redmi x with 48 megapixel camera launched soon n.
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Redmi X with 48 Megapixel Camera Launched Soon! PowerPoint Presentation
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Redmi X with 48 Megapixel Camera Launched Soon!

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Redmi X with 48 Megapixel Camera Launched Soon!

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Redmi X with 48 Megapixel Camera Launched Soon!

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  1. Redmi X with 48 Megapixel Camera Launched Soon! There has been a lot of buzz about the new Redmi phone. It has been making rounds in the news for several weeks now. Finally, the company has announced the launch and it's all set to join online listing on 10th of January. Today the officials of the company have announced the design and the 48- megapixel camera sensors. Although the name is not yet confirmed, tomorrow at the China launch the phone will come out by the name of Redmi X. But the name of the launch of the mobile phone in India has no name confirmed yet. It can be either Redmi 7 or 8. The CEO has released new photos which prompted the glass back design and the camera. Redmi released a new teaser on Weiber which outlines the design of the phone. The phone is releasing in three new colors- black, blue and pink. Where the Black phone will have matte finish, blue and pink phones will have the gradient finishes. Looking at the design released, the phone will have two linearly placed rear cameras. The 48-megapixel sensor is a very innovative option and will provide with the best picture capturing the experience. The smartphone will also feature AI dual camera setup.

  2. The phone is listed on the Chinese e-commerce giant at a cost which is equivalent to Rs. 1, 03,000. Cleary the company has designed the product to compete with the premium phones giant like Apple and One+. The phone is going to have the same internal specifications as included in the major brands of the same segment. The quad-core processor and the snapdragon will range from 645 to 841. With the 4GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory capacity, the external storage can be expanded easily to 256GB. However, the information is not true for its model launch in India. There are very chances of the specifications to varying. The only thing that is confirmed by the executives is that every model will definitely have the 48-megapixel dual rear camera. Apart from the confirmed information, the phone will have a 6.3 full HD display with a massive 4000 mAh battery. There’s not much information available related to the design and the specifications. Most likely, after the launch on 10th January in Beijing, it will bring a little perspective to the design, specification, and cost of the phone in India. Any time you want to upgrade your old phone, Recycle Device is the perfect website for you. You can sell off your old device at the best price and arrange funds for your new REDMI X.