot4 l.jpg
Skelta Snapshot

  • Customers & Partners

  • 500 plus worldwide

    • Enterprises, Government organizations, ISVs, and SIs

  • 80 plus partners worldwide

    • Network of VARs and SI partners, with ISV ecosystem

    • Services delivered through SI partners

Intel Certified Solution

Awards & Accolades

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Key Features of Skelta BPM.NET

Skelta BPM.NET

Process Definition

Process Modeling

Solution Focus

  • Human Workflows

  • Embeddable BPM for Microsoft Platform

  • Pure play BPM on Microsoft Platform

  • 100% browser based solution

  • Hosted BPM platform

Forms Designer


SOA / BizTalk Adapter

SAP Connector

Load Balancing & Clustering


Analysis & Reporting



Rules & Policies







  • Skelta provides BPM and human workflow solutions for Business Users, Power Users, Developers for providing BPM functionalities inside existing applications and products especially based on Microsoft Technologies

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Enterprise Console

Process Modeler/Designer

BAM Reports

Forms Designer

Slide11 l.jpg

Process Designer to model processes

Process Design & Modeling environment features

  • 100% web-based process designer

  • BPMN based modeling environment

  • Visio like interface for ease of use

  • Import Visio BPMN models inside Skelta

  • Wizard based user interface for end users

  • Drag and Drop based modeling environment for power users

  • Out-of-the-box standard activities

  • Embeddable designer in any .NET application

  • Optimized to design large complex workflows

  • Consistent design environment across all applications for e.g. SharePoint

  • Skelta’s modeling environment on browser allows standards based modeling experience for model drive application development by power users. It allows both power users and end users to effectively collaborate on process development and create real life processes.

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Enterprise Console for Managing Processes

Process Management features

  • Centralized process management

  • Multi-level process categories for grouping processes

  • Process Versioning, Monitoring, Control

  • Event associations and Bindings

  • Process Analysis

  • Configuration

  • Security

  • Integrated with SharePoint

  • Embeddable

  • Enterprise Console providers comprehensive Process Management, Control, and Analysis inside applications such as SharePoint

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Inbox Services

Human workflow tasks related features

  • Multiple channels for acting on tasks, Web, Outlook, Email, Messenger, SMS

  • Business hour based escalations, delegation, forwarding, reassignments

  • Team based Work Queues

  • Manager interface for Managing Tasks assigned to teams

  • Integration with InfoPath, SharePoint Lists, ASP.NET Forms etc for Task Forms

  • Multiple Forms for single task

  • Web parts inside SharePoint

  • Powerful Rules for Actors selection during Runtime

  • Integration with multiple user repositories

  • Embeddable components

  • Skelta provides comprehensive support for Human workflow which enables it to be used for modeling and automating complex human workflow straight out of the box.

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Visual Process Monitoring and Control

Process Status Tracking

  • Analysis of already executed, as well as running workflows in real-time

  • Detailed Audit report on workflow progress and responses

  • Workflow progress based on Original Model defined

  • Workflow progress based on High Level model ‘Analysts View’

  • Control workflow

  • 100% browser based

  • Context based integration inside SharePoint

  • Embeddable component

  • Skelta provides real time visual tracking, audit and control of processes inside applications such as SharePoint

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BAM Alerts and Intelligent Process

Send graphical alert emails and associate workflows with BAM events

  • Associate workflows with BAM Events

  • Email alerts with embedded graphs

Slide16 l.jpg

Skelta Forms Designer

  • Intelligent form behavior, lookups and validation.

  • Reusable form components.

  • Single-click publishing to the web.

  • Multi-language forms.

  • Forms that comply with accessibility standards.

  • Integration with existing web architectures.

  • Management of all permissions, integrationinterfaces and reusable components throughthe web-based designer.

Build end-to-end complex business applications using workflow enabled Skelta forms

Slide17 l.jpg

SOA (Skelta Object Access Layer)

  • SOA repository for .NET assembly in GAC

  • .NET assembly stored in physical location

  • Security for SOA repository

Slide18 l.jpg

Rights Management and Security

Skelta provides extensive enterprise level rights and security management

  • Rights at repository, list & item level

  • Type of Rights

    • Add, Delete, Edit, Publish, Enable, Version creation, View Others draft, Pending, Folder, and Owned Items

