Unit 18 senior one
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Unit 18 Senior One. I. Dictation. spelling. hought. A: Where are you from? B: I’m from Canada. A: Really? I t ________ you were from the States.

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Unit 18 senior one
Unit 18 Senior One



  • A: Where are you from?

  • B: I’m from Canada.

  • A: Really? I t________ you were from the States.

  • B: That’s not s___________. A lot of people can’t tell the d__________ between an American accent and a Canadian accent. For example, most Canadians say news , but Americans say .We m________ use American words, but we use quite a lot of British words too. We fill our cars with “gas”, which is American, but we turn on the “tap” which is British English.

  • A: Oh! And do you use American o____ British spelling?





Unit 18 senior one



B: Both! American spellings are used more and more in Canada now. G_______ speaking, newspapers f_________ the American way , but conference reports and schoolbooks use British spelling.

A: That s________ strange.

B: You mean it looks strange! I’ll tell you something that does sound strange. Many people think that C________ all over the country speak the same way. But if you go to the eastern provinces, or go to some country areas, you’ll notice that the people there speak quite differently r______ the rest of Canada.




Unit 18 senior one

  • 1. use

  • be used to do sth.

  • be used to doing./ get used to doing sth.

  • 3)used to do sth.

  • 4) There is no use doing sth.





  • Wood __________make paper. 2) The city __________a small town. 3) He ___________________ (get up) early. 4) ___________________(persuade)her.劝她是徒劳的。

is used to

used to be

has been used to getting up

There is no use persuading

Unit 18 senior one


  • surround

  • A fence surrounds the garden.

  • be surrounded with / by

  • The teacher sat on the grass, surroundedby his students.

  • surrounding

  • They came from the surrounding villages.

  • They live in beautiful surroundings.





Unit 18 senior one

surround vt.

1)She_________________________with fashionable friends.她周围总有许多爱赶时髦的朋友。

2)Troops________________________ the town. 部队已将该城包围。

3)The house ________________ by high walls. 房子周围有高墙。

has always been surrounded

have surrounded

is/was surrounded

surround 多用于被动语态, be surrounded by/with---”被---环绕着“,surrounding adj. 意为“附近”。

Unit 18 senior one

  • 3.discover / find / find out / invent

  • Columbus __________ America in 1492.

  • Paper was first _________ by Chinese.

  • I _______ a coin on the street.

  • Please _______ when the ship sails for Shanghai.

  • discover 发现客观上已存在的

  • find重新找到,发现被丢失或看不见的

  • invent发明(本来没有)




find out

Unit 18 senior one

discover 指“对客观存在但以前不为人知的事物的发现;invent 指”发明“; find 与discover 意思相近,可以互换, 但当表示新发现时,特别是科学上的证明时,只能用discover.

_________to write an article.

4. settle vt.使定居;使安顿;解决vi.使定居 1) They __________in their new house. 2)The two boys ______their quarrel in a friendly way. 3) He ______ in the country after his retirement. 4) After years of traveling, he decided to __________ here.

are settled



settle down

Settle down

3) _________to write an article.

Unit 18 senior one

5. Captain James Cook took possession of the islands in 1769.

possession n. 拥有;占有

possessions n. 财产,所有物

take possession of….拥有;占有

be in the possession of…. 被….所拥有

You can’t take possession of the house until all the papers have been signed.

The rare stamp is in the possession of an unknown collection.

Unit 18 senior one

1) Who ______________the shop last year? 2) He decided to give away everything he _______________.

took possession of

took possession

took possession of

1.The policeman ________________the thief’s bag.

2.Who is _______________the property(财产)?

3.The keys are ________________________

in possession of

in possession of

be in possession of sth.”占有,控制某物“

be in the possession of sth.”某物在某人的控制之下。”

类似的:be in charge of---管理---;掌控---

be in the charge of---在---的管理掌控之下

Unit 18 senior one

. give away everything he _______________.

4.You needn’t refer to the dictionary at once if you meet a new word while you are reading.

5.When I said some people were stupid, I wasn’t referring to you.

6.The speaker referred to his past experience.

7.This rule refers to everyone.

8.He referred his success to his teacher’s help.









Unit 18 senior one

6.sign give away everything he _______________.

  • vt. /vi. 签署,打手势/打信号

  • The papers are ready to be signed.

  • The team signed on 8 more players last week.

  • The policeman signedto me to stop.

  • n. 符号,迹象,招牌,标记

  • There are signs of something wrong.

  • Pay attention to the trafficsigns.

Unit 18 senior one

  • sign an agreement with sb. give away everything he _______________.

  • Most of my classmates ______________ _____companies.

  • Please _________________________.

sign agreements


sign the agreement

sign v. 签字;做手势/示意; sign n. 迹象;sign for sth. 签收某物;sign to sb.向某人做手势; sign sb to do sth. 示意某人干某事

Unit 18 senior one
二、重点词组和句型 give away everything he _______________.

Unit 18 senior one

1. The East China Sea give away everything he _______________.lies to the east of Zhejiang Province.


to 范围之外 in 范围之内 on 指两地毗邻

It / lies ……kilometers west of…..

Our house is about 20 meters off the main road.

is/lies in

1)Taiwan __________the east of China. 2)China ____ the Pacific __________. 3)Shandong __________________Jiangsu. 4)Japan ______________________China.


on the east

is/lies on the north of

is/lies to the east of

Unit 18 senior one

New Zealand is an island that give away everything he _______________.lies off the eastern coast of Australia.

