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My Holocaust Dictionary. By: Me! Bell 3A. Anti-Semitism. Greenfeld , Howard. The Hidden Children. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1993. Print.

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anti semitism

Greenfeld, Howard. The Hidden Children. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1993. Print

Anti-Semitism began before the holocaust began. For many years Jewish were accused for killing millions of people which wasn’t true. Jewish people and families were excluded from certain jobs and professions. They weren’t aloud to own land either. Sometimes they had to wear special clothing to identify them. They weren’t treated like other religions were. Some of them were forced to live in the ghettos or other terrible places in the country. They were blamed when countries were suffering like Germany’s economy problems after war. In 1870, journalist Wilhelm Marr came up with the term Anti-Semitism. The definition was Jews as a “slave” race. Jews were hopeless, half a million left their homes and businesses. They were destroyed and Jewish cemeteries were burned.

Israel was let into the UN in 1949.

babi yar

Rogasky, Barbara. Smoke and Ashes. New York: Holiday House, 1988. Print

On September 28th the murder of Jewish began at BabiYar. It’s located by Ukraine. 30,000 of innocent Jews were killed within a day. Paul Blobel was in charge and responsible for the deaths at BabiYar. He visited a huge ravine. Bodies were burned, his action group had killed 35,000 Jews a couple years earlier. Burning pits were huge and could get as big as 60 yards long and 8 feet deep.

The burning pits located in BabiYar

book burning
Book Burning

Stewart, Gail. Hitler’s Reich. San Diego: Lucent Books, 1994. Print

During Hitler’s Reich, authors books were judged harshly. Nazis had bonfires and burned 20,000 books. Books were taken out of libraries. They were burned if they promoted democracy, freedom, or religious tolerance. Jewish authors writings were unfit for Germans to read. Even books by amazing German authors were destroyed with hate. While Adof Hitler was in prison in 1923, he wrote a book called Mein Kampf. Sales of his book was brisk and made Hitler a millionaire.

Book burning in Berlin on May 10, 1933.

braun eva
Braun, Eva

Roberts, Jeremy. Adof Hitler A Study in Hate. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group, 2001. Print

Braun was born on February 6th, 1912. She has been Hitler’s wife since 1933. As the Russians closed in, Hitler told Eva to leave Berlin. He was sad and cried, to over come her leaving. They married on April 28, 1945. Eva had a private apartment in Germany. Braun died biting cyanide tablets. She committed suicide in Berlin of 1945 before she and Hitler were caught.

Eva Anna Paula Braun

death marches
Death Marches

Krakowski, Shumuel. “Death Marches” Encylopedia of the Holocaust. 1945. Print

The Germans made the Jews retreat across Europe from camp to camp. All of the Jews and victims of the holocaust were starving, sick, and cold. Other countries feared to help them because they could be accused as well. May of 1945, death marches began. Germany surrendered and Thousands of Jewish returned to Poland. Sadly, they were killed by local Polish. Concentration camps marched across Europe in the cold day after day. If any of them couldn’t keep up, they would be shot. Thousands were forced to march. Death Marches could last an entire month, some starved and others got so sick it lead to death. Thankfully, 100’s were saved by neutral diplomats and brought back to Budapest.

Prisoners marching inthe Baantan Death March

mobile killing squads
Mobile Killing Squads

Altman, Linda. The Jewish Victims of the Holocaust. Berkeley Heights: Enslow Publishers Inc, 2003. Print

In September 1941, the S.S. used trucks and vans as gas chambers. Many of the victims thought they were going to another concentration camp. Victims went into the Einstzgruppen with sealed compartments. As the engine started to run, gas seeped into the van. It was full of carbon monoxide, a poisonous and deadly gas. It was difficult to remove the bodies, so the Nazis made the Jewish do it. The S.S. forced prisoners to empty and clean the vans. Within Six months, 97,000 people were killed in gas chambers. They wanted faster and more efficient ways to dispose the bodies. In 1941, Mobile Killings turned into a war time industry.

Prisoners in the camp