nebraska regional map member s mtg feb 2012
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Nebraska Regional MAP Member’s Mtg. - Feb. 2012

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Nebraska Regional MAP Member’s Mtg. - Feb. 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nebraska Regional MAP Member’s Mtg. - Feb. 2012. Intro & Welcome Updates – Technology, FUSION, Custom Report - Susan State-Wide Training Agreement - Dan State-Wide Data Ladder Project – Dan NWEA Skills Pointer Assessment – Brad Baird New!

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nebraska regional map member s mtg feb 2012

Nebraska Regional MAP Member’s Mtg. - Feb. 2012

Intro & Welcome

Updates – Technology, FUSION, Custom Report - Susan

State-Wide Training Agreement - Dan

State-Wide Data Ladder Project – Dan

NWEA Skills Pointer Assessment – Brad Baird New!

Lessons from the Field: Formative Assessment Practices


Breakout Sessions

nte admin tool 2 feb release
NTE Admin Tool 2 – Feb. Release
  • Improved usability, performance & stability
  • Includes functions of TAA
    • Download School (Agency), Student, and Test data into your local Network Test Environment (NTE) folder, as a single or batch process (multiple folders may be administered at once)
    • Upload completed student test results from one or more NTE folders to the NWEA servers, as a single or batch process
    • Manage your MAP test assignments (which tests are assigned to which schools)
    • Optional at this time
    • System requirements: here.

NWEA is working to improve the client-server MAP experience

upgrade to test taker 7 3
Upgrade to Test Taker 7.3
  • Optional at this time
  • Improves performance with latest test packages
  • Improves testing experience
  • Download is quick and easy
  • Available for PC and MAC
  • Ready for download anytime before spring testing.

NWEA is working to improve the client-server MAP experience

update web based map
Update: Web Based MAP
  • Available on a limited basis to Nebraska partners
  • Cannot transition all 5000+ partners at once
  • Transition will require time and effort on both the district and NWEA
    • Migrate historic data into web system (3 weeks)
    • Re-train your staff on how to administer the test – proctoring, CRFs, accessing reports
    • Technical Fit: some may find server based a better fit
    • Fall will be very difficult to transition
    • Summer, Winter or Spring will be better terms to transition
other considerations
Other Considerations:
  • Email Susan or Dan if you are interested in transitioning to Web Based MAP
  • Will prioritize based on several factors:
    • MAC districts that have experienced difficulty with server based MAP
    • Districts that are planning major expansion of testing numbers
    • Districts that are willing to agree to multi-year licensing
nwea summer conference june 27 29 in portland or
NWEA Summer ConferenceJune 27-29 in Portland, OR


nwea esu training agreement
NWEA/ESU Training Agreement
  • Certified Trainer Program – To provide quality, local workshops to MAP districts
  • No longer have to request training from NWEA at $3200 per day
  • Virtually unlimited access to professional learning for teachers and administrators
  • Includes the following Workshops:
    • Stepping Stones To Using Data
    • Climbing the Data Ladder
    • Growth & Goals
other benefits
Other Benefits
  • Local Nebraska workshop facilitators that understand needs of Nebraska schools
  • Flexibility in training options: full day, partial day, large group, small group
  • Build capacity within your district to get the most from your data
  • First trainings may be available by fall of 2012 – Stepping Stones to Using Data
nebraska data ladder project
Nebraska “Data Ladder” Project
  • Idaho Curriculum Ladders – based on DesCartes
  • Project sponsored by ESUs and Kearney Public to develop a set of Nebraska Data Ladders
  • Timeline: now until Aug. 1 to finish
  • Process: tear DesCartes apart by subskill, associate it with a Nebraska Standard/benchmark, create subskill data ladder
  • Will need 4 working groups of content specialists:
    • Reading
    • Mathematics
    • Language Arts
    • Science

Data Ladders support the Climbing the Data Ladder Workshop Training

descartes structure mathematics
DesCartes Structure - Mathematics
  • Number Sense
    • Number System
    • Meaning of Operations
    • Computation
  • Geometry & Measurement
    • Characteristics
    • Coordinate Geometry
    • Transformations & Spatial Modeling
    • Measurement
  • Data & Probability
    • Display and analysis
    • Predictions & Inference
    • Probability
  • Algebraic Concepts
    • Relationships
    • Modeling in context
    • Procedures
descartes structure reading
DesCartes Structure - Reading
  • Reading & Vocabulary
    • Phonics, Spelling, Sound Patterns
    • Prefixes, suffixes, roots
    • Vocab & Context Clues
    • Multiple Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms
  • Main Idea & Details
    • Narrative text
    • Informational text
  • Infer, Draw Conclusion, Predict
    • Inferences
    • Conclusions
    • Predictions
  • Text Features, Characteristics
    • Narrative text
    • Informational text
  • Bias, Purpose, Text Elements
    • Author bias, purpose, perspective
    • Text elements, patterns
    • Analyze use of stylistic and literary devices
building the instructional ladders
RIT Range: ________

RIT Range: ________

RIT Range: ________

DesCartes Skills:

DesCartes Skills:

DesCartes Skills:

Lexile Range_______

Lexile Range_______

Lexile Range_______




Building the Instructional Ladders

Reading Data Ladder – State of Nebraska

MAP Goal strand: VocabularySubSkill: Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots

Benchmark Skill: PrefixesNeSA Alignment:

how to get involved with the project
How to Get Involved With the Project
  • NWEA will assist and support
  • Nebraska educator project
  • Dick Meyer (Kearney) will help to coordinate the project
  • Nominate/volunteer content specialists by March 1 (send names to Dick)
  • ESU Content Specialists will chair working groups
  • Building Data Ladders should be complete by Aug. 1
  • Posted to ESU Websites by beginning of school in the fall
introducing nwea skills pointer formative assessment tool
Introducing NWEA SKILLS POINTER Formative Assessment Tool

Meet Brad Baird

Skills Pointer helps educators pinpoint student skill gaps. It works on the web to support individualized learning and uses vertical mapping to uncover the prerequisite skills students may be missing. Learning Plans on Demand®, a tool within Skills Pointer, uses this information to generate an individualized learning plan, saving teachers time and giving every student resources for learning more.

rit rti universal screening
RIT & RTI – Universal Screening
  • MAP and MPG can serve as Universal Screener for RTI programming.
  • Have received external validation from NCRTI
  • We have the highest ratings for classification accuracy
  • Eventually, Skills Pointer will be validated as RTI tier-two assessment
lessons from the field
  • Formative Assessment Practices
  • Get into groups of 3 to 5…different school districts
  • Share what you are doing to promote formative assessment practices in your school
  • Share out new ideas (each group share one idea)