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Hundreds of New Features

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Hundreds of New Features - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hundreds of New Features. eBallot 4.0 is the most robust voting platform ever created. We’ve just added hundreds of new features to help you save time, build trust and increase voter turnout. Secure Data Center.

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Hundreds of New Features

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Hundreds of New Features

eBallot 4.0 is the most robust voting platform ever created. We’ve just added hundreds of new features to help you save time, build trust and increase voter turnout.


Secure Data Center

We maintain a strong defense perimeter around your voter data and results. All data is stored on redundant servers at a Tier 4 (highest level available) SAS70 Type II certified data center.

• SAS70 Type II Certified

• 24-hour surveillance

• Electricity backup and N+1

• Redundancy

• Redundant server clusters

• VMWARE server virtualization

• 24/7 application monitoring

• Robust redundant firewalls

• Intrusion detection system

• Anti-virus scanning


Anonymous Voting

Choose the level of anonymity that’s right for your voting event. Use the anonymous setting to prevent your organization from connecting voters to their votes.


Bank Level Encryption

Only eBallot uses Versign Extended Validation SSL certificates with up to 256-bit encryption to protect your voters during voting process.



Our election management suite uses Ajax to deliver a smooth and quick ballot management experience, including drag and drop question ordering. Make fewer clicks than ever and setup voting events in minutes.



Detailed Fingerprint Reports provide a complete history of all actions taken by the administrator during your voting event to limit controversies and ensure high integrity results.


Multi-channel Voting

Integrate paper ballots and telephone voting and receive integrated reports that track votes by source.


Connect Apps and Platforms

eBallot integrates with popular applications including association management software packages, student portals and Intranet software. Create a Single Sign On or a complex integration.


Fully Auditable

Only eBallot offers a complete audit trail of voter times stamps, receipts and a complete activity log of administrator activity.


Maximum Integrity

Software glitches, security violations or downtime can disqualify results, ruin a vote and foster distrust amongst voters. eBallot protects you from hack attacks, bad ballots, downtime and voter fraud.


You’re Never Alone

Only eBallot provides useful tips, research reports and advice from your peers to help you run better elections.


TLC Support

We put TLC into every part of our support program. Browse our support website, submit help requests, read our professional support manuals or speak directly to an election consultant or technician.



We walk you through setting up your votes step-by-step with guidance and answers to commonly asked questions on every screen.


Accuracy Guaranteed

eBallot has been extensively tested and certified by an outside firm for tabulation accuracy. You can trust your results.


Checks for Errors

We help your voters fix any errors or omissions. Rest assured no

mis-marked or bad ballots will be submitted.


Smart Notifications

Before and during your voting event, our smart emails will remind you of key tasks, deadlines and tips.


Sharing and Profiles

Now you can share election management responsibilities with others in your organization. Create profiles and permission levels for staff members to view results or upload ballot content or manage communications.


List Protection

eBallot doesn’t sell your lists and ensures safe storage in a heavily fortified data center. We also maintain Truste and EU Safe Harbor Certifications.


Customer Satisfaction

In a recent survey eBallot achieved a 98% satisfaction rate amongst its customers.


Disaster Recovery

We have extensive disaster recovery solutions and technology in place to back-up your vote data. We also maintain full Cyber Liability insurance coverage.



eBallot can be used for a wide variety of voting events and offers complex voting styles.

• Weighted

• Split Weight

• Issue Voting

• Standard Approval/Comments

• Slate

• Ranked

• Condo/HOA


Be Green

Paperless elections save trees and are good for the environment. Only eBallot provides a carbon footprint calculator to help you assess the impact of paperless voting


Expert Consultations

After your first voting event, one of our expert election consultants will complete a thorough review and consultation to help you benchmark your results and understand areas for improvement.


Paper Ballot Integration

eBallot provides a complete solution for managing paper ballots and offline voters.


Ballot Archives and Storage

eBallot safely stores all of your historical data and voting results. Store all of your key results, decisions and governance items in one place.


Statistics and Trends

We’ll do the work for you to deliver charts and graphs to help you better understand user behavior, voting patterns and turnout.


Candidate and Voter List Repositories

Store your candidate profiles and voter lists for use in future voting events. Cut the time you spend building future ballots.


Certified for Quality

With over 10 certifications from outside privacy, security and business experts, eBallot sets the standard for quality and trust.


Enhanced Email Deliverability

We’ve invested big dollars in top of the line email deliverability servers that fight spam filters and get your invitations and reminders delivered.


Campaign Management

Our detailed deliverability reports help you assess who did and did not get notified of the election. Our scheduling tools help you create email campaigns to be delivered on future dates.


Build Email Campaigns

We’ve designed high quality email templates that will make your voters take notice and bolster participation.


Reduce Risk

By taking advantage of our 3rd party tabulation and ballot lockdown and integrity tools you’ll limit challenges and legal battles from disgruntled voters.



Organizations can upload their logos and personalize text and ballot content with MS Word toolbars.



Our experience speaks for itself. We’ve managed over 20,000 voting events and have served over 10,000,000 voters.

  • Voters Served
  • Voting Events
  • Trees Planted

Voter List Scrubbing

Every voter list that we receive is carefully analyzed, scrubbed and checked for duplicates and bad characters. Our technicians ensure that when your voting begins, your voters won’t encounter difficulty logging-in.


Best Voting Experience

Your voters will love our new voting interface. We’ll guide them step-by-step and provide issue briefs and candidate biographies directly on the ballot interface.


Security Certifications

eBallot’s receives numerous security certifications from Versisign, McAfee, Truste, and Interfor. We’re the only company that undergoes routine vulnerability and physical security and hacker certifications.



eBallot is neutral 3rd party software that has no interest in your results. It tabulates ballots fairly and accurately. We provide results that your stakeholders and constituents can trust.



We maintain $2M business and cyber liability insurance policies to help protect your organization and your voter lists.


Build Trust

Our VoteSafe seal appears throughout the voting process and assures your voters that their votes cannot be intercepted and their privacy is protected.


Mobile Voting

Extend your voting booth to mobile devices. Now your members can access ballots and candidate biographies conveniently via smartphones.


Free Runoff Ballots

Have a tie or need a runoff to elect the winner? With eBallot, runoff ballots are always free. Just log back in and set up your run-off ballot at no additional charge.


Increase Turnout

Leverage a host of analytics, tips, email reminders and campaign management tools to help you communicate with voters and market your voting event.


Nominations Solutions

If your members are nominating themselves or other prospective candidates prior to voting, then we can help. We'll automate your nomination process and provide a secure way to submit nominations and manage the nomination forms and approval process.


Self Administration v. Managed Services

eBallot makes setting up and administering your own voting event easy and painless. But, for clients that want complete 3rd party management and a hands-off approach, we offer comprehensive ballot and voter management services.


Paper Ballot Solutions

Whether you want to mail paper ballots to all voters or deliver paper ballots on-demand based on voter requests, we can help you design a paper ballot solution that works for you. Our services include ballot design, mailing, hand counting, optical scanning, archiving and results certification.


Letters and Postcards

Looking to increase turnout or notify voters of the start of a voting event, we can design and manage a postcard or letter campaign.


Carbon Neutral Elections

Thanks to our partnership with Renewable Choice Energy, your voting events will be carbon neutral. We’ve already purchased carbon offsets to offset the energy used to produce all of our clients’ voting events.


Affiliate Discounts and Referral Awards

Our customers receive great benefits including the opportunity to deliver up to 15% off discounts to their affiliates and chapters and cash rewards for referring customers.


Evolved Software

Votenet is the undisputed industry leader in online voting thanks to our consistent upgrade schedule and innovation. We’re already on version 4.0 of our flagship online voting and election management solution when our competitors are on version 1.0 We’re always listening to customers and designing new features. We’re the only company that’s truly committed to helping you run better and more effective online votes.


In-house Technology Team

Thanks to our in-house technology team, we can rapidly implement online voting solutions, design customizations and assist with other technology challenges.


Collaboration with Accounting Firms/Auditors

We have a deep competency collaborating with audit and accounting firms, including Deloitte and E&Y, to produce high integrity results.