  • Manage Rights

    • Inbox

    • Menu

    • Process Designer

    • Workflow List

    • Calendar

    • Event Association

    • Forms

  • Approval Workflows

  • Use existing roles and groups from SharePoint and other applications

  • Slide19 l.jpg

    Skelta Integration Capabilities - BizTalk Adapter

    BizTalk 2006 R2 adapter, Skelta’s gateway to integration with other systems

    • Native high performance Skelta Talk Adapter inside BizTalk

    • Native high performance Activities inside Skelta for BizTalk communication

    • Send/Receive adapters inside BizTalk and Skelta

    • New BizTalk workflow

    • BizTalk Client license

    Slide20 l.jpg

    SAP Connector

    • Connect to SAP system

    • Read data from SAP system by using tables

    • Read data from SAP system by calling BAPIs/RFCs

    • Update data in SAP system by calling BAPIs/RFCs

    Slide21 l.jpg

    BPMN Compliance for Better Communication

    • BPMN Elements

      • Swim lanes, pools and Group boxes

      • Placeholders for Gateway & Intermediate events

    • Partial Compliance with BPMN 1.0


    • Benefits : By using industry standard notations and elements, Skelta BPM.NET makes it easy for to communicate process requirements across multiple work groups

    Lanes 1 & 2

    Slide23 l.jpg

    Skelta SharePoint Accelerator - Overview

    • SharePoint accelerator is a full service BPM solution that seamlessly integrates MOSS 2007 and WSS

    • Extends advanced BPM functionality to SharePoint

    • Provides a powerful integrated platform for collaboration,

    • Enhances business intelligence, enterprise content management, and strategic business solutions

    • Provides full integration with new features in SharePoint 2007

    Slide24 l.jpg












    ERP System

    Exchange 2007

    Active Directory


    Skelta BPM.NET

    Exposed Web services for Internet / Intranet

    SPS 2007 Farm Server

    Content Management

    Process Definition

    Process Modeling

    Forms Designer


    Data Store

    SAP Connector

    SOA / BizTalk Adaptors

    Site/Sub site

    Analysis & Reporting

    File Watcher

    External Web Search

    Content Search


    Rules & Policies



    Security Access Management



    Consume Web Services form Internet / Intranet



    Skelta Web Parts

    Slide25 l.jpg

    Skelta Inside SharePoint



    Outlook Integration

    Enterprise Console

    Slide27 l.jpg

    Skelta DMS – For Paperless Processes

    Skelta DMS – For Paperless Processes is an end-to-end document management solution that enables your organization to:

    • Create a searchable, enterprise repository of critical documents

    • Easily manage security and access rights to documents

    • Retrieve documents through powerful search functionality

    • Define workflows for automated routing and processing of documents

    • Significantly reduce time and costs of document-based processes

    • Lower ancillary costs of document management such as faxing, mailing

    Slide28 l.jpg

    Overview of Skelta DMS – For Paperless Processes

    Paper Docs







    SharePoint(Document & Image Repository)


    Content from SharePoint

    Search, View, Annotate

    Slide29 l.jpg

    SkeltaDMS – For Paperless Processes

    Outlook Document Library

    DMS Viewer

    Outlook Plug-in

    Document Search

    Slide30 l.jpg

    Skelta File Movement System - Overview

    • Electronic File Movement Tracking and Management which encompasses File creation, noting, decision making, routing, closing and weeding

    • Decision making in Meetings –issue of notices, agenda papers, minutes, action-taken follow up etc.

    • Program/Project Monitoring and Status Tracking

    • Collaboration Tasks

    • Preparation of briefs, status papers, action taken reports and proposals

    • MIS

    Enterprise wide file tracking system l.jpg
    Enterprise wide File Tracking System

    Centralized Architecture

    Flexible Workflow

    File Creation & Movement

    MOSS Features


    Slide33 l.jpg

    Solution Description

    Skelta Accounts Payable Solution is a completely web-based, vendor invoice processing solution that

    • Streamlines the order-to-pay cycle

    • Automates invoice verifications and approvals by activity owners

    • Provides out-of-the-box processes for processing invoices with POs, expense vouchers, recurring payments and expense accruals

    • Offers advanced document management system capabilities

    • Transforms paper-based approvals to electronic approvals

    • Work in Progress - Interfaces with leading ERP like SAP and others

    Slide34 l.jpg

    How it works

    A typical invoice payment process in Skelta Accounts Payable solution is illustrated below





    Vendor invoice received by mail, fax and email at any company location

    Invoice scanned and indexed

    Invoice is added to the central document repository

    Invoice validated for exceptions and clarity





    Verified invoices are picked up from a prioritization queue by Process Associates

    Invoices are routed to approvers for balance, credit limit and other exceptions

    Approved invoices are marked for payment processing

    Invoice matched against PO and Delivery Order

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    Thank you

    © 2002 – 2009 Skelta Software.

    Confidential: This is the exclusive property of Skelta Software, it may not be reproduced or given to third parties without their consent.