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Print Advertisements. Chapter 20 20.1. Elements of Advertising. The Advertising Campaign. A group of advertisements, commercials, and related promotional materials and activities. Designed to meet specific company goals. Important steps. Identify the target audience

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print advertisements

Print Advertisements

Chapter 20


the advertising campaign
The Advertising Campaign
  • A group of advertisements, commercials, and related promotional materials and activities.
    • Designed to meet specific company goals
important steps
Important steps

Identify the target audience

Determine objectives - Increasing brand awareness.

Establish the budget

Develop the message

Select the media

Evaluate the campaign

advertising agencies
Advertising Agencies

Independent business that specialize in developing ad campaigns.

types of advertising agencies
Types of Advertising Agencies

Full-Service- Full Service handle all aspects

Limited-Services- Specialize in one aspect of the campaign

Virtual – Online advertisements

Creative Boutique- Helps a business with the creative parts, then outsources

Project Team – Provides research, copywriting, creative execution

developing print advertisements
Developing Print Advertisements

Logotype- a graphic or symbol; represents a company, brand or an organization


Headline- Phrase or sentence, which captures the readers’ attention

Slogan- Catch Phrase (can also be headline)

Illustration- can be decorative, or showing how the product works

Signature- logo, symbol of the business

Disclosures- terms and conditions. All the small print

Copy- represents the selling message in the ad


Six key tips to writing a effective copy


Should be conversational and written in a personal, friendly style. Use familiar language

Simple and Direct; Should show the customer how using the product will solve their problems

Customer should be able to sense; see, hear, touch, taste & smell product

Tells the: Who, What, Where, When & why

Generates interest

Should provide a call to action


A catch phrase or words that identify a product or a company

types of slogan
Types of Slogan
  • Alliteration- Uses repeating initial consonant sounds
    • Welcome to the World Wide Wow (AOL)
  • Paradox- A statement that is seeming contradiction that could be true
    • The taste you love to hate (Listerine Mouthwash)
  • Rhyme- Slogans using rhyming words or phrases
    • Give a hoot, don’t pollute (United states Forest Service)
types of slogans continued
Types of Slogans Continued
  • Pun- A humorous use of a word that suggests tw0 or more meanings of its meaning
    • Time to Re-Tire (Fisk Tires)
  • Play on Words- Cleverly uses words to mean something else
    • Let your fingers do the walking (Yellow Pages)
advertising layout

Advertising Layout

Chapter 20.2

print ad layout
Print ad Layout

Ad Layout- a sketch that shows the general arrangement and appearance of a finished ad

elements of advertisements
Elements of Advertisements











More realistic

Visually appealing

Add readership


Large, bold for shouting

Small, light for whispering

advertising proof
Advertising Proof

Advertising Proof- The final rendering prior to an advertisement being approved.