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Windows Live SDK for Windows Phone 7

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Windows Live SDK for Windows Phone 7 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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windows live sdk for windows phone 7

Interest in the Windows Phone 7 platform is growing quickly and the need for apps is increasing faster still. However, not everything related to a consumer's Live profile is available on the phone natively. On Dec. 7, 2011 Microsoft released a new Windows Live SDK which allows access to Calendars, Contacts, Documents, and more. We'll be walking through the SDK and learn how to implement calls to Windows Live in order to support the rich functionality desired by consumers of Windows Phone 7.

Windows Live SDK for Windows Phone 7

who am i
Who Am I?
  • Danny Warren
  • Working for InterKnowlogy in Carlsbad, CA
  • Twitter @dannydwarren
what is windows live
What is Windows Live?
  • Cloud Service
  • Backbone of Microsoft’s consumer world
  • Email
  • Calendaring
  • Documents
  • Storage
  • Social Networking
  • Photos and Videos (media)
  • More…
what is windows phone
What is Windows Phone?
  • Microsoft’s answer to the iThisAndThat, Robots, and cool RIMs
  • A different take on the smart phone with Metro
  • The mobile frontend of Windows Live (lite edition)
  • Growing Market
helpful phone links
Helpful Phone Links
  • Aggregated Data Sources (check list)
  • UserData namespace
  • Launchers and Choosers
  • Scope Definitions:
  • Live Connect Site
what is the live sdk
What is the Live SDK?
  • A lot of needed APIs missing on the Phone
  • Near full access to Windows Live
    • Calendaring
    • Social Networking
    • Full SkyDrive Access
      • Audio
      • Photos
      • Videos
      • Documents
  • Think WCF Data Service (REST API)
phone apis vs live sdk fight
Phone APIs vs. Live SDK FIGHT!
  • FACT – As a developer you need both sets of APIs in order to create the best experience
  • FACT – The phone can read just about anything
  • FACT – Live SDK can create, read, update, or delete just about anything
  • FACT – Another name for a Microsoft Windows tutorial is 'Crash Course'!
contacts phone the cans
Contacts (Phone – The Cans)
  • Save Single Email
  • Choose Single Email
  • Save Single Phone Number
  • Choose Single Phone Number
  • Using the Contacts API developers can access all contacts on the phone and their information including non-Windows Live contacts (contacts are read-only)
contacts phone the cannots
Contacts (Phone – The Cannots)
  • Cannot Create, Update, Delete Contacts (from a third party app)
  • Cannot save Email and Phone Number at the same time
  • Cannot make your bed or clean your room
contacts live sdk the cans
Contacts (Live SDK – The Cans)
  • Can Create and Read (limited) Contacts
  • Update?
  • Delete?
contacts live sdk the cannots
Contacts (Live SDK – The Cannots)
  • Read is limited
    • Can’t read email addresses, postal addresses, work profile, or phone numbers
    • These can be created just not read?
  • Update and Delete are not mentioned in the documentation
    • May or may not be supported
contacts end result
Contacts (End Result)


Live SDK

Create Contacts Here

  • Use the Contacts API to read contact information
  • Jailbreak your users phones to support Update and Delete from third party apps?
calendars phone the cans
Calendars (Phone – The Cans)
  • The Appointments API allows read-only access to all events in the user’s calendars
    • When using this API understand that there is no way to know which calendar the event is on, only which account owns that event
calendars phone the cannots
Calendars (Phone – The Cannots)
  • Cannot Read a specific Calendar
  • Cannot Create, Update, or Delete Calendars, or Events
calendars live sdk the cans
Calendars (Live SDK – The Cans)
  • Can Create, Read, Update, and Delete Calendars, and Events
  • Access to calendars and events is restricted only by what permissions the user has on those calendars and events
    • As a developer we can view that information
  • Can Subscribe to Public Calendars
  • Can only Read and Delete Recurring Events
calendars live sdk the cannots
Calendars (Live SDK – The Cannots)
  • Cannot Create or Update Recurring Events
calendars end result
Calendars (End Result)


Live SDK

Create, Update, and Delete (Calendars and Events)

Use for reading when you want to read a specific calendar

Subscribing to Public Calendars

  • Use the Appointments API to read events when the owning calendar does not matter
  • Use the Appointments API when no data connection exists
  • Inform the user they need to go to the Calendar Application to create or update a recurring event
skydrive phone the cannots
SkyDrive (Phone – The…Cannots)
  • LAME
  • Cannot access any files on the phone from a third party app
skydrive live sdk the cans
SkyDrive (Live SDK – The Cans)
  • Create, Read, Update, Delete
    • Folders
    • Albums
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Audio
    • Documents
      • The key here is to pass the URL of the document to the WebBrowserTask and let the OS take over for us
    • Other Files
  • Pretty much what ever you want to do you can!
skydrive end result
SkyDrive (End Result)



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