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Areas of Discussion Overview of Demographics and Trends Overview of Florida’s Organizational Relationships Identifying and Informing Covered Persons Service Delivery Florida’s Strategic Plan Florida’s Partnerships Monitoring Compliance with Priority of Service.

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  • Areas of Discussion

  • Overview of Demographics and Trends

  • Overview of Florida’s Organizational Relationships

  • Identifying and Informing Covered Persons

  • Service Delivery

  • Florida’s Strategic Plan

  • Florida’s Partnerships

  • Monitoring Compliance with Priority of Service

Demographics and Facts (2008 data)


  • 1,715,114 veterans in Florida

  • 213,642 Retirees and Survivors

    Florida’s Military Currently Serving

  • 116,197 service members claim Florida as their home state

  • 49,862 Reserve/National Guard(12,000 of whom are National Guard)

Demographics and Facts

Trends and Conditions

As of 2008, 53 veterans migrated to Florida per day, outpacing the next fastest growing state (Arizona) by 37%

Florida has third largest disabled veteran population in the country.

  • 80,470 service-connected disabled veterans population 65 and older.

  • 758,975 veterans over the age of 65

  • 124,685 veterans over the age of 85- fastest growing segment of the population in general

Organizational relationships
Organizational Relationships


Jobs for Vets State Grant

  • Policy

  • Chartering

  • Plan Approval

  • Budget Approval

  • Performance Oversight

  • Performance Contracts

  • Memorandums of Understanding

  • Notice of Financial Award

  • Program/Financial Monitoring

  • Funding Agreements

  • Financial Monitoring

  • Chartering

  • Plan Approval

  • Budget Approval

  • Performance Oversight

Workforce Services

24 Regional

Workforce Boards

*One Stop Career Centers*

*Service Providers*

*Training Providers*



Early Learning

Early Learning


Organizational relationships

Regional Workforces Boards’ Veterans Programs Websites


Identifying and Informing Covered Persons

  • Florida’s eligible veterans and eligible spouses are notified of programs and/or services available at the point of entry.

  • Point of entry includes;

  • physical locations, such as One-Stop Career Centers

  • web site

  • Career/Jobs Fairs

  • Mass Recruitments

Service Delivery

Florida uses the Employ Florida Marketplace (EFM) as the employment service delivery system.

EFM’s features include:

Identifying all self-registered veterans and eligible spouses, which includes Unemployment Insurance (UC) Migration.

A messaging system-to communicate with veterans, providing information on job alerts, job fair and veterans related information.

Virtual Recruiter-A search agent that automatically reviews job postings and notifies the client of jobs that match their skills

Service Delivery

Point of Service Entry using EFM,

In the past 6 Months 75% of veterans have self-registered in EFM vice staff-assisted registrations at the One-Stop

Service Delivery

Service Delivery

Employ Florida Market Place (EFM)

Newly Registering veterans and eligible spouses are

presented with a new a “Veteran Priority of Service” button option.

Service Delivery

When clicked, the Florida Veteran Priority of Service page

will be displayed. The same information is located on EFM Veteran service page.

Service code 089, Notification of Veteran Priority of Service will be added to the service plan after a veteran self-registers.

Service code 189, Notification of Veteran Priority of

Service, has been added as a staff assisted service to the

service plan for veterans and eligible spouses already registered in EFM.


Regional Workforce Boards have been notified of the Priority of Service button and associated service codes in the EFM system.

All One-Stop staff have been trained on these additions

For monitoring proposes, The Priority of Service codes 089 and189 will be reviewed during State monitoring and Technical assistance visits.

Service Delivery

  • Remember

  • Veterans’ Priority of Service

  • is


  • Responsibility

Veteran Staff Responsibility

  • Veteran Staff “Proactive” activities Include;

  • Veterans staff routinely query self-registered veterans in the EFM system.

  • 2. After identification the veterans staff sends a welcome message through the EFM messaging system outlining Veterans services and highlighting priority of services.

  • 3. Veterans Staff follow-up with phone calls and emails.

  • 4. Veterans Staffschedule appointments, conduct initial assessments and discuss priority of service.

Veteran Staff Responsibility

  • 5. Veterans staff routinely conducts Veteran file searches, matching qualified Veterans to recently posted jobs, in particular Federal Contractor positions involving priority of service.

  • 6. Veterans stafforganize and host Veterans’ Priority of Service career fairs and mass recruiting events.

  • 7. Veterans Staff conducts on-going training to One-Stop Staff on Priority of Service and other Veterans programs.

Veteran Staff Responsibility

  • The EFM registered Veteran characteristics include:

  • Potential Eligibility for Veteran Benefits

  • Veteran Discharge Status

  • Veteran Status

  • Transitioning Service Members

  • Disabled Veteran Status

Strategic Planning

State Workforce Agency-Issued Priority of Service guidance to Regional Workforce Boards.

State Workforce Agency will ensure all individual DOL funded whole or in part programs & policies Incorporate priority of service.

State Veterans Program coordinator conducts State-wide training sessions, to include priority of service.

Strategic Planning

  • Local Workforce Boards-Local Workforce Boards’ two year Strategic Plans have incorporated Veterans’ Priority of Service.

  • State Veterans Coordinator will continue to review each of these two year Strategic Plans.

  • One-Stop Career Centers, continuously update processes to ensure Veterans and eligible spouses are made aware of:

  • Their entitlement to priority of service

  • All employment, training and placement services


  • The eligibility requirements for those programs or


Florida Partnerships

  • Florida supports a proactive, united-front, and well coordinated seamless approach to serving the needs of returning veterans and military families.

  • On April 17, 2008, A Collaboration between federal and state agencies, and other veterans and military advocatescreated theStrategic Plan for Serving Florida's Veterans Florida Vets First, “Serving Those Who Serve”

  • The plan included:

  • Creating the Florida Vets first website

The Florida Vets first website Is broken down into the following services:

  • Veterans’ Workforce Services

  • Veterans’ Housing, Homelessness, and Services for Transitioning Incarcerated Veterans

  • Veterans’ Healthcare Services

  • Veterans’ Benefits and Services


Florida Partnerships following services:

  • Some of the goals established in theStrategic Plan for Serving Florida's Veterans Include:

  • Promoting the employment of veterans to Florida’s business community, utilizing the network of employer advocates, i.e. Enterprise Florida, Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida Council of 100, and others.

  • Provide immediate access to education and training for severely injured/Disabled Veterans through the VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program, Workforce Investment Act (WIA), and other workforce resources.

Florida Partnerships following services:

  • Establishing satellite One-Stop Career Centers at all Military Base Family Support Centers.

  • Provide entrepreneurial assistance to veterans through the Small Business Administration and Florida Small Business Development Network.

  • Continue to establish support systems to assist veterans with removing barriers to employment.

Florida Partnerships following services:

Additionally, the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs (FDVA) and the Workforce agency veterans program, established a data sharing agreement by routinely supplying a list of veterans returning to Florida by regional area.

Veteran Staff, then provide outreach activities to locate those returning veterans making them aware of the One-Stop services available.

Marketing Veteran Services following services:

  • State Level and regional workforce boards have created Veteran pamphlets and booklets to market veterans programs.

  • Other initiatives include:

  • Television commercials

  • Radio spots

  • Newspaper articles

  • Local community outreach

Questions following services:

And Discussion

Contact Information following services:

Shawn Forehand

State Veterans’ Program Coordinator

Phone:(850) 245- 7424 / Fax: (850) 921-3495

[email protected]

Paul Furbush

Asst. Veterans’ Program Coordinator

Phone:(850) 921-3867

[email protected]


DEO Veterans’ Workforce program Resources

An equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. All voice telephone numbers on this document may be reached by persons using TTY/TDD equipment via the Florida Relay Service at 711.