integrated service creation environment for open network services
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Integrated service creation environment for open network services

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Integrated service creation environment for open network services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrated service creation environment for open network services. Annals of Telecommunications Volume 63, Numbers 3-4 / 2008 年 4 月. 報告人 : 69721057 李玠峰. Outline. Service engineering Introduction Background and related works Design considerations SCE architecture and usage

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integrated service creation environment for open network services

Integrated service creation environment for open networkservices

  • Annals of Telecommunications
  • Volume 63, Numbers 3-4 / 2008年4月

報告人:69721057 李玠峰

  • Service engineering
  • Introduction
  • Background and related works
  • Design considerations
  • SCE architecture and usage
  • Technical details
  • Implementation results
  • Summary and future work
service engineering
Service engineering
  • Service engineering can be defined as the set of methods, techniques and tools to specify, design, implement, verify and validate value added services that meet user needs and deploy and exploit these services in the current or future networks.
  • Develop scientifically-based design principles and tools (software) that support the balance of service quality, process efficiency and business profitability, from the views of customers, servers and managers.
service engineering1
Service engineering
  • The process of developing services for reuse in service-oriented applications
  • The service has to be designed as a reusable abstraction that can be used in different systems
  • Involves
    • Service candidate identification
    • Service design
    • Service implementation
  • Fraunhofer IAO

Fraunhofer為歐盟第一大非營利應用研究機構,(等同德國工研院),核心能力:將技術研究轉為產業應用。IAO (產業工程研究所)於1981 年成立,進行服務研究已達15 年之久。每年約三千萬歐元的研究能量,400 個研究(學界)與顧問(業界)專案。核心研究領域:科技管理、資訊科技、虛擬實境科技、以及生物工程學。於2006 年10 月成立ServLab,作為發展創新服務、服務驗證、改善互動的平台。

  • National Science Foundation(美國的國科會)

Service Enterprise Engineering (SEE)

The Service Enterprise Engineering program addresses focused research on design, planning and control of operations and processes in commercial and institutional service enterprises. 實際運作於2002年

SEE program is intended to parallel more traditional activities in modeling and analysis of manufacturing enterprises with a new focus on engineered systems in service operations.

  • IBM SSME (Services Science, Management and Engineering,2005)

Services sciences, Management and Engineering hopes to bring together ongoing work in computer science, operations research, industrial engineering, business strategy, management sciences, social and cognitive sciences, and legal sciences to develop the skills required in a services-led economy

service engineering research topics
Service Engineering Research Topics
  • Specification of Services
  • Engineering of Service Compositions
  • Service Engineering Methodology
    • Relationship to Software Engineering Methodology
    • Relationship to Business Process Modeling techniques
    • Relationship to Ontology-driven techniques
    • Model-driven approaches
    • Mashup-approaches
service engineering research topics1
Service Engineering Research Topics
  • Autonomic Adaptation - Service Engineering Techniques
    • Engineering of Self-* properties
  • Service Testing and Simulation
  • Service Governance Techniques
    • Management and Monitoring techniques for services
    • Service Evolution and Versioning
  • Engineering techniques for Human provided Services
  • International Workshop on Service Oriented Software Engineering
  • International Workshop on Systems Development in SOA Environments
  • Workshop on Software Engineering Methods for Service Oriented Architecture
  • 其他各種和SOA相關的會議
  • Open network service is a new service provisioning schemewhich makes the functions of telecommunication networkopen to the Internet-basedservice applications throughwell-defined API
  • Open API, API in open network service, is a group ofabstracted interfaces for existing telecommunication networkfunctions: call controls, location-based services andcharging.
  • IT developerswho do not have a high degree of telecom networkexpertise can participate in developing value-addedservice applications which integrate telecom and Internetfeatures
  • SCE (Service Creation Environment) enablesa service designer to describe a service, and then theservice software can be generated by using automatictools that translate the service description into servicelogic programs executable on the target platform
background and related works
Background and related works
  • The standardization of open API at the network levelwas initiated by the Parlay group in 1998
  • Parlay X APIs , based on web services

technology, are very simple, easy, and Internet-friendly.

background and related works2
Background and related works
  • Service creation process is composed of three phases
background and related works3
Background and related works
  • The service description function in SCE is generallyrealized by the combination of standardized and modularizedbuilding blocks such as SIBs (Service IndependentBuilding Blocks) that represent the capabilities of thenetwork in an abstract way. Besides, the SCE can supporta visual programming environment for service designers tocombine the SIBs easily
background and related works5
Background and related works
  • Software Development Kit (SDK), which can provide openAPIs as components integrated into commercial Integrated

Development Environment (IDE) such as MS.Net Studio,JBuilder x, Bea Web Logic Studio, etc.

  • Ericsson SCEoffers Parlay APIs which can beused only for a Java system, and it is designed to adapt onlyEricsson NRG (Network Resource Gateway). If there are changes in the gateway system,Ericsson SCE cannot be adapted on it.
design considerations
Design considerations
  • Wedesigned our integrated SCE based on the followingconsiderations:
  • Supporting easy and rapid service development-TADE(Telecom Application Development Environment)
  • Supporting various users’ background
  • Being able to make converged service between telecomand IT domain
  • Extendable service composition capability
design considerations1
Design considerations
  • Supporting popular programming environment
  • Independence from the target system
  • Supporting full service creation process
  • Personalized service creation capability
technical details
Technical details
  • A service application using open APIs logically consist ofthe following three parts:
  • 1. Main logic code
  • 2. Client code for invoking web services for open APIs
  • 3. Web services for notification
summary and future work
Summary and future work
  • A approach to service creation foropen network services
  • providing the integrated service creation environmentfrom the user-centric viewpoints
  • It also meets various requirementsof service developers and supports full service creationprocess.
summary and future work1
Summary and future work
  • The platform willprovide the mechanism for sharing the personalized serviceamong users and hosting it on a user’s device
  • The consumers of networkservice can act also as providers of their own service.