male reproductive system n.
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Male Reproductive System

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Male Reproductive System. Structure. The male reproductive system has many pieces to it but there are three very important parts The penis, testicles, and the scrotum are the main parts If not for the male reproductive system humans would become extinct.

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The male reproductive system has many pieces to it but there are three very important parts

The penis, testicles, and the scrotum are the main parts

If not for the male reproductive system humans would become extinct


The penis (has a shaft, head, and urethra), one of the only organs to be outside the body. It also has many sensitive nerve endings.

The scrotum, a sac that holds usually two testicles and has many nerves and blood vessels.

The two testes are like two large olives within each there are coiled masses of tubes that’s produce the semen

  • These parts function in very different ways but they all help each other to deliver the sperm into the female reproductive system
      • The semen starts in the testicles which are held in the scrotum then gets transferred into the penis

The penis’ main job is to deliver the semen from the to the female reproductive system and also to get rid of urine

      • The semen travel through the urethra and go out through the Glans or the tip of the penis when in one ejaculates

The scrotum does many things like holds the testes in place and keeping the right temperature for good sperm development

      • It has special muscles that lets the testicles come closer to the body to get warmer or get farther from the body and expand to cool down
      • It is outside the body since the testicles need a cooler temperature than the body to make sperm cells.

The testicles are held in the scrotum and its main function is to make sperm

      • The ideal temperature for testicles to make healthy sperm is about 94 through 96 degrees so it need to stay outside of the body since body temperature can kill the sperm cells
      • It’s secondary job is also to produce testosterone which are male hormones and are mostly used during puberty
other structures
Other Structures

Sperm ducts- tube that the sperm uses to go from the testes to the urethra

Prostate Glands- forms fluid that mixes with sperm which is called semen

Seminal Vesicles- stores sperm and puts fluid in the sperm ducts to help the prostate glands carry the sperm

Urethra- carries sperm out of penis


Genital warts, which are growths on the skin of your genital area, is a common type of sexually transmitted disease

It can be treated but it is not curable. Genital warts can be removed in many ways like freezing or burning them off. They can come back at anytime since this does not cure the virus that causes warts

They can grow 6 weeks to 6 months from when you got the infection

Warts increase your chances of getting an HIV infection but itself is not an HIV

They are spread when one touches a skin that is infected by the virus


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