1)Our house is about 20 meters off the main road.

2)He tore the poster off the wall.

3) The vase fell off the table.

off 离开---

lie off 在海上/靠近 lie on 在陆地上

around the coast在沿海岸周围; on the coast 在海岸(指点); along the coast 沿海岸线; off the coast 在(离岸边等的)海面.

Unit 18 senior one

2 give away everything he _______________.Be made of

Be made from

Be made in

Be made into

Make up

Be made up of

Unit 18 senior one

give away everything he _______________.……组成、构成

1.A year is made up of four seasons.

2.Four seasons make up a year.

3.The teacher asked the students to make up a dialogue.

4.John worked hard to make up(for)the lessons he missed.

5.The actors are busy making up because they will put on a performance soon.

6.She hasn’t made up her mind yet.

7.The desk is made of wood.

8.Paper is made from wood.

9.Wood is made into paper.

10.The car is made in China.










Unit 18 senior one

3. What do the words in bold type give away everything he _______________.refer to?

1)Tom cooked dinner by referring to a cookbook.

2)“They” in this sentence refers to the scientists.

3)Don’t refer to him again.





4)Don’t ________ this matter again, please. 5)I ________my watch for the exact time.我看一下手表好知道准确的时间。

refer to

Unit 18 senior one

1.The policeman give away everything he _______________.took possession of the thief’s bag.

2.Who is in possession of the property(财产)?

3.The keys are in his possession.

4.You needn’t refer to the dictionary at once if you meet a new word while you are reading.

5.When I said some people were stupid, I wasn’t referring to you.

6.The speaker referred to his past experience.

7.This rule refers to everyone.

8.He referred his success to his teacher’s help.









Unit 18 senior one

4. give away everything he _______________.The majority of the people speak English.

1)the majority of 复数+ 谓语复数

2)the majority +谓语单数/复数 (都可以)

3)by a majority of---”以超过---的数量“

(1)The majority of his booksare kept upstairs. (2)The majority was /were against the plan. (3) He won by a majority of 900 votes. 他以超过900票的多数获胜。

Unit 18 senior one

  • 5. in relation to sb./sth. give away everything he _______________.有关;涉及某人

  • I look for everything _______________ her here and there.

  • Mr. Smith told me some stories ______ _____________ this island.

in relation to


relation to

类似的:in need of---需要---; in support of--- 支持---;in honour of--- 纪念---;in memory of--- 纪念---;in place of--- 代替---;in possession of--- 拥有---;in praise of---赞扬---;in search of---寻找

Unit 18 senior one

6.be marked with---; mark sth. with sth. give away everything he _______________.

1)__________ the date and year, these records can be easily found.

2)Each of the stones ________________ a number.

3)_________ the place on the map.

Marked with

was marked with


7.make up

1)形成/构成/组成某物What are the qualities that make up her character? / Nine players make up a team. /A car is made up of many different parts. 2)配药,如make up a medicine

Unit 18 senior one

3) give away everything he _______________.将(布料)制成衣服。如:Can you make up this dress length for me? 4) 铺床,如:make upthe bed for our guest. 5)编造、虚构,如:make up an excuse/ Is she telling the truth or making it all up? 6)make up for---补偿;弥补。如:Hard work can make up for a lack of intelligence./I must manage to make up the loss. 7)和解;重归于好。如:The couple had a fight, but then made up.

make up a bed “为特殊需要准备床铺”,如:They made up a bed for the unexpected guests. 他们为突然到访的客人准备床铺; make (up) the bed “铺床(准备睡觉)”

Unit 18 senior one
四、实战演练 give away everything he _______________.

Unit 18 senior one

1.There is a map ___ China on the wall. give away everything he _______________.

A.for B.to C.of D.about

2. Understanding the article is _____

my capacity(能力)

A.from B.beyond

C.away from D.over

3. The job he did was _____ praise.

A.more than B.over

C.out of D.beyond

Unit 18 senior one

4.These shoes don’t ____; one is large give away everything he _______________.

and the other is small.

A.agree with B.fit with

C.match with D.match

5.The coat ____ the dress in colour.

A.matches B.don’t match

C.fit D.matches with

6. Xinjiang lies ____ the west of China.

A.on B.to C.in D.by

Unit 18 senior one

7.____ of the village ___ two small lakes. give away everything he _______________.

A.The east;lie B.East;lies

C.The east;lies D.East;lie

8.The book ____ on the table is wet.

A.lying B.lies C.lay D.lied

9.The town is about 100km ____ of the


A.to the south B.on the south

C.in south D.to northeast

Unit 18 senior one

10.She is my aunt ___my mother’s____. give away everything he _______________.

A.in;side B.in;sides

C.on;side D.on;sides

11.There are trees on ____ of the street.

A.both side B.either side

C.either sides D.every side

12.He explained ____ us what had

happened ____ him.

A.to;to B.to;for C.for;to D.with; for

Unit 18 senior one

13.Can you explain ____? give away everything he _______________.

A.what does this word mean

B.what the meaning of this word

C.what this word means

D.the means of this word

14.If no one answers,why not try _____

at the back door?

A.to knock B.knocking

C.to hit D.knock

15.The birds flew ___ the direction of

the east.

A.to B.for C.towards D.in