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Kindergarten Curriculum Night PowerPoint Presentation
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Kindergarten Curriculum Night

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Kindergarten Curriculum Night - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kindergarten Curriculum Night. Holy Trinity Elementary. Curriculum Night. Welcome! / Bienvenue! What we will be covering tonight… Routines Expectations Homework. The Kindergarten Experience. Creating a love of learning

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Kindergarten Curriculum Night

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kindergarten curriculum night

Kindergarten Curriculum Night

Holy Trinity Elementary

curriculum night
Curriculum Night

Welcome! / Bienvenue!

What we will be covering tonight…

  • Routines
  • Expectations
  • Homework
the kindergarten experience
The Kindergarten Experience
  • Creating a love of learning
  • Helping children become more effective problem solvers, observers, listeners, speakers,and thinkers in a language rich environment
  • Helping children gain increasing independence through exploring, questioning, and understanding
  • Providing for a balance of child-centred and teacher-directed experiences
the kindergarten experience1
The Kindergarten Experience
  • Providing for meaningful and appropriate curriculum connections
  • Facilitating the development of the skills and concepts necessary to experience success
  • Supporting the development of a positive self-concept
  • Supporting the involvement of parents
french immersion goals
French Immersion Goals
  • To develop students’ abilities to comprehend and speak French
  • To foster students’ confidence in their ability to use French
  • To develop literacy skills in French
  • To develop an appreciation of the French Language and Cultural Diversity
french immersion goals1
French Immersion Goals
  • The K FI Program is very similar to the English program with regards to the content but language of instruction is in French
  • Major difference is at the language level, children learn new vocabulary, new letter names, letter sounds…
french immersion
French Immersion

Students will be immersed in…

  • Songs
  • Everyday language (Routines)
  • Stories
  • Videos
  • Drama
  • Activities

All in their second language. They will learn the language through these usages.

The rate of student’s production of the new language will vary.

  • Our homework is intended to supplement our in-class work
  • Set up a homework routine (i.e 10 minutes a night)
  • Give your child a quiet area to complete their work with little distraction
  • Homework activities will include:
    • Home reading
    • Sight word practice
    • Printing
    • Math work
    • Phonemic awareness practice
  • We also recognize the importance of reading and suggest nightly reading to foster literacy and other language skills
  • The children will enjoy sharing their library book with their family and friends
daily routines
Daily Routines
  • Free Play/Choice Centres/Directed Activity
  • Daily Message (Shared reading/review of concepts)
  • Calendar (Math)
  • Leader Activities –Counting/Graphing, letter recognition, sharing news
daily routines1
Daily Routines
  • Letter of the week: Starting in December
    • Show and tell
    • Letter sound
    • Printing review
  • Language Arts
    • Storytime
    • Shared reading and Writing
    • Phonological awareness
daily routines2
Daily Routines
  • Large Group Activities (Theme Related)
    • Science
    • Health
    • Religion
    • Math
    • Art
    • Social Studies

(For Outcomes see the Department of Education website)

daily routines3
Daily Routines
  • Learning Centres
    • Small group
    • Hands on activities in all subject areas
    • Computer activities
  • Gym/Music -2 times each during the 7 day cycle
  • Buddy Reading
  • ArtsSmarts Program
  • Parent Volunteers always welcome to help out in the school and for field trip activities
  • Bring one or two snack items/ make the choice at home – not at school
  • Easy open, nutritious, include spoons when needed
  • Use recyclable juice bottles – garbage free snack!
  • Put snack in a reusable ziplock bag so we can see if there is a spill
  • Please bring in extra clothes if you haven’t already –leave clothes in lockers
  • Bring in school supplies
  • Donations of tissues/wipes/hand sanitizer is always appreciated!
  • Drop off/ Pick-Up:
    • AM: Students are allowed in at 8:20am and must wait in the cafeteria
    • 8:35 am they will be allowed to go to their classroom –Class will start at 8:50 am
    • Dismissal at 11:30 am
  • Drop off/ Pick-Up:
    • PM: Students are allowed in at 12:15pm and class will start at 12:20pm
    • Dismissal at 2:55pm
    • Parents need to wait in the porch to avoid confusion in the halls
    • Please ensure that we know that you have your child before removing them from the line
    • Please encourage your child to be independent in preparing to start their day and to go home
the school code of conduct
The School Code of Conduct
  • The 3 B’s:
    • Be Safe
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
  • 1, 2, 3 Magic
  • Tokens
  • Birthday Invitations
    • Either all boys or girls, or whole class
  • Toys and jewelry
    • Easily lost: please don’t allow children to bring them to school –unless for show and tell
  • Emergency Closure
    • Please pick up children if possible
don t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions comments or concerns
Don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you for coming!