capacity building through conflict coaching in defence n.
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Capacity Building Through Conflict Coaching in Defence PowerPoint Presentation
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Capacity Building Through Conflict Coaching in Defence

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Capacity Building Through Conflict Coaching in Defence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Capacity Building Through Conflict Coaching in Defence . Helen Marks – Director Directorate of Alternative Resolutions and Equity Fairness and Resolution Branch - DPE. Aim.

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capacity building through conflict coaching in defence

Capacity Building Through Conflict Coachingin Defence

Helen Marks – Director

Directorate of Alternative Resolutions and Equity

Fairness and Resolution Branch - DPE


To provide you with an understanding of Conflict Coaching as a dispute resolution process and how it can be used to develop and build individual and organisational capacity

  • What are the elements of the CINERGY conflict coaching model?
  • When does Defence use Conflict Coaching?
  • How does this benefit individuals and the organisation?
  • How does Conflict Coaching build capacity?
what is conflict coaching
What is Conflict Coaching?
  • Conflict coaching is a one-on-one alliance between a trained conflict coach and a person who wants to:
  • Resolve a dispute (past, present)
  • Prevent an unnecessary dispute
  • Prepare for a conflict or difficult conversation
  • Generally improve their competency in conflict management
elements of conflict coaching cinergy tm
Elements of Conflict Coaching ‘Cinergy TM’
  • Clarify the goal
  • Inquire about the situation
  • Name the elements
  • Explore choices
  • Reconstruct the situation
  • Ground the challenges
  • Yes to the commitment
when to use conflict coaching
When to use Conflict Coaching
  • Dispute Resolution Options:
    • IBN / Problem Solving
    • Conflict Coaching
    • Mediation
    • Workplace conferencing
  • Conflict Coaching offers:
    • Prevention
    • Preparation
    • Practice
    • Follow-up and Support
benefits of conflict coaching
Benefits of Conflict Coaching
  • Understand the conflict
  • Increase insight and self awareness
  • Develop mutuality
  • Problem solve – reality check / overcome obstacles
benefits of conflict coaching continued
Benefits of Conflict Coaching(continued)
  • Explore choices – wise and informed
  • Practice options – guided and safe
  • Prevent further escalation of conflict
  • Reduce cost of conflict – personal and professional
building capacity
Building Capacity
  • Self resolution
  • Assisted self resolution
  • Participate in dispute resolution
  • Assume responsibility for the forward
  • Rebuild relations and relationships
  • Reduce stress and illness
  • Return to full participation at work
  • Rebuild confidence and trust
  • Demonstrate fairness and respect

Filter and Funnel

Fairness & Resolution Centres

Problem Solving


  • Information
  • Issue Identification
  • Conflict Analysis/Mapping
  • IBN Assessment (Options, Alternatives, Reality Check)
  • Gap Analysis (Assumptions, Interpretations)
  • Choices (Self-resolution, Informal, Formal)

Divergent Thinking

Common Roles









(path to take)

  • Advise
  • Support
  • Training
  • Intake
    • Assess (Independence, impartiality, conflict of interest, suitability, appropriateness)
  • Intervene
    • Mediation
    • Conflict Coaching
    • Workplace Conferencing
    • Facilitation
  • Training

Convergent Thinking

Separate Roles

fairness and resolution centres
QLD (Victoria Bks)

DEC Mike Quinn,

DRP SQNLDR Wendy Presneill (Jan 08)

NT (Robertson Bks)

DEC Darroch Robinson,

DRP Allan McKay (Feb 08) then MAJ Murray Pearson

NSW (Defence Plaza)

DEC Gary Candish,

DRP Carol Bowen

ACT/SNSW (Brindabella)

DEC Berenice Devlin,

DRP LEUT Patience Neal (Jan 08)

VIC (Defence Plaza)

DEC Peter Coster

DRP Robyn Roberson

SA (Edinburgh Parks)

DEC Mark Livingstone,

DRP (shared) Liz Halsmith

WA (Leeuwin)

DEC Chris Harrison

DRP (shared) Liz Halsmith

Fairness and Resolution Centres

EA Network Defence DRPs Stakeholders


[CINERGY™ Conflict Coaching = peacebuilding, one person at a time]

points of contact
Points of Contact

Director Alternative Resolutions and Equity (02)6127 3004

Deputy Director Learning and Communication (02)6127 3002

Deputy Director Dispute Resolution (02)6127 3003

Dispute Resolution Coordinator (02)6127 2988