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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12. Online apps and Gadget Skills. Chapter 12 Lessons. Lesson 12-1 Building personal new media spaces with apps and Gadgets Lesson 12-2 Build a personal new media Website with apps Lesson 12-3 Add calendar and map gadgets to your site. There is an App for that.

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chapter 12

Chapter 12

Online apps and Gadget Skills

Chapter 12 Lessons

Lesson 12-1 Building personal new media spaces with apps and Gadgets

Lesson 12-2 Build a personal new media Website with apps

Lesson 12-3 Add calendar and map gadgets to your site

Chapter 12

there is an app for that
There is an App for that
  • “There’s an app for that” was Apple’s tagline in their 2009 advertising blitz for the Apple iPhone.
  • By 2011, there were hundreds of thousands of downloadable apps and gadgets for the phone.
  • Gadgets are created daily to solve every imaginable problem.

Chapter 12

lesson 12 1
Lesson 12-1

Building Personal New Media spaces with Apps and Gadgets

In this Lesson You Will:

1. Create an iGoogle account to access online apps and gadgets.

2. Add apps and gadgets to an iGoogle page.

3. Move, view, and delete apps and gadgets.

Chapter 12

apps and gadgets
Apps and Gadgets
  • Apps are also called gadgets.
  • Many apps are free and very useful.
  • New media includes any interactive digital information available from the Internet cloud.
  • A platform is a unique type of DigiTool, such as smart phones, iPads, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs.
  • Most new media apps are cross-platform tools.
  • When an app updates itself on multiple platforms, it is called synchronization.

Chapter 12

places for your personal apps and gadgets
Places for your Personal Apps and Gadgets
  • You can download apps and gadgets to your smart phone or iPad or collect them on your PCs desktop.
  • Lots of new media companies allow you to collect apps on your personal Internet cloud spaces.

Chapter 12

lesson 12 2
Lesson 12-2

Build a Personal new Media Website with Apps

In this Lesson You Will:

1. Review the Eight Keys of Dynamic Digital Communication as applied to websites.

2. Use an app to create a website.

3. Change the theme, colors, and fonts on a website.

4. Create multiple pages with tables and images.

5. Add a counter gadget.

Chapter 12

building your own google sites
Building your own Google sites
  • There are many alternatives Web development apps you use to create websites.
  • These apps allow you to create sophisticated websites without tagging or coding.
  • Most Web creation sites are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) – you see in advance what the pages will look like before they go online.

Chapter 12

before you create apply the eight principles
Before you Create, Apply the eight Principles
  • Audience & Impact
  • Who will see your website?
  • Who will be interested in your topic?
  • What can you do to make your audience more interested in your theme?
  • Message & Purpose
  • What are you going to present?
  • What goals do you have for this online website?
  • Why are you going to present this area of interest?
  • Boundaries & Guidelines
  • What kinds of pages do you expect to create?
  • What elements do you expect to add?
  • What types of apps and gadgets do you want to add?

Before you begin writing and creating Web pages, think about how to apply the Eight Keys of Dynamic Digital Communication.

Chapter 12

creating a website
Creating a Website

You can create your website from a blank template or a professionally-designed template.

Chapter 12

add new pages with specifics about your project
Add new pages with specifics about your project
  • The first page of a website should grab the audience’s attention.
  • Subsequent pages should be more specific and detailed.
  • Carefully consider the best ways to present information.

Chapter 12

lesson 12 3
Lesson 12-3

Add calendar and map gadgets to your site

In this Lesson You Will:

1. Set up and manipulate a calendar app.

2. Key and edit events in a calendar app.

3. Extend, move, and delete events.

4. Add a calendar to a personal project website.

5. Add a map app to your personal project website.

Chapter 12

pivotal time management skills
Pivotal Time Management Skills
  • Time-management is important for school, work, and personal time.
  • Calendars saved in the cloud can be accessed with any Internet or smart phone connection.
  • Separate calendars can easily be created and then viewed separately or together.

Chapter